How to Play Double Deck Pinochle : Learn About the Round Horse in Pinochle
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How to Play Double Deck Pinochle : Learn About the Round Horse in Pinochle

August 14, 2019

The value of the meld in pinochle, and we’re
going to go into the specialty combinations. We have a term called a round house. Now that
has nothing to do with boxing or anything but, again, for the sake of illustration,
let’s just look at this hand. I’ll take cards out and so forth. We’ve already determined
that we have fifteen point run in spades. We’ve determined that we have, you know, separate
marriages. In the spade marriage, we do not count, because that’s contained in the run.
But if we had an additional marriage in spades we would get four points for that. Remember
four points for a trump marriage. Let’s say the opponent was naming diamonds for trump,
we would count four points toward our meld count. That’s not four points on the score
sheet. Its four points towards our meld count. That meld count is so important. Now, if you
look at this hand closely, look what we have here. There’s a certain amount of symmetry
to this, okay. You see that? We have four kings and four queens. Okay. Now if we just
had three kings, we didn’t have that, well we didn’t have the queen of spades. We have
to have the queen of spades from that. Say, for the sake of argument, or the sake of comparison,
say we only had one, two, three, four different kings, they have to be different ones and
only three queens, we wouldn’t be able to claim the round house because that’s a marriage
in every suit. But we could claim a thing called a rounds. For example, we said aces
all around gives you ten meld points. Kings all around gives you eight meld points. Queens
all around gives you six meld points. And jacks all around give you four meld points.
Those are very important. Now we’re going to get into this melding stuff later when
we get into the intermediate and advanced play. However, if we’re gifted enough to have
all four marriages, we get twenty-four points. That’s called the round house. That’s a really
great hand. So always look for that. Because that’s a big shot of meld and you’ll see just
how important that is as the game plays out.

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  1. Sir, please go back and rename your videos, 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, for those of us who want to learn the game from you. Otherwise this is just another jibbersh youtube instructional videos that means nothing to the beginning player.  It is easy to do.  Just go back and "rename" them. So that they follow a logical progression. It is not that hard. Otherwise, remame you video series "Scrabble". you have a hundred posts asking you to do this, so why dont you do it?

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