How to Sculpt Stablemate Ears, Part 1 | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial
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How to Sculpt Stablemate Ears, Part 1 | Model Horse Customizing Tutorial

August 14, 2019

Ears are one of the most expressive
parts of a horse. Done well at very small scales, it makes a model even more special. Today I walk you through the basics of sculpting perfect stablemate
ears. Aside from your preferred air dry clay,
you’ll also need rubber tipped clay shapers. To begin, roll clay half the size
of a pea into a little ball, then use your palm to roll it into a short noodle. Next flatten it, making sure to have a nice pointed tip at the end. Moisten both your fingertips and the clay
for the next step. Press your clay shaper into the clay and
begin wrapping the edges of clay around the rubber. It takes practice a lot of
refinement to get the right look. Be sure to thin the excess and make
further adjustments as needed. Perfect! There is your basic ear. Now
let’s finish it. Chop off the excess roll and refine the end to a point. Let dry. I’ll attach my ears by drilling holes into the head with a dremel and fastening the ears with glue and baking soda. And there you have it the basics for making great stablemate ears.

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  1. I so needed this tutorial. I'm working on a custom G1 Arabian Stallion and need to rework his ears. Instead of "horns" I want him to have elegant Arabian ears. Thanks!!

  2. Now I can replace the ear lost when a silver & mirror resin horse figure broke – found one ear but not the other!

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