How to Measure for Your Arctic Horse Riding Skirt
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How to Measure for Your Arctic Horse Riding Skirt

August 18, 2019

– Hey, guys, this is Jen
and Sukie with Arctic Horse and we’re gonna show you
today a little bit about how to size yourself for an
All Weather Riding Skirt. So, first thing to always remember, is that this is outerwear, okay? You’re actually gonna have underneath whatever you like to work or ride in. So you try on your stuff, if you can, with what you like to work and ride in. That goes underneath, your skirt’s going to be pretty close,
actually, to whatever size you ride stuff in because they all have this two inch stretch in the waistband. So you’ve got a lot of flex
because of your waistband so you don’t have to
go so much bigger than what you normally like to work or ride in just because it’s outerwear
but to be accurate, go ahead and put on your jeans or your breeches or whatever
you like to ride in. Okay, first thing is
finding your waist size. So if we ask you on the size
chart, “what is your waist?” What we really mean is
what’s the measurement around where you want the
waistband to be on your body. Some women like to have the waistband up high on their natural waists, other women like to have their waistband down low on their hips. Wherever you want the waistband is where you should measure around. So in Sukie’s case, she’s kind of in between her hips and her natural waist. So in her case, if that’s
where she wants her skirt, I’m gonna, you can do this yourself, okay, measure around and that’s gonna give you whatever it is, 36
let’s use as an example, that is the smallest
waist measurement, 36. All of our skirts because they have that two inch stretch, our size chart always goes from like a 36 to a 38, a 38 to a 40 because you have that. So, if you were a 36, as an example, a medium goes 36 to 38, you know that you can fit into a medium or be on the cusp of the next size up. Second thing, this is a
really important thing, is to figure out how
long you want your skirt. So the rule of thumb is you don’t want it to be any longer than
the top of your ankle. That’s gonna give you
maximum leg protection but you’re not going to be having to pick it up to work and to
work in when you’re outside because, of course, the point is not to be holding up your skirt
while you’re working. The point of the skirt
is to help you work. You can see mine comes to about the top of my ankle bone, that’s
a really good length. But anything from there up
is all personal preference. For an example, you can see Sukie’s skirt, she’s got a long leg, her
ankle bone is down here. So she could come all the way down here or she could choose to have
the skirt up here, higher. Both are great options,
but let me show you how to measure for that. So the most important part of
this is the starting point. Figure out where you want
that waistband to sit and start there with your measuring tape. If it’s down here, start here. If you want the waistband
up here, start here. Sukie’s case, let’s say this is exactly where she wants her waistband, okay? I’m gonna put it here and
now I move all the way down to the top of her ankle bone, okay? We’re gonna say that’s a 41 inch. Sukie can wear a 41 inch long skirt, we can build it for her that length and that’s gonna be really,
really great for her. But if she says, “you know, I only “really want it to be mid-calf.” That’d be like a 35 inch long skirt. It’s all personal preference. Now another thing to really consider when you’re sizing your Arctic Horse All Weather Riding Skirt, is whether you have a full skirt or a narrow skirt. Full skirts are any
skirt that, turn around, any skirt that works at the quarter sheet on the back of your horse is a full skirt. Tongass Rain skirt, Full
Arctic, Outlander Wool, those are all cut the
quarter sheet aspect in and the hips, because of
that thick, full bottom, you don’t have to worry
about your hip measurement, go by your waist to order
your skirt, and your length. For narrow skirts like the Backcountry, and the Narrow Arctic, have
the zipper at the back. It’s a narrower profile and
your hip measurement matters. So you’re gonna measure yourself around the widest part, okay, of your bottom. Get your measurement,
whatever mine is, 45, and when you find your
waist size on the chart, below that you’ll see a
corresponding hip measurement that goes with that size. In the narrow skirts, if
your hip size, let’s say is in the medium column,
size column, and your waist is in the small size column, go with the size of your hips, let that determine the size
of what skirt that you get. So this example, I would get a medium if 46 was in the medium column,
if that makes sense to you. Not everybody has one of
these things laying around. I didn’t used to before
I started this company. What you can do is get
a piece of baling twine or a piece or string or any
old thing that you want. A shoestring if you have
one big enough, okay? Wrap it around you, where you want it, put a mark on it for your waist, and then, go get your, what
are those things called? – Measuring tape. – A measuring tape like those stiff ones, that you use to measure
wood and things like that, I bet you have one of those in the garage. Go ahead and lay that
string out against that 36, 38, 40, whatever it
is, that’s your waist size. Do the same thing for your length. So really, you can
measure yourself at home, even if you don’t have a measuring tape because I know that you have baling twine. Okay! Well we hope that this helps you measure your skirt correctly and if you have any questions you know that you can always email our customer service at [email protected] Thank you!

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