How to teach your horse to kiss
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How to teach your horse to kiss

October 22, 2019

Kiss, yes good boy! You want your horse to kiss you? Then subscribe to this channel and we are
going to help you. Hi horselovers, welcome to the video. Today we are going to talk about how to teach
your horse to kiss you. I’m going to use some snacks. These horsesnacks are low in sugar. Because we don’t want our horses to get to
much. Good boy. Someone else wants a kiss too. I think we need to learn Flame a bit. Qupido allready knows how to kiss. But Flame does not. So we are going to teach Flame to kiss. Take a cookie. Put it in your hand like this. Let the horse smell. That you have it. And when they know you have it. You put the cookie to your cheek. Kiss, oh yes good girl! And when they pull up their lip you give them
the cookie. So they know they are doing a good thing. She is allready like: Hey I want more, I want
more. Practise this moreover. Kiss, oooh good girl. First you will notice that they are really
grabbing your hand. And when they understand what they need to do. You give them the cookie when they are nibbeling above your finger. So the command is getting more precise. Oh yes, no. That’s the wrong trick, Flame. Oh it’s the wrong trick. Oooh nooo! What are you doing? Oh yes, you know the trick so well. But it’s the wrong one. She is allready getting the hang of it. Another trick for another cookie. Kiss, yes good! Good girl. Let’s see how Qupido does. Qupido, kiss! Good boy! Qupido allready knows the trick. And he is in love with the food. Like you can see. He also knows it without the cookie. He knows I don’t have a cookie now. Kiss, oh yes good boy. Kiss, good boy. Eventually when they know the trick. You shouldn’t give them cookies anymore when
they do it. But just give them the cookie after they’ve
done it. Otherwise they’re going to look for your hands
and bite in it all the time. You don’t want that. Qupido only knows this trick for I guess…
a few weeks. We’re still working on it. It’s not perfect yet. But we will keep working on it, won’t we? Did you like this video? Then press the like button! O my god Did you like this video then press the like
button! ehhhhh, interruption, whaaaa.

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