How to plait a horse’s tail & mane – Ride-away
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How to plait a horse’s tail & mane – Ride-away

October 18, 2019

[music]>>RIDE-AWAY: Today, we’re going to show you our method of plaiting a horse’s tail and mane. We like to start by giving him a net of hay to keep him busy. To plait the mane we’re using plaiting bands, a metal comb, a stool to stand on and scissors. Begin by wetting the mane and use the comb to divide it into thirteen to sixteen equal sections. Divide each section into three and plait downwards. Secure with a plaiting band all of the plaits before folding them three times underneath themselves and securing with a second band. Trim any stray hairs. The equipment we’re going to be using for
the tail is a soft brush, a metal comb and a damp sponge. We suggest washing the tail the day before you want to plait it, to make the hair more manageable. Start by damping down the tail to make it
easier to handle. Brush the tail in sections with the soft brush and finish by combing through the top and sides of the tail with the metal comb. Begin the French plait by taking a section
of the hair of about one centimetre from each side of the tail and cross them over. Continue the French plait until it starts
to form in the centre of the tail. Plait the three sections together without
adding more hair. Secure with a plaiting band and hoop back
up to finish. [music]

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