How to Rollerblade : Skating Backward to Forward: Rollerblading Tips & Techniques: Free Video
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How to Rollerblade : Skating Backward to Forward: Rollerblading Tips & Techniques: Free Video

October 27, 2019

Hey guys Adam Silverstein here again on behalf
of Now in this next clip I am going to show you guys how to go from
backwards back to forward. In the past couple of clips I had shown you how to make the transition
from forward to backwards and how to maintain that speed rolling backwards. Now it is important
to go from backwards back to forwards so that you know where you are going to stop. So what
we are going to do is as we are rolling backwards we are still bringing our feet out and in
to generate that speed. But when we reach the point when we are comfortable enough to
turn back around we are going to start by turning our shoulders in that direction. By
turning your shoulders the rest of your body is sort of forced to follow with you, so what
is important you also do is make sure while your knees are bent, your skates sort of lift
off the ground slightly. You can do this by just by picking the fronts up and making it
easier to quickly turn around. Now watch as I give you demonstration of this. I am going
to start off by rolling backwards going in and out like before. Now I have decided I
am ready to turn around so my shoulders swing around, I pick my feet out, I turn in that
direction. See how quickly I was able to turn around now as I am lifting my foot the front
of my feet off so there was not as much drag or resistance against them. Keeping them from
turning. You guys at home give that a shot.

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  1. everytime i accidentally click on an expert village video, i feel like i am watching a video of some sort of weird cult. These videos are completely useless, as are the people in them.

  2. HAHAHA when i first started watching this i thought it was some stupid skateboarder making fun of rollerblading… then i realized this dude is serious lmao.

  3. people these video is really something for beginner
    if you are more advanced try to help and write some tips .

  4. some people on fuckin skate chuds. Skate Chud – people who think they are better than everyone else because they already know how to do it. Yet you guys are watching the videos too. Just go out and make some better and stop trashing other peoples shit

  5. Thank you very much for your help. I will definately give this a Shot!! I have tried this in the past and have fallen Verybadly! Now with your tips I will enable myself to turn like you did!

  6. this guy is halarious! love the vids. i knew at this so i'm going to have a fun time watching all of them. lol.

  7. dont listen to those guy man I think you look pimp in those close =D you probably bang like 3 chicks a day man =D

  8. hey this guy is an awesome guy , i just bought a pair of skates and started all his tricks by just looking at him.he is a good teacher for beginners 🙂 .common guys; no matter how old are u or how expert u r. its all bout sharing ur views or ur knowledge. ur doing a wonderful job!!adam s u r doing a wonderful job, i just learned from u, im really greatful and thank u so much. 🙂

  9. TROLOLOLOLLOOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLL9LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOOLOLOL, pretty, i like how enthusiastic and his choice of cloths.. purple sounds awesome to wear right now, i wanna wear a purple suit.

  10. I would make a joke about a the eighties calling who'd want their clothes back but instead I will complement you on the useful tip. Thank you.

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