HOW TO ROLLER SKATE! – Planet Roller Skate Ep.2

October 2, 2019

Hey Pigeon! Hey what? Are you ready? To what? To skate! Skate what? Roller skate! Alright! Our hands up high, our wheels down low, and this is how we
and this is how we like to roll. Our hands up high, our wheels down low, and this is how we like to roll. *Music* 5-4-3-2 Let’s roll! This is how we roll, this is how we roll, this is how we roll. Let’s roll (roll). This is how we roll, this is how we roll. Let’s roll out, roll out. Roll out. Roll out. Roll out. Roll out. Yes! Hello and welcome to episode two of Planet Roller Skate I’m here with Pigeon– Heeey! We got Rollaround and Windy back there. We are on our way to Signal Hill where we are going to teach you how to roller skate. Alright, so first thing’s first: you’re going to want to start on a smooth, flat, open surface. You wanna make sure your wheels roll, um if not wanna solve that problem. And you want a helmet and probably knee pads when you first start. Those things will keep you safe and happy and healthy. Alright, so here we are. We just got our skates put on our feet. We’re ready to stand up for the first time. Whenever you stand up you want to keep your knees bent and put your feet in a ‘V’ so you don’t roll. Like this. Try it Pigeon! Here you go. If you keep your knees bent, you’re way more stable. Alright so know we’re gonna learn how to sit down onto the ground. When you’re on roller skates you wanna get real comfortable with being low and being close to the ground. So we’re standing in our ‘V’, we’re gonna kneel, put one hand down and twist over to our butt. Same thing when you try to stand up: hand down, twist over to your knee and stand up. The most common mistake I see when people are trying to learn how to roller skate is they try to stand up like this. That’s not gonna be fun, okay? So remember to twist over, stand up, feet in a ‘V’ to keep from rolling. So once you’re standing up I want you to try and squat as low as you can. This is the safest spot ever because if you fall you’re only a couple inches off the ground, no big deal. If you fall from all the way up here it’s not gonna be fun. So it might take a little bit of practicing sometimes you might only be able to go this low. But ultimately you want to go all the way to cannon ball one day. so now you’re ready to start rolling forward. To roll forward, you want to think about knees bent Toes pointed out And you just pick up one foot at a time We don’t push at all We’re just picking up and transferring our weight from one foot to the other. If your toes are pointed forward you’re not gonna go anywhere– you’re gonna stay in one spot. That’s why you have to make sure your toes stay pointed out and you just pick your feet up. Pick your feet up. If you ever feel out of control, ready, this is the major key. If you ever feel out of control Drop it. If you ever feel like you’re falling forward Drop it. If you think you’re gonna fall back normally when you’re skating Try putting your hands on your knees And learn like that at first. Alright Pigeon, let’s see you do your ‘V’ and step forward. Just transferring your weight from one foot to the other. Oh, your legs are straight! Your legs are straight! *Pigeon yells* I messed up! You need to drop it low! Oh! There you go! Wait, wait, what happens if you wobble? Drop it low! Once you’re feeling comfortable standing on your wheels and slowly moving forward just cruise around a little bit. Get comfortable. *Pigeon laughs* Don’t trip on the crack. Drop it low and come up. Skate, skate, skate. Drop it low. You can even get a little bounce in your step. Drop it low, come up. Bounce, bounce, bounce. When you bounce it helps you remember to keep your knees bent, and absorbing. When you get straight You’re gonna start doing this. You gotta save it. If there’s just one thing take from this intro to skate it’s that when you feel out of control don’t get stiff. Drop it low. You can call it ‘super skater’ too which is fun to be like, “Doo doo doo oohhh super skater!” So anytime you feel that panic in your mind your body’s reaction should be to drop. That’s all. Once you’re rolling forward it’s important to know how to stop. So the first stop we’re gonna do is the toe stop drag. Um, you’re just stepping forward Weight on one foot at a time And when your weight’s on one foot your gonna gradually apply pressure to the toe stop. Okay? It’s a little tricky at first. Sometimes your leg will get caught behind. That’s because it’s too far, you wanna be sure to keep it close and keep your weight centered over this foot. The weight’s here. Drag. Another common stop that’s pretty similar to the toe stop is the T-stop. It’s where your feet make the shape of a ‘T’. Whenever you do this: weight on one foot, gradually apply pressure. Now a lot of people have the habit of dragging their foot behind like that. You actually want to apply pressure to all four wheels at the same time. So even exaggerate that motion So I’m gonna show you Roll forward. T-stop. As you just saw right now I’m going against my advice and I’m practicing in a place that isn’t really that smooth There’s lots of cracks and things–which is gonna be normal for a lot of you guys. Somewhere that you’re learning is
probably going to have some bumps and rocks and other dangerous objects so
that’s where ‘fast feet’ becomes something very important. Like this. You can even practice in the grass. I would actually start in the grass. Just run around. Get comfortable. Fast feet, okay? So then if you ever come up to rocks or bumps, just step right over them. Again, if your legs are straight You’re gonna have a hard time. If they’re bent and you’re absorbing, you’ll be able to run over anything! Alright so Pigeon is going to show us fast feet. Well…yeah. *Indy laughs* Show us on the concrete too, just so we know. Try to drop your butt more and like, it’s in the bouncier legs. You guys don’t do fast feet in roller derby? Yeah. Same thing. Yeah, fast feet. Side to side. There’s a major difference between skating in the rink and skating outside. In the rink everything is smooth so you can take big, gliding strides. Outside there a gonna be little things that are gonna catch you. So almost always have your weight on one foot your center low, and you’re ready to catch yourself. Because if I stride like this and I hit a crack, I’m going down. But if I’m striding like this and I hit a crack, my next foot’s ready. Fast feet. Street feet. Always be ready. Bubbles are really fun and they teach you how to use all of the right muscles for skating. This is what it looks like. So if you notice my eyes are looking forward and I’m dropping down like I’m sitting in a chair. If you try to do it with your legs straight… you’re not gonna get very far. You have to bend and drop. Bend and drop. This is good because it really makes you sit into your stance and it makes you use the core muscles and the inner thigh muscles that you really need to build control as a skater. Watch this trick. It is bubbles but alternating your legs for which one’s in front. *Indy* Ooo, it’s like a bubble-swivle-switcha-dippa-doo! You can do small little bubbles, you can do big bubbles, but the next bubble that I want you to try is stationary bubble. You go like this. It’s tricky, you might not get it right away. It might take some practice. But this is also a “plow stop.” And it’s how you can stop. Ready? Skate backwards with me. You can be going forward and you can use it to stop. Go forward. Stop. You can use it to change direction. There you go, try to sit into it more and bend your legs and think about sticking your butt out. There ya go. And keep the bubble even smaller, like if it goes out far it’s easier to lose control. Do you feel it now? Tiny bubbles. Yeah. And it’s more like in your butt and like in dropping your butt. There ya go. Oh, it IS in my butt! Yeah Nice! Alright, Pigeon. Those are some like very intro-basics. We have a ton more that we could teach everybody but I mean I think as far as like rolling forward–you know, we should do rolling backward really fast. Let’s do rolling backward. Let’s do rolling backward! You guys are ready. So rolling backward is the same exact thing as rolling forward except you point your toes in. Bend your knees. And you just transfer your weight from one foot to the other. Don’t stride, don’t push. Just switch your weight. And then super skater! Watch out for the grass! Alright, ready? I’ll do it coming back. Look where you’re going. Super skater. If you stop rolling it’s because your toes are pointed forward and you’re going like this. And then if you’re rolling backward and you wanna stop just have one base leg and put on foot back. We’ll get more detailed into that one later but just as an intro. Okay kids, okay. So, in summary, the things that you should practice at home are: getting really comfortable with having skates on your feet. Stand in grass, roll around, feel good. Go all the way down, come all the way up. Okay? When you’re on the concrete practice shifting your weight from one foot to the other. You can do this with or without skates. When you feel comfortable with that point your toes out, start rolling forward. Practice really having the bounce and bent legs, okay? Also, the best thing to practice is going all the way down, as low as you can and getting comfortable. And then once you’re doing that, we’ll start skating, all the way down, get comfortable. These are the basics that will teach you to be a master roller skater. Or at least like a safe roller skater that’s just having a good time. Decent. Decent. Yeah, you don’t have to be a master, but… It’s beautiful looking over South Bay L.A., Palos Verdes, Long Beach, the Port of L.A., and the harbor. This is our skate playground. This is like, where the rollin’ happens. And now a moment of silence while we appreciate the sunset. Well I guess we can’t appreciate it if it’s behind us in our selfie, huh? No you can, wait. Oh, there it is! Ahhh… That’s pretty. Okay we should probably look at the real sunset instead of looking at the sunset through our camera if we’re actually enjoying it, right? Ahhhhh, wow! Oh my gosh! That’s a nice sunset. Dude.It’s beautiful. Let’s go skate off into it. Well that’s all for episode two of Planet Roller Skate. Thank you guys so much for watching! The goal of that tutorial was to help you be very safe skater when you’re first learning how to roll. In the future we’ll get into more technical and style and –actually next time we’re gonna learn how to fall and how to take on street obstacles that you might encounter while rolling around town. So be sure to subscribe to see those episodes. I want to say thank you so much to Pigeon for being my student. I’d also like to thank Moxi Skate Shop for being a sponsor, and I want you to know that Kim Manning, a fellow roller skater, made all of the instrumentals in this video so be sure to follow her on Sound Cloud. Ahhh, that’s pretty much it, for now, I gotta take these two on a piggyback ride through space that I promised them, so uh, later skaters!

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