How to Restring a Vintage Breyer Doll
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How to Restring a Vintage Breyer Doll

August 11, 2019

Hi, this is Hannah from Today I’m going to show you how to restring a vintage Breyer doll with some stuff you probably have around the
house. You’ll need – A rubber band – 2 or 3 Loom
Bands A loom Band or Crochet hook A pair of tweezers – A pair of scissors – Some
string You can see the rubber band holding the rider’s leg on has broken. The only one way to fix it – replace the band. Pull the rider’s head off. The band goes through a piece in her head so it will come out too. See the white piece in the rider’s leg? That’s the hook that goes on the rubber
band. Slip a loom band or two on the hook. The more bands you put on, the stronger it will be. The body comes in two pieces. String a rubber band through the top half of the body. Here’s a trick to make it easy. Put a string down the hole in the neck and through the body. Tape a pencil lead to the string and drop
it in. Tie the top of the string to the large rubber band and pull it through. You can put a toothpick through the end of the band to hold it. Put the rubber band down through the large hole in the rider’s lower half and catch it with the hook. Next push the hook (still with the band on
it) through the rider’s leg holes and hook it on the Loom Band attached to the leg. Pull the loom band through the rider’s lower half and the rubber band and hook it on the other leg. The legs might be a little loose. Don’t worry, you’ll fix that. Pull the rubber band out of the neck hole as far as you can. Tie the rubber band in a double knot so it doesn’t go back into the body. Then pop the rider’s head back on. And that’s all!

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