How to Play Chinese Chess : The Horse Technique in Chinese Chess
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How to Play Chinese Chess : The Horse Technique in Chinese Chess

August 21, 2019

Hi my name is Billy and on behalf of
today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Chinese chess we are located in China
Town. Now the next movement I want to show you how to do a two attack with a knight with
the horse. We call it horse in Chinese. Now basically the horse which was mention before
moves from corner to corner. Now the rook is very important piece to get rid of a enemy.
So in order for you to do with a check on the king or the queen and take the knight
out at the same time because the knight is very the rook is very hard for you to capture
them or trying to take them alive because they move so far and they very fast and you
can’t move to catch them. So in order for a beginner player you go for a lot of strategy
so that you could trick. The way that you do it you check corner to corner and there
is nothing else to do but to move the king out from checking and you could just take
the knight and there rook out so you check the queen and take the knight/rook out.

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  1. Thanks! I'm know many tactics in western chess, but barely know how to move the pieces in chinese chess… It's nice to have learnt a fork move.

    (and its counter, thanks to calvinsim3, too)

    In Spanish gender is explicit, the noun for rook means "tower", and it's female. Chariot would be male. All others are male.
    They're not men, nor women. They're just pieces on a board. It's a game.

  2. comon Billy that is the worst advice ever…who's going to let you march your knight all the way down field and fork the king and rook that easily??? show us some real strategies or seize tongue!

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