How to place a Horse Racing Multiple with Hollywoodbets #HollywoodbetsHowTo
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How to place a Horse Racing Multiple with Hollywoodbets #HollywoodbetsHowTo

September 3, 2019

A multiple allows you to combine selections
from two or more races in one bet. This can be over two races, called a double, three
races, called a treble and four races called a quad.
A multiple is an exciting bet as it multiplies the odds of each of your selection together.
This can often result in very significant payouts if all your horses win.
To get going, choose Horseracing. Then choose a venue, race meeting and race
number. Before selecting your horse, click on the
desired bet type – Either Fixed Win, Fixed Place, Open Win, Open Place or SP Win.
Then your selection will appear in the pop-up window, now click add to Betslip which will
start your Multiple bet. If you want the next horse in your multiple
to come from the same race meeting, simply choose another race and make your selection.
Select your horse. You can even select another race meeting entirely.
Each new bet you place is called a leg. Repeat this process to add more legs. But keep in mind all your horse selections need to win for you to win your multiple. If you change your mind about a selection, click on the red cross in the corner and it will be removed. Then enter how much you want to bet. The final odds will be multiplied by your
stake. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to our channel
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