How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Mount a Horse Before Walking
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How to Ride Your Horse at a Walk : How to Mount a Horse Before Walking

October 26, 2019

Hi! I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village.
I am going to show you how to ride your horse with a walk. So the first thing we are going
to do is we are going to mount up so we want to make sure that our girth is nice and tight
which mine is not. So we are just going to tighten this up just a little bit. You want
to make sure that the girth is nice and snug on the horse and not too tight or is uncomfortable
for your horse but snug enough for the saddle is not going to slip when you get on. I am
going to place my rein over her neck and you always to mount from the left side of your
horse. You can mount from the right side of your horse. It’s a little bit more difficulty
involved but usually you want to mount from the left. So what we are going to do is we
are going to take our reins in our left hand, we are going to grab the horn, we are going
to take her stirrup with her right hand, we are going to place our left foot in the stirrup,
we are going to grab the horn, we are going to swing our right leg over and then we are
on. Once we are on, we are going to put our feet in the stirrups, make sure they are a
comfortable length for our legs, not too short or not too long. I’m riding in a Western saddle
so you want to make sure there is a slight bend to your knee. You wouldn’t want your
knee jacked up here or have it too long where it is straight. So these are a comfortable
length for me. So once I am on, I am going to grab my reins and I am ready to go ride.
So that is how you mount a horse.

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  1. i kinda agree wit hockeyrocksmyworld its kinda true different people ave different ways of doin things but i do…

  2. I agree with hockeyrocks my world too. It puts strain on the horses back grabbing the cantle. I just put my foot in the stirrup and grab the horn and jump on. The horn was made for a place to hang your rope when roping horseriderliv. It as designed for old western ropers and ranchers.

  3. Use a friggin mounting block!, you twist your horses spine every time you force your weight onto it by mounting from the ground. Seriously, expert village…not so expert

  4. hey buff guy, you are a moron. why are you looking at something you seem to know a whole lot about already? go and get a life of your own!

  5. Always grab the mane; as pulling the saddle as you mount does cause pressure points on the horse as well as it being a safety issue. And yes, even western riders use mounting blocks, it saves not only the rider from strain, but it is a huge favor to your horses back. We cowboys and girls even use downed logs and rocks in the woods. And every ranch I've been to has mounting blocks or what they call "dude launchers".

  6. um when u sit up make sure not to stick you feet in the side of the horse… Once when I was younger I did it and the horse I rode at the riding school eksploded like a bomb…. not all horses are so calm

  7. ok simple tip for anyone thinking if the saddle is too tight … if you can slide 2 fingers in no prob it ok if not too tight if u can fit 3 or more it too loose hope that helps anyone with her jibberish version she gave

  8. @LaRanaTJ i completly agree with u and it not just horses either have u seen the how to draw ssj 4 goku vid looks like a 4 year old did a rough of anyones face… but this is a different ball game someone could get really hurt or worse with info like this , ive ridden horses since i was a kid in english style and would never recomend this vid to anyone!!!!

  9. Uh you can't fix that XD It's not like a door where you can just spray some rust remover or something LOL

  10. Could you make a video on how to know when your girth is tight enough ? Or please reply back and this world champion down here in Texas taught me a different way to mount

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