How To – Mega Donkey Kicks (Part 3)
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How To – Mega Donkey Kicks (Part 3)

January 9, 2020

Hey, guys! Here’s our third “How To” video on performing the perfect Mega Donkey Kicks. As you know, proper body alignment is paramount. When you perform the Mega Donkey Kicks, whether it’s on the Mega or the Supra, at an incline or horizontal, you must keep the torso aligned with the carriage. Now what does that mean? Essentially the torso and the carriage mirror each other. Your shoulders and hips are squared and aligned with the four corners of the carriage. Imagine two planes floating parallel to each other in space. The two planes move together at the same time and at the same speed. This body alignment ensures that the spine is properly stabilized and stress is reduced on the joints. It also forces your body to engage the obliques, lats, and abs. Be sure to check out our first two videos on how to perform the Mega Donkey Kicks for bonus tips. My name is Sebastien Lagree for Lagree Fitness. Thank you for watching.

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