How to Mount & Dismount a Horse : Leg Position While Dismounting a Horse

September 2, 2019

So reins in the left hand, weight on the horses
neck. If your horse starts to appear nervous or jittery this could be a good time to have
some come and hold the horse to allow you to dismount safely. You are going to put your
right hand either on the pommel or just on the other flap whatever you feel you have
the best basic support. We are going to slowly lift up as if getting into a 2 point and now
we are going to swing the leg over. Being careful not to hit the horses rump with the
foot. My right arm and my left arm are supporting me and I’m slowly going to slide down. If
you find that you have trouble dismounting you can always have someone help you and assist
you by catching you and helping to lower you to the ground.

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