How To Make Zebra Cake | ज़ेबरा केक बनाएं बिना ओवन बिना अंडे के आसानी से | Eggless Cake Recipe
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How To Make Zebra Cake | ज़ेबरा केक बनाएं बिना ओवन बिना अंडे के आसानी से | Eggless Cake Recipe

February 29, 2020

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen Today my grandson is with us And I will make a tasty cake for him So the cake today we are going to make It is very simple And children will definitely like it And only few ingredients are used in it which are commonly available at home So first of all take 500 grams of Milk It is full cream milk You can use Raw Milk or boiled Milk also Now we will put it on the flame You can see the Milk is boiled now Now what we do next is… Here I have 125 grams of Sugar Sugar is not in powdered form And it is 125 grams in weight And if you measure it with cup then it is 3/4 cup of Sugar Put this Sugar in the milk Now we cook the Milk and Sugar till it becomes the half of its initial quantity There are so many things important in this cake This cake is going to make very amazing.. And it is eggless It is liked by Children also And we will not make it in Oven or OTG And if you want then you can make it at 180 degree and in the same time interval Around 20-25 mins So today we will make it in a pan like this Take a pan like this having a lid with it Put 1 bowl of Salt in it Here I am reusing the Salt Due to which its colour is changed Now See! here is the Salt Put a ring in it like this You can put a ring or a stand like this If you don’t have a ring then you can use a bowl as well Now preheat it on the flame And turn off the flame on which the milk is boiling Now we heat it Till then we prepare the cake and heat it on medium flame The milk gets half of its initial quantity Its colour is also changed Because it is milk and sugar Now we will add 50 grams of Amul Butter I am putting Amul Butter in it If you don’t want to use Amul Butter then you can use any refined Oil in it Flavourless Oil We will put Butter in this hot milk So the butter will also gets melt Now the Milk is very hot Let it to be cooled Till then we will do some preparations We will use Coco Powder also in this cake But not now So we take White Flour now Take 125 grams of White Flour 1 full measuring cup But in grams it is 125 grams Put it in the strainer like this Take 1 tsp + 1/4 tsp of Baking Powder We will not use Baking Soda in it Here I sieved the White flour Whenever we wanted to make the cake So 2-3 things you need to remember First thing is.. The ingredients we will use must be at room temperature If some things are too hot and some are too cold then it will ruin all Then its temperature will go down So these things you need to keep in mind Now here I have cake tin In which we are going to make the cake so grease it first Now here I have a brown paper So put the brown paper or butter paper like this In case you don’t have brown paper and butter paper Then you can sprinkle some White flour all around the cake tin Now we make ready the tin by greasing it The mixture of Milk, Butter and Sugar also It is that hot that we can touch it So here I have White Flour and Baking Powder Now we gradually put in it And then mix it properly My grandson is eagerly waiting for this cake He want to eat it Mix it in this way We boiled this Milk till it becomes half by estimation If the Milk gets boiled more And the mixture becomes very thick Then you can add some Milk in it And in case if you think That we are adding the ingredients now we can not boil the Milk And if we didn’t boil the milk properly So nothing to worry, you can add some more White Flour in it Now See! the tin is ready here And the consistency of the mixture should be like this See! Like this It is neither too loose nor too thick Now we divide it in 3 parts One part must be less and the other 2 parts must be equal We will put the mixture in first bowl and it should be less Now put the mixture in other 2 bowls equally Now you can see This bowl is filled more than the others It is very less and this middle one has little lesser than this bowl Now what will we do next.. In the same Milk pan We will put the Coco Powder And put some Milk The quantity of milk must be like that the Coco Powder get mixed properly Now we put the Coco Powder In this mixture We will mix it as well Its colour must be Brown Now you can see the 2 parts are ready In third part we will put a colour You can put red colour or orange colour Now we keep these 3 bowls together like this And put a spoon in each bowl Now we will put first of all 1 tsp of white mixture Put it in the center of the cake like this Now we will put Chocolate mixture In its center like this Now put the Pink Mixture but put it less Again put the white mixture And put it also in its center In the same way put the brown mixture in its center Then we will put the pink one And we have to put it less In this way we have to put all the mixture Now we will take a toothpick And then do it like this And make the toothpick clean again and again after every step Like this Like this Like this Like this Now we will take another toothpick And make a design from inside like this Make design from outside to inside like this In this way Look at this It is ready now Now remove its lid It gets heated now And we put the tin in it like this Now what you have to do is… Just put the flame high for a min So that the tin also starts getting heated As the tin starts getting heated Then we will put the flame slow See! 1 min is over now Now we put the flame slow And we will check it after 20 mins It will take 20-25 mins to get ready It will take 25 mins because it is a small cake One more thing is If we increase its quantity So it may take 30-35 mins You must be thinking that there is no essence in this case And the reason behind it is that Because the first thing is that we make it egg less And the second thing is that it already has the coco powder flavour in it And the emulsion I used in it was the Strawberry Emulsion So it has strawberry flavour as well That’s why there is no need to put any other essence in it See! 15 mins are over now The cake is baking in it It takes time to be ready as it is not properly baked from its center So we will check it after 7-8 mins Now we check it at last See! the stick is clean That means the cake is perfectly ready now Now don’t cover it Just let it in it for 2-3 mins more Then we will take out it from the mould See! The Cake is ready now It is very amazing And you can see it is very spongy And with very few ingredients, the tasty and spongy cake gets ready Now there is no need to decorate it Because it is already beautiful You can make it at any occasion As the Milk and Sugar is already available at home So you can make it very easily And the back side of the cake is also perfect It is perfectly baked from all the sides It has layers in it And its back side is also baked No need of Oven Then what to worry about… Now the wait is over The cake for him is ready now Now we will cut the cake Lets cut the cake now.. It is very soft and spongy See! Its design is so beautiful Look at here Its design is very beautiful And I will show you another cake as this cake is little hot This cake is cool as I made it in the morning After getting cool, the butter gets set in the fridge Then its design becomes more beautiful See! I will cut one more slice You can see many layers in every slice The cake is very tasty You have to take only one precaution while making this cake That the batter must not be so loose If the batter will be loose Then the layer will not be formed like this And its colour Its colour depends on your choice that either you want it dark or lighte So you can make it accordingly In this way the cake is ready Keep it in the fridge for some time So that the butter gets set So you can also make many recipes in summers for your children So if you liked my video so please like it, share it and subscribe my channel.

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  1. Very nice cake……….meine simple cake to bohut baar bnaaya hai , layered cake sikhne ki bohat ichcha thi…..aaj aapne sikha dya…thank u so much…..11th may ko mere bete ka birthday hai mai jroor try kroongi…..

  2. Hello madam,
    Bahot sundar hai!
    Hum butter ki jagah ghee daal sakte hai kya? Aur kitna?
    Pls reply

  3. Aapki har recipee me hamesha creativity hoti hai…
    I m big fan of yours and subscriber also…,🤗🤗

  4. बहुत ही अच्छा है लेकिन दूध आधा लीटर लेना है

  5. रसना की पानी वाली ओर दूसरी बाहर से मैगी अन्दर से जो दूध होता है वो आईसक्रीम सिखाओ

  6. Thanku soooo much for such lovely recipe with so much of love.
    Can v use eno powder instead of baking powder

  7. Nice mam as always.. Yali video abi dekhi.. Save kr ली the time नी hora tha देखने ka

  8. Wow aunty mene bhi itne hi size ke pot me bnaya bt layers mix ho gayi Esa Ku mujhe lga bada pot Lena pdega Esa kya

  9. Aunty Mera cake bhi pk Pura jata he bs itna ful nahi pta jitna apka cake fula Hua he esa ku balki me beat bhi krti hu

  10. This seems sooooo yummy. Please tell me how to make it in OTG. How much time and at what temperature?

  11. Awesome 👌 delicious
    I LL make this cake nd let u know d results…
    But loved it…thanku so much Poonamji

  12. Whaoo..maza aa gaya..too good n yummy…
    Your G.son is soo cute…just pop on the slice as he was actually waiting to eat..sweet..

  13. I hv a Question…
    When i use salt…in psn to mk cake..first of all it smells n mks vapours inside the glass i stopped mkg in it gives smell in my cks..biscuits..why????

  14. Auntiji,,, beautiful cake! Your dress and cake are matching matching 😃

    Can we use whole wheat flour instead of maida?


  15. Namaskar didi. Aap kitne asan trikese Zebra cake banana sikhaye. Ayse mujhe cake icing ata h lkin zebra cake kabhi nhi banaya mey ne. Sure Di ab banaenge. Thank you Di. You are best.👍 Love you Di 💕😊

  16. Such a beautiful cake. Thanks for sharing. Baking is my passion and love to bake with children. Started off with my nieces and nephews then my children and now my niece's and nephew's children. The best part was the little child helping himself to a piece of cake. I laughed so hard and watched that part over and over again. Such a cute child. Sorry, don't know the name. Also, you were absolutely soo soo sweet when you saw what the child did. Two of the little ones did a similar thing when I showed the tray of cookies. Instant action. Now I am careful especially when fresh from the oven. Sorry for the long comment. Enjoy your recipes thoroughly. Love from Canada.
    PS. I notice you use mild and you reduce it to half the quantity. What is the benefit in that. Will appreciate your response if possible please. Thanking you. Your recipes are excellent.

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