How to Take a Horse’s Temperature
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How to Take a Horse’s Temperature

October 20, 2019

I’m going to be taking this horse’s temperature. The reason we take the horse’s temperature is to try and keep an eye on the horse’s health and if ever you suspect the horse is unwell the temperature is really useful at helping us identify what might be wrong. So, before I start I’ve got him secured, somebody’s holding him for me, because we never know how a horse is going to respond and sometimes they object to having their temperature taken. I’ll be standing at the side. The equipment I’m using is going to be a thermometer. And I make sure that first of all I put a little bit of Vaseline onto the thermometer. The reason for this is to make sure that it’s easier when we’re trying to put the thermometer inside the horse. So, the idea is that we quietly let the horse know that we’re here, very gently move the horse’s tail to one side and it’ll see I’m standing at the side as I do this and then very gently just at a very quiet angle, start to put the thermometer into the horse’s rectum. And you have to do that really slowly and put almost a slight twist as you do it and that helps it go in nice and smoothly. I’m lucky because this is a digital thermometer, so with it being a digital thermometer it’s got a clear reading and then I leave this in for approximately 30 seconds and then it comes up with the reading. Some thermometers will beep when it’s got the reading. And then very gently taking the thermometer out and again putting a very slight angle and twist as you remove the thermometer. And just letting the horse know he’s good, checking his reading. And as you can see his temperature is 37.2, which is in a really good healthy range. And then obviously wiping the thermometer clean.

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