How to Roller Skate Over Rocks and Sand Outside!
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How to Roller Skate Over Rocks and Sand Outside!

October 20, 2019

You know what’s the enemy of
roller skates? Rocks. I’m sure you guys know, you’re skating down the street, you
hit a rock, you go knees first into the concrete you get all bloody, it’s just [ugh].
Sometimes I really hate rocks you know? But there’s a way to get over them and
I’m gonna teach you how to save your knees in this episode and you know what
better place to do that then in the middle of the desert in front of the
biggest rock I have ever seen. [Music] 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll. Let’s roll [Cheering] Yeah, woohoo! What’s up Planet roller skaters!
Indy Jamma Jones here and today we are out in the
middle of nowhere in the desert and we have found
this concrete slab on the ground that I am just dying to skate on.
The only problem is it’s completely trashed it has glass it has rocks it has
sand…it is not the ideal skating surface to say the least, but I’m still gonna
make it work and you know what it reminded me that I get a lot of questions
from people that are skating outdoors about how to get over rocks and crack.
Sometimes the answer is gummy wheels and it’s like, yeah gummy wheels will help to
a certain extent but you’re still gonna get tripped up on big rocks and big
cracks. All my weight–oh God! So there’s actually a really easy way to handle getting stuck on different things like that
and I’m gonna teach you that today! Drop in on a rock, yeah! Yeah! How to handle rocks and cracks in the
streets by Indiana Jones! Right now here, we go, alright.
The first secret to being able to go over bumps and cracks and rocks
and things is fast feet and that’s when you’re just alternating from one foot to
the other very quickly. Pretty much you
can go over anything like. Fast feet: It’ll save your life! If you’re skating down the street
and you approach a really gnarly patch of asphalt it’s just like completely un-skateable, you can
seriously like run over it almost. First tip: fast feet. Second tip: stagger. It’s so
important when you’re skating in the street to stagger your feet like this:
where one’s in front and one’s behind. If you do the Frankenskate, then you’re
definitely gonna get caught on those things, so let me demonstrate what the
Frankenskate looks like. instead of one in
front of the other that means if you hit a crack or something, you’re going straight down. No bueno. Frankenskate. Don’t be a Frankenskater! But if my feet are staggered and this foot hits a crack, then I’m ready to
catch with my other foot. The super secret is to learn how to balance on one foot. I can’t tell you how often this is the answer to your skate problems. If I’m rolling on one foot and I hit a rock I’m gonna be able to catch myself. Ultimately that turns into fast feet
where you’re only on one foot at a time and then if you ever
get caught by a rock you’re already ready with your next foot there. Right under you.
It’s almost like you’re lifting them up. Fast feet. Fast feet. Fast feet. Fast feet. Okay, I guess that’s the super secret, is fast feet. You don’t have to panic every time
you get to a rough surface because you can seriously
run over it like… Other obstacles I’m gonna teach you
about about since we’re here is sand. The way to get through sand if you have to skate through it just
don’t stride. If you try this stride when you’re going
through the sand you’re gonna slip. If it looks like it’s a big patch of sand, like if you can’t see
parts of the ground at all and you’re going fast, then when you hit that you’re
gonna stop so fast it could make you slam into the ground. If I try to roll it
just takes all of my speed away. You’re gonna have to run through it. If I know it’s gonna be sandy and I’m ready to run So if you can see the ground you can
tell it’s a really thin sand, just sit and don’t stride, ride it through. Just
get low and don’t move your feet So my last piece of advice if you’re
skating outdoors, everything you do is gonna be smaller compact and more
right under you versus if you’re at the rink you can skate like a ballerina and
be like,” Haaaa!” Outside so if you’re doing big strides
and you hit a rock, you’re going down. Right under. Holy cow, this altitude is high! Alright well thank you guys so much for watching
this episode of Planet roller skate I hope I helped you learn how to handle obstacles in the street like
bumps and cracks and rocks. What I want to know:
where you are going to be skating outdoors! Let me know below and be sure to LIKE comment subscribe.
Hit up for all your roller skating needs and until next time: Later Skaters! [Dreamy instrumental music]

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