How to saddle a horse
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How to saddle a horse

October 26, 2019

How to saddle a horse
English style Did you ever saddle up a horse? Or are you here because you want to learn how to saddle a horse? Either way, welcome to this channel! And today, we will help you figure out how
to saddle up a horse English style. Saddle up English style? Yes! Saddle up English style! Because you can also saddle a horse western
style! OH?! Which we will not be doing in this video. Also, please make sure to hit that subscribe
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the notificationsquad. First, you need to brush the horse. Before you tack up your horse
you first need to groom your horse. Otherwise your horse can get little wounds. Because of the rubbing dirt. Don´t forget the spots behind the legs! Time to get the saddle. It´s important to brush your horse on the
place where you put the saddle. On the back
and here. Where you put the girth. This is a saddle cloth. Im gonna put it, on his back. When the deck is on
you plug the mane underneath. Then we are gonna pick up the saddle. And we´re gonna put it on his back. Make sure,
you stand, on the left side
of your horse. When you put the saddle on. And swing it over
like this. You have to make sure
that the skirt is not folded. So we´re gonna look on the other side. Jup! It seems like
it´s OK. Now we´re gonna pick up
the deck. Ok
Make sure when you have the saddle on that it´s on
the wither of the horse. The wither of the horse. Now we´re gonna attach the saddle cloth
to the saddle. You need this one for it. Put up the flap. Like this. And make sure,
to attach it to the first strap
of your saddle. Like this. And now we´re going to the other side. Now we´re gonna strap the other side of the
saddle cloth to the saddle. Oh Yea! Let´s attach the girth. You alway’s put it on the right side
so you can tighten the girth on the left side. Where you mount your horse. Put it on the first hole. So we can
easily attach it on the other side. Pick up the girth. Like this. And… attach it to your straps. It’s ok to first put it on the first hole. Because we can tighten the girth later on. Now we’re gonna make sure,
that the stirrups are fitting our armlenght. Armlenght. The lenght,
of your arm. Put your fingertips
on the bar of the stirrup. Here. And put the stirrup
in your armpit. This one,
is way to long for me. Oh no! I don’t have
any more holes. But that’s ok! I have a
trick for you! Put the
stirrup leather out of the bar. Put the bar
around your stirrup. And attach it again to the leather. I’m gonna go
for the last one. No wait. I’m gonna go
for the 2nd last one. Make sure you roll this down. So it doesn’t look any
weird anymore. Now i’m gonna look again. And yes,
it fits. Let’s go to the other side. Now i’m gonna tighten the girth. I put the stearups over the saddle. Like this. And i’m gonna make sure that
this is tight enough. Put your elbow to the flap. So you can see
what you are doing. And tighten it,
one hole by a time. You don’t want to
choke your horse at once. Before you mount on your horse,
check the girth. one more time. And if that’s all good,
then you are set to go! Did this saddle up video
helped you in any way? Can you now saddle up your horse? Let us know in the comments below! And we will speak to you there! Please give a like
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how to learn your horse to kiss? We got a video about that aswell. Check the link above!

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