HOW TO RUN A FASTER 5k/10k: 5 RUNNING TIPS (Turkey Trot Edition)

March 1, 2020

welcome back to the Sarah and Alex vlog
this is not your typical vlog we have for you today I’m gonna be sharing with
you my top five running tips for running a faster 5k I know like most of America
you’re gonna be running a turkey trot this week and I want to help you get
faster tip number one for that faster turkey trot is going for the win your a
week out you haven’t been training don’t run it’s
too late by now the only thing that’s gonna help you dumbbells you’re gonna
get to the gym start curling those dumbbells what’s
gonna hurt the end of that race it’s not your lungs it’s not your legs it’s gonna
be your arms which you might get those as strong as possible tip number two for a faster turkey try
you’re probably consuming too many meats and proteins so you’re gonna want to
pick up as much salad as possible veganism is your way to a faster time
tip number three is you’re gonna want to stay hydrated leading up for that turkey
trot my personal favorite diet coke tip number four for running a faster 5k if
you haven’t already quit jogging start sprinting studies have shown that this
close out to your turkey trot that aerobic capacity or that aerobic running
not going to help you the getting some sprints and your body’s going to
immediately take in that training you’re gonna be faster on race day so I’ll show
you how to do it let’s go and last but not least number five if
you want to run fast you gotta look fast alright so let me review the five tips I
just gave you one bicep curls gonna make your upper body stronger finish it
faster in that race too you’ll want to eat healthier you want to
be a vegan if you have an array throw away your protein powders throw away
your red meats three stay hydrated diet coke sprite I recommend Coke Zero
personally for start sprinting there’s no point in jogging it’s just gonna make
you slower number five if you look fast you’re gonna be fast baby now get out
there make your family’s proud and run a fast turkey trot and

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