How to measure & fit a rug – Ride-away
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How to measure & fit a rug – Ride-away

October 28, 2019

[music]>>RIDE-AWAY: Today, we’d like to show you how we measure for, and fit, a rug. First off, we’re going to take the measurement. For this you’ll need a soft tape measure. Begin at the centre of the chest and passing the tape along the side of the horse in a straight line all the way to the end of the rump. UK sizes are in feet and inches and go up
in three inch increments, so always go the size up from your measurement. Now you have your size, you can put the rug on the horse. The easiest way of getting it on is to fold
the rug lengthways, inside out and then gently place and unfold the whole rug over the horse. Then just fold it back, down to the rump. The wrong size rug can cause issues – if it’s too small, it constricts movement and can cause painful rubbing. If it’s too big, the legs can get tangled
and your horse could get injured. Once it’s on, you want to check that the tail
flap sits on top of the tail, and that the chest closure is secured on the fastening. There should be a hand’s width between the chest and the rug. Lastly, adjust the belly surcingles – they
should be crossed over under the horse, checking there’s a hand’s width between each strap and body. [music]

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