How to Saddle a Horse English Style
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How to Saddle a Horse English Style

October 31, 2019

How to Saddle a Horse English Style. You may want to ride in the fox hunt or take
a trip through the countryside, but you have to saddle your horse before you can begin. You will need Grooming supplies Saddle and
saddle pad. Step 1. Groom your horse thoroughly. Step 2. Slide the stirrup irons up on the stirrups
to get them out of the way. Step 3. Place the girth strap over the top of the
saddle with the right side still attached. Step 4. Lay the saddle on top of the saddle pad and
align the edges, with at least one inch of pad in front of the pommel. Step 5. Slide the saddle back until the pommel is
lying on top of the highest point of the horse’s withers. Always slide a saddle in the direction of
the hair growth and never against. If the saddle is too far back, pick it up
and move it forward, then slide back into place. Step 6. Let the girth hang down over the side of the
horse and pull it under the horse. Attach the right-hand side of the girth, making
sure it is slung directly behind the horse’s front legs and fits snugly. Step 7. Pull the stirrup irons down and mount the
horse. Step 8. Check the girth to make sure it is still snug. If it is not, move it up one hole and enjoy
your ride. Did you know The Kentucky Derby has a weight
limit of 126 pounds for jockeys and their equipment, including their saddles.

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  1. 'You may want to ride in the fox hunt'
    Not if you're a sadist who wants to do something highly ILLEGAL and get busted easily you won't!

  2. @SuperShessel It isn't legal. It was made illegal a few years ago. Plus, it takes a few 'hunters' and a pack of dogs almost a whole day to track down a single fox, so if they're easy killing, then the 'hunters' must really suck!

  3. i dont need to watch this but OMG is it funny lol! thumbs up if you agree he should clean his girth pick out the hooves put the bridle on first FEED HIS HORSE (did you see how skinny it was?) and roll the srirrups up before u untack the last time you ride

  4. sooooo not helpful……you were using a western saddle pad for an english saddle not cool! i wuold go on and on about how you dontknoiw how to saddle a horse but i dont want to type sooooooooooooo many words.

  5. They totally contradicted themselves. They said always pull the saddle with the way the hair grows but the man pulled it up in the opposite direction?!

  6. THANK YOU FOR TENTING the pad!!!!!!! AND he did make sure the saddle was slid with the hair direction, NOT against. Applause, total applause.

  7. This is crap shouldn't they have tied the horse up, it starts walkng away at 1:06! they guy didn't even look like he knew what he was doing!!!!!

  8. 2.) how did the bridle magically get on? 3.) why would you get on and then get back off to tighten ur girth?? Also i luv how the horse bit him when he yanked the girth up

  9. I hate thick pads for english saddles, just use a regular one and a sheepskin halfpad and who the hell has a girth with 3 buckles, that is just awkward and would get in the way!

  10. i hate it when american people try to do stuff english style. And it might be a good idea to tie the horse up!!!!! and its mich easier to use a normal saddle numnah, instead of a fat pad!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Then don't watch it. What's with the rivalry between English and Western? I ride both, and I enjoy them both. However, just saying, it is harder to stay in an English saddle, so is that why you don't like it?

  12. Errors;
    Step 6: Prevent horse from biting you.
    Step 7: Do not push your toes into the horse's ribcage, then pull down with your toes pinching the skin.
    Step 7 (Again): Do not wear dress shoes. Wear appropriate boots.
    Step 7 (Again X2): Only the balls of your feet should be in the stirrups. Safety precaution to prevent being dragged.
    Step 8: Check girth BEFORE mounting. Walk horse a few steps if neccessary to force horse to exhale excess air, then check girth……. Idiot.

  13. I dont think it has anything to do with this guys nationality. the people who did this video obviously didnt know anything about saddling a horse. I ride western and i could tell this was totally wrong.

  14. Okay, you check your tack BEFORE you get on. ALWAYS. and always tie your horse up. And the pad they where using was suitable, but not a good pad. You cant get a better one then that on ebay fro about 12$ lightly used. πŸ™‚

  15. It's really hard to get on and THEN check your girth. LOL! I've never used a clunky saddle pad like that for an English saddle. Ugly.

  16. This was awful. The saddle should be off the withers not ontop of them :o. The girth should be fastend slowley, no wonder the poor horse bit him.

  17. So apparently, I need to make my horse as uncomfortable as possible, use incorrect English tack, get on my horse, then tighten my girth…after I get on…πŸ˜‘

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