How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Saddle a Horse
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How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Saddle a Horse

August 24, 2019

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village.
Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. Next we are going to put the saddle
on. It is important to make sure first to move the horse over and give yourself plenty
of room. Over. Next you would lift the saddle up and gently place the saddle down on the
horses back. Next you want to make sure that you pull the saddle pad and the back pad up
to the gullet of the saddle to avoid any tight pull down on the saddle pad because that can
make your horse a little bit sore. The next thing we are going to do is attach the saddle
pad to the billet of the saddle. To do this you are going to unvelcro, go around the billet
and revelcro it to itself. Now if you have the saddle pad and the back pad, you might
now be able to attach the underneath pads as well which case you can smoothly tuck it
under. It is important to make sure that both sides are done.

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  1. This was very helpful… and definately
    better then the green vest. She was hard to
    look at therefore i couldn't finish the videos.

  2. Tying them doesn't prevent ANYTHING period.
    It might make you feel safer, but are you really.
    I think you should have a lead rope for sure, but I don't think you are safe just cause you tie them up. If they get claustrophobic they have no where to go.
    If you have a 12 footlead rope draped across your arm then you can let them drift to gain their confidence if they need to.
    jer ebar

  3. That's why you should use a quick release knot. If they spook, you pull the end of the lead rope and they're free.

  4. i walk under my horse ALL the time.
    it depends on whether or not your horse trusts you enough to walk under him

  5. You shouldn't really just plonk the saddle on his back. Put the numnah on his withers and also the saddle. Slide the Saddle and numnah down his back to where it fits. Voila!!

  6. aokamins11's videos are MUCH more thorough and specific and easier to understand than these expert village videos. And she knows what shes talking about, it doesnt sound like she had to memorize andything… 😀

  7. the saddle pad is too low…..and the "back pad" is too high………and the saddle is wwwwaaaayyyyyy to low…………….

  8. @c140075 uuh theres also such thing as emergency cross ties dur du dur… that r like better than quick release nots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  9. its funny! this is (expert village) and people always say never walk under neath a horses neck no madder how trusty they r ! people do it but shes supposed to be an (expert)

  10. @aa14x2 i agree so much, on every single horse video i watch, there are ALWAYS people, mainly girls, who think they actually know it all and leave snotty comments or try to correct the owners 'mistakes'. Im like, just watch the god damn video, it helps certain people out there (including myself) and keep ur techniques to urself and ur horse!! :') x

  11. Notice how everyone is complaining that there is no girth on the horses saddle… Yea well there is another video after this one ends with the same girl saying "How to attach a girth to a saddle" lol

  12. SERIOUSLY?!? I DO NOT understand why you can't go under a horse or why you shouldn't go behind them. The horse can kick you no matter where you are located around the hindquarters, my horse will turn and check WHERE I am but he doesn't kick me. I walk under my horses neck all the time and what happens? Nothing! What purpose does running over me serve? None!

  13. If you people who comment things like "don't walk behind him, or don't walk under him" how the f**k do YOU get to the other side of your horse?!?

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