How to put on a horse rug correctly and rug review – Horze Avalanche Rug
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How to put on a horse rug correctly and rug review – Horze Avalanche Rug

September 2, 2019

hi guys so myself and lion are here again with Nellie just to show you how to pop on a rope and how to make sure that the Rope is comfortably fitting for your horse and that they’re not caught in any way shape or form so this is how I like to fold my rope I fold it like this because I like to have things really neat and tidy but I see I suppose we just get straight into it so when I put on a rope I like to just fold it in half just to make it a little bit easier and I know that a lot of people will just swing a rope onto a horse but I fear that for a young horse or for a horse that might be a little bit scared that we can just do it really slowly and make sure that they don’t get afraid when we do it so I just take it apart here like this and I like to just place it onto their back and sit it nicely and then I like to take this part which is the front of the road and just bring it off I always prefer to have the Rope up too high and to pull it back as opposed to having it and having to pull it up because the horse’s hairs can get disturbed underneath the rogue and it’s just not very comfortable for them so I always like to make sure that I can just pull it back like this so it goes with the direction of the hair so now I like to start always we’re just tying the front of it because I feel like if the horse was to go and move forward or if they were to escape or if they were to get loose that you’d be you’d know that the rope was secured in the front because if I tie it the underneath part here first the rogue would start to slide down the horses bomb and the surcingles underneath here would get caught underneath the horse so it’ll be a very dangerous situation and Nellie is quite good so we’ll just tie the front here and make sure that she’s got enough room that it fits her nice and snugly so I suppose we can just have a quick look at the crossover surcingles so this is really important that it’s done right because you have to make sure that you perform a cross in the center so they go to opposite sides so you can carefully lean under the horse and we can clip this surcingle in across the opposite and just cross it in like that then we go under again and we get the second one and we can bring the second one in to do the same thing so what you want to make sure is that there’s the correct amount of tension and that it’s not too loose because if it is too loose the horse can get their back legs caught in the surcingles as they’re rolling in the field which is quite dangerous so we want to make sure that they’re not hanging down that they’re nice and secure but that the horse is comfortable okay so we can look at the final part of working your horse which is the leg straps and this is still really really important because a lot of people can do this wrong because they don’t know that you have to cross the leg straps as well as the underneath articles so I like to start with them tied up like this because I just feel like it’s safer if you have a horse that might be slightly flighty or vorak there’s a horse that’s just kind of young and getting used to being roped in things like that so what we can do is we can just unclip these guys and we give the horse a nice rope on it’s like just so that it knows that we’re coming and they know that we’re here and that we’re not gonna do have anything scary so we just give them a rope on the inside and bring through the strap and just clip it up to the underneath part okay so now that we have this one done we move over to the slightly harder one that you have to cross so with this one you just unclip it here and again rub their leg to make sure they know that you’re coming and you can just begin to cross it over so you pull this one out and just pop it in behind and tie as normal like this so you can see if I lift her tail back and the flap you can see the way that it’s grasped so that it’s not actually pulling or rubbing on the inside of their sensitive skin on the inside of their legs so that it’s just suspended in the middle and they’re perfect on her good [Music] [Music] so this is the Horace Evelyn drugs it’s 150 grams and it’s one of our mid-season drugs we have this rogue for the seasons coming into autumn and coming into spring for what it’s just a little bit too hot for a you know for a really big warm rogue but it’s just a little a little bit chilly for a kind of light rug that you’d use in the summer months so this one is perfect for those either [Music]

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