How to put together an English bridle
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How to put together an English bridle

August 15, 2019

I’m Lindsey from SmartPak, and today we’ll
be going over how to assemble our Harwich Padded Fancy Stitch Bridle. When you receive your bridle, it’s going to
be in a few different pieces in order for you to put it together. First, it will be
easiest if you take your crown piece. And, in order to tell which way it sits on your
horse’s head, you will go ahead and have your throat latch be at the back portion so it
will be able to come through underneath and buckle on the other side. And you will go ahead and take your brow band,
and you’re going to feed it through the side of the crown piece, then taking your throat
latch through the other side of your brow band. It’s a snug fit, but it does go through
with the keepers. In order to check your work after you put your brow band on your crown
piece, you’re going to want to make sure your brow band is facing forward, and your throat
latch is facing back towards your horse’s shoulder. And with this bridle, your next component
will be your nose band, also know as a caveson. Specifically with the Harwich, the nose band
is going to feed over the top of your crown piece to alleviate any pressure across your
horse’s pole. So this will allow more of an ergonomic fit for your horse. You’ll go through
the other side and pull through. You’ll also want to take the other side of the nose band
and attach it together. You do not need to put it through the keepers at this time, as
you will need to adjust for your horse’s individual fit. And with the Plymouth bridle, it has more
of a traditional crown piece where your nose band will feed underneath and through your
brow band and lay flush underneath the crown. You still will go ahead and attach it the
same way through the buckle on this side. When taking your cheek pieces to put on your
bridle, I always start on the right side. This way, you know which piece goes with which.
I always take the cheek piece and put it in the middle of the holes, so that I have the
choice for adjustability. When going to the left side of the bridle, you have your throat
latch, and then the component for your cheek piece. The cheek piece will be the thicker
portion of leather. And then I always make sure to do it in the same hole as the other
side. Now as we continue to put together our bridle,
the next piece will be our bit. Each bit will be different for every horse’s need. This
one is a D-ring snaffle. A common mistake when putting a bit on a bridle is to put it
on backwards. Luckily, it is easy to tell which way the bit faces. When checking your
bit, the bend should be facing outward. You can double check your bit by folding it together.
And if it lays flush, its correctly facing. Otherwise, it will bend the wrong way and
not come together. Once you’ve checked your bit and are ready
to add it to your bridle, you’ll take your cheek piece and make sure that your bridle
is not twisted and put it right on the D-ring so that the stitching is facing outward. You
then feed the bottom of the cheek piece through its keepers and through the hook. Also, you
want to make sure that your bit is not twisted and does maintain the same bend. You’re just
going to do the same thing on this side that you did on the other. And next, you’ll take your reins and attach
them to your bit. You also want to make sure that your stitching will be facing outward
matching the rest of your bridle. You go ahead and feed it through your keepers and then
through your hook closure. You also want to make sure that your reins are not twisted
before you attach your second side. And now you’re ready to try your bridle on
your horse. I hope this was helpful today. When shopping for your next bridle, visit

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  1. I probably sound a little dumb, but is their any way to attach reins to a bridle without a bit?

  2. thank you!! i got my first bridle (this one) for christmas and i got a little confused. this was super helpful. it was a surprise, so my bit is at the barn so i can't attach it (or the reins!), so i might be pulling this video up again soon! i hope my pony likes it :p

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