How to Tie a Horse
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How to Tie a Horse

October 23, 2019

When tying a horse, it’s important to
follow a few simple rules to ensure the safety of you and your horse. Always tie
a horse to a stationary object that is firmly secure, so that it won’t break if
the horse pulls back on it. Use a breakaway safety string attached to a
tie ring or post so that if the horse pulls back the string will break and not
the halter. Tie the horse at chest height or slightly higher. Tying too low could
allow the horse to get its legs caught in the lead line, and tying too high
could restrict the horse’s natural head position. It’s important to always use a
quick release knot which allows the handler to release the horse quickly in
an emergency. To begin, place the end of the lead line through the breakaway
safety string. Make a loop with the loose end of the rope. While holding the loop,
reach over the lead line and grab the loose end pulling it through the loop
that was just created, in effect making a loop within a loop. Tighten the knot. When
the tail of the rope is pulled the knot will release easily. If a horse is known
to release the knot by chewing or biting on the loose end, repeat the quick release
knot down the length of the lead line and the end pull the tail of the line
through the last loop. Make sure to leave about two feet of lead line between the
horse and the knot. Leaving the line too long can allow your horse too much
movement, which can be unsafe. Tying the horse too short may restrict the horses
movement and cause the horse to pull back. Learning how to tie horse using a
quick release knot may take some practice, but it’s an essential skill
that all horse owners should master for the safety of their horse.

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