How To Put On Polo Wraps Fleece Bandages To A Horse
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How To Put On Polo Wraps Fleece Bandages To A Horse

August 22, 2019

Hi welcome to a EquiEvolve coaching I’m
Sonya Brotherton and this is Dontario we’re here today to show you how to bandage the horse. So just to demonstrate with the two bandages here you’ll notice one is considerably wider than the other and also longer so you will get at least one more turn down the leg with that one. First we make sure
the leg is clean. First I’m going to show you the cheaper bandage, the slightly thinner shorter one just to demonstrate the difference between how
you would apply the two. We start with a slant, front to back with it slightly pointing towards the ground. So rather than like there start with the slant just below the knee and because
this is a shorter bandage I’m going to make my turn so you notice I’ve done one
two three so far four by I’m gonna go sixth one past the sesamoids. We don’t want to cut through it like that with the bandage because this could damage it so we’re
going underneath it and back up again notice the width between
my turns. Now here you turn your tab down so it’s important that you haven’t
pulled it tight as you’re doing it you’ve started at the top you’ve gone
down the leg past the sosamoids and then back up the leg with the same amount of
pressure all the way down and you don’t pull it tight, it’s firm. Next I’m going to
apply the longer thicker bandage and you’ll notice that I’ll make my turn
slightly closer together so that the bandage is used up by the time I get to
the top again so again we start with a slant like that it’s a slant from just
below the knee and front to back front of the leg towards the back of the
leg get out any wrinkles as you go so I’m gonna make my turns narrower this
time and passed the sesamoids again and back up turn the tab down finish the bandage
now check as you feel down the leg you’re feeling that it’s even pressure
and there’s no lumpy bumpy bits. Back legs are slightly longer than front legs and they will take up more of the bandage you’re gonna stop just below the
hock I’ve tied his tail up I’ll show you how to do that in a minute and again
starting with a slant bandage down and I’ll make these terms
slightly wider because his back legs are longer. An old fashioned term for these
bones is the cannon bone for the front leg and the Shannon bone for the back
leg again we’re going past the sesamoid just here so we don’t cut through them
and I’m applying firm even pressure Never pulling it really tight, any
pressure I am applying is across the front of the leg on the bone rather than
on the tendon Go back up the leg, turn the tab down. It is so important that you start at
the top bandgae down back up and finish. Don’t go down, up, back down again
and have some extra turns in the middle because that will be uneven pressure To tie the tail up put your arm underneath it wrap your wrist around, pass the end of the tail into that hand and pull it through One more back leg now and I’m going
to apply this in normal speed as I would if I was working so you can just see
what your aiming to achieve once you’re really practiced in the art of
bandaging. There we go. For extra protection you can use a pad under the bandage and I’ll show you how to apply that next. If you have a pad as well
wrap that around the leg just below the knee aim to go from front to back again
with your overlap and then leave it so it’s not on any tendons again starting
with a diagonal slant down towards the ground because the pad will have moved
the leg thicker you won’t need so many turns down the leg. It will take up more
of the bandage. Apply firm even pressure turn your tab down and check it is smooth and even. To remove undo the Velcro, don’t try and roll it up as you take it off. Just pass from hand to hand grabbing as you go Now we come to roll
the bandage and it’s essential that you start with the velcro end and put it to
the velcro on the bandage We go velcro to velcro and start rolling. I
find it works to do on the front of my leg and then you could go really fast. Here we have the handsome Dante sporting his full set of polo wraps or fleece bandages as they’re otherwise called ready to go and do some work

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