How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Transition a Horse from Jog to Halt Western Style
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How to Ride a Horse in the Western Style : How to Transition a Horse from Jog to Halt Western Style

August 11, 2019

Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I’m going to show you some tips and techniques that I use when using transitions in the western
style riding. So now that we have our horse moved up to a jog, we are going to want to
break her back down to a halt. So what we would do as we are jogging around, there is
2 different ways that you can do depends on your horses level. You can sit, pull back
and say whoa or if your horse is trained to squeeze stop, you can stick both spurs in
and your horse should break down to the halt. Now squeeze stopping is something that you
definitely know that your horse is trained to do. You don’t want to get on your horse
and jam your spurs in them and expect them to stop cause they are not trained to do that.
It does take a quite a bit of training to get your horse comfortable with squeeze stopping
since putting spurs or leg pressure on your horse is usually a command to go forward.
So definitely work with a trainer or just take it really slow with your horse, start
at the walk first, don’t start at the jog or the lope cause that could be really dangerous.
So squeeze, stop, put both spurs in and she would break down to a halt. If we want to
do it without squeeze stopping, we would sit deep, apply calf pressure and just pick up
and say whoa. So again without squeeze stopping sit deep say whoa, pick up, squeeze stopping.
Put both spurs in, she should halt. So that is how you transfer to a from the jog down
to the halt.

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  1. I never understood the point of squeeze stopping. Why not just get them to stop off the seat? Then you dont risk confusing them.

  2. true that. lol its nice for horses that just do one thing like a rail class. but for horses that do other stuff like patterns or multiple disciplines it is easily confused.

  3. @alicorenee You're an idiot, that's not a trot. Her ass is on the seat the whole time. Look slike aregular walk if anything

  4. she looks stiff she needs to loosn up and I feel sry for that horse havn her fat butt rubn on its back and she looks like a big wrinkly fat grape just bouncing around on a horse plus I didnt even understand what she was tryn to say about that jog trot or halt crap I mean the horse was walkn for god sakes and and and she has her foot wayyyy to far in the stirups im gonna laugh if she gets her foot caught and falls then she will b rockn herself to sleep tryn to get it out of the stirup! LOL 😀

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