How To Ride A Horse In A Straight Line
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How To Ride A Horse In A Straight Line

October 19, 2019

Hi my name is Jenny, and we’re here at Wimbledon
Village Stables to learn about the different aspects of horse riding and horse care. [Music] As you can see Jennifer is about to ride Chester
down the middle of the arena, down what we call the center line. This happens at the
beginning of every dressage test, so is incredibly important to practice. Your horse will naturally
try and drift from one side to the other, so it’s important to use your legates to keep
him in the direction you want him to go channeling him between leg and hand. If your horse drifts off to the right you
can then put pressure on with your right leg to push him back over. If he drifts off to
the left you can then use your left leg and a bit of pressure to push him back over to
the direction you want him to go. Before you can ask your horse to be straight its incredibly
important that your straight yourself. Many riders often tip off from one side to the
other or collapse through their hip this will encourage the horse to loose his straightness,
so its very important that you sit straight and look ahead in the direction you want to
go at all times. Its also important that you keep the same amount of weight in both reins.
Most riders are either left or right handed so they would be encouraged to have more weight
on one rein then the other. You must try and avoid this and keep the same weight in both
hands, at the same time most horses can be left or right handed so they would tend to
naturally drift one way or the other. Its important you find out where your horses weaknesses
are and work to improve them this in turn will help improve your horses straightness.

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