How to Pink Model Horse Muzzles & Legs  – Thursday Tips S1:E1
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How to Pink Model Horse Muzzles & Legs – Thursday Tips S1:E1

August 16, 2019

There are different methods for creating that pinking area where a horse’s coat is thinnest, but my favorite method is with dry earth pigment. For today’s Thursday Tip, you will need
a dry earth pigment in burnt sienna. You can also buy a pastel stick of the same color and use a knife to shave off dust from that stick. That option is very budget friendly. Dip a dry paint brush into the dust and very, very lightly brush on your pink around the muzzle, pasterns, and cannon bones. If you have a pinto, be sure to get the other soft skin areas like just behind the elbow. Build up layers as needed and then seal. Both pastel and earth pigment will blow away if you hold a canned sealer too close, so be sure to carefully apply light coats and
build up protection in layers. If you lose too much color, you can always
add more dust and seal again. Thanks for watching and for more Thursday
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  1. Episode two, white charcoal pencil for easier pintos and appaloosas, is now live:

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