How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Horse Cantering Safety
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How to Ride a Horse at the Canter & Lope : Horse Cantering Safety

October 26, 2019

I’m Kelly on behalf of Expert Village. I’m
going to be showing you some tips and techniques that I use when cantering and loping my horse.
So in conclusion when you are training your horse, whether it be cantering or loping,
you want to make sure that you are teaching your horse to properly pick up the right lead,
which means the horse is going to be leading with the inside leg, such as if it is going
to the left its going to be leading with that inside left leg, if it’s going to the right,
it’s going to be leading with that inside right leg. That’s something that you definitely
want to make sure that your horse is doing, whether it keeps the horse more balanced,
keeps the horse more cadenced. If you are having a problem with this, definitely you
know if you feel you’re not qualified enough to attack it on your own, definitely enlist
in either an instructor or a trainer to help with the process. So you want to keep your
posture nice and straight, you want to keep your hands nice and supple whether your riding
two handed or one handed you want to keep your posture together. When your cantering
your going to be riding two-handed, steering, you?re going to be opening with your inside
rein. If you?re riding Western your riding one handed, your going to be steering more
from that outside rein. So again just if you are having any problems whether your training
your horse in the English or the Western discipline you want to make sure you keep it nice and
safe. Enlist the help of a trainer or an instructor if you?re having problems with any specific
area and you’ll ensure that you have nice happy safe rides.

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  1. i just love how you people are being mean just for the sake of it!! she is actually right though. although i dont agree with her method of steering. it should be mainly leg.

  2. i complained to expert village and if any one wants to read it just leave a comment on my page and i will send it to you

  3. razrblade — all due respect, but i don't think most people here are just being mean. most people don't want kids and beginners watching irresponsible "expert" videos, and then falling on their heads while cantering badly! riding is dangerous — especially if kelly here is your teacher!

  4. All this talk about helmets reminds me of my riding instructor. She doesn't wear helmets much, and she was going to ride her pony, Johnny, and she decided to wear a helmet that day. Of course, johnny bucked her off and her head slammed against the ground, she could've really done some damage without the helmet. Now she's working with Johnny to teach him to canter without bucking, lol, he a baaaad pony. : )

  5. just one question…why are your legs…from the knee down….touching the horse..that is not supposed to be happening..i love yalls horses and all…but i think yall should be getting taught, not us..ya know..? sorry..but not a good video. oh yeah..and helmet?? bout instead of talking for ever…show a visual that might help..thanks! if i was anyone on here looking to learn something..i would request….. horseawareness–rick gore horsemanship..good videos-techniques

  6. I have a question. What if the horse is going straight, which one is the leading leg. I mean, you don't always ride is circles or do you?

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