How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Slow Down on a Horse While Riding English Style
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How to Ride a Horse in the English Style : How to Slow Down on a Horse While Riding English Style

October 28, 2019

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village,
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that you could use when performing transitions
in the English style of riding. So the next session of transition we are going to do is
a session of downward transitions. So we have her moving up here into a canter. We are then
going to break her down into a trot. Break her down to a walk and take her down to a
halt. We are then going to start all over again. Just do a few strides of canter, break
her down to a few strides for the trot, break her down to a walk and break her down to a
halt. Now you can do these transitions anyway you choose. We can go from canter to halt,
we can go from halt to trot, to halt, just doing a few strides of each transition. Trot,
really keeps your horse on its toes when she is not sure what gait that I’m going to ask
for next. So it really makes here to be responsive, have her listen to what I’m asking her to
do. It is a really great training technique that you could use. So this would get your
horse a lot more responsive and listening a lot better to you. So that is a session
of some downward transitions that you could use in your training routine.

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  1. Why would you call this "English" if you are riding western? If you are going to consider something English, please ride the specified style.
    You need to shorten your reins too. When you're slowing from a canter, especially, you have to lean back to get any contact.
    But, at least you're not yanking on the horse's mouth, eh?

  2. I love all these "How to ride English" videos that lack an English saddle. Its only English if you're riding with the right bridle, bit, horse, AND saddle. This doesn't help at all.

  3. PLEASE get this idiot OFF the horse…PLEASE.
    PLEASE ignore this video if you really want to know how to ride, none of it makes any sense and the woman is an ignorant , ham fisted MORON!!!

  4. This video does not explain anything. All it does is show this woman doing transitions.

    If you are going to teach somebody English, you should probably be in an English saddle. I understand that you're just working her, hence the Western, but still.

    You need a *true* hunter horse and rider to teach transitions in English if you want to teach people properly.

  5. Those are the worst halts / transitions ever. Horse seems confused whether it's being asked to stop or slow down, which is why it takes a few stumbling steps, instead of coming to a clean stop. Kids reading out there — leaning back and pulling on the reins is NOT the way to do it. Instead, clench your stomach and lower back muscles to push your seat down, and block gently with the hands.

  6. So, Tell me, where is the english? Oh the bridle? Even for AQHA this horse is not moving english. She flopping backwards, if anything, you slightly go forward from the hip for each gait you move forward a little more, trot, canter. She needs to find a good instructor and re-learn proper equitation, She may end up being embarrassed to find out how much she is doing wrong. We all never know everything, we all need to learn more, but we don't let the world see how much we actually DON"T know.

  7. I'm sorry but if you're going to teach english riding can you please teach it properly? I know loads of kids recently who're going onto youtube looking for tips on how to ride and end up confusing both themselves and the horse because they're learning wrong.

    I wouldn't teach western unless I knew what I was doing, I wouldn't just change my posture, put my reins in one hand and start telling everyone how to do it.

  8. For Pete's sake! If you are going to be "demonstrating" English, at least have the correct saddle on. That poor horse's head is way behind the vertical from her yanking on the reins doing "English style transitions" (what's the difference between western and English transitions again? I'm pretty sure they are the same). And what's up with that position and hands? I just want to put her on one of my dressage horses and then see how she feels about her technique, hands, and spurs…

  9. Ummm… where are the presignals? Not too mention, she is hanging onto the reigns way too much… to all those who are looking to learn, do not go off this….This is a poor example of riding.

  10. is that horse hurt?try a thourobred or hack next time! oh and you can tell expert vilage that they an you dont know anythign abotu english riding leave it to the pros!

  11. Wow, teaching people how to ride english in a western saddle on a western trained horse, well that makes perfect sense, not.

  12. Most pleasure people train in their western saddle, she is doing correct gaits and transitions in ENGLISH PLEASURE, people i understand about the equipment but lay off its called training and that is exactly what she is doing. and you say shorten the reins… watch a congress show in their hunt seat class and see how long their reins are they're spose to be long and draped with minimum contact.

  13. How to english style …. why the WESTERN saddle when you're supposed to be using an English saddle… you have to teach people the RIGHT stuff

  14. 69neeny, thanks for being descriptive. It's not about english or western, its about teaching a horse NOT to travel on their forehand, but that's all these AQHAers do! Talk about ruining good horses!

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