How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Difference Between Cantering & Loping a Horse
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How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Difference Between Cantering & Loping a Horse

October 12, 2019

I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village, I’m
going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
As you can see in the prior clips that we did that we where doing primarily cantering.
Which is a little bit of a faster gate then a lope. Loping is used more in western riding.
So when we are loping we are going to be riding one handed. So we are going to have all of
our control our horse one handed. You would also notice to it is going to be a little
slower. We are still going to be collected and it is still going to be a 3 gate which
some people would actually try to slow down the lope so much that it actually turns to
4 beat gate. Which is incorrect. It should stay nice and balance, and it should stay
a 3 beat gate but it is going to be a little bit slower a little bit collected then what
a canter would be. On canter you could see that you have a little bit of a longer stride
then what a lope would be. But you want to make sure that you keep your lope nice and
collected. You want to keep it nice and fluent, you don’t want your horse to get to choppy
or end up to a point where it is actually turned to 3 beated lope into a 4 beated lope.
Because that is incorrect the judges would frown on that if you happen to do show your
horse. It is just not great to watch and it is not comfortable for your horse. Horse where
not born loping with 4 beats they where born loping with 3. A lot of that could be corrected
with training just getting the horse to lift it shoulders. Getting your horse to engage
properly from its hind end. So those are just a few of the differences between cantering
and loping your horse.

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