How to train a police horse
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How to train a police horse

November 2, 2019

[BLANK_AUDIO] We’ve started those Clydesdales under
saddle and got them riding real good. Today we’re gonna do some
of our desensitizing stuff. We’re gonna have them
over some obstacles for their feet like crossing some bridges,
crossing some teeter boards. There you go. Nice Ted. And also some overhead stuff like
a little cowboy curtain made of tarps that kind of hang down. We’re gonna go through and just expose
them to some stuff that usually startle horses just to get them use to the
different distractions that we’re gonna face as far as when they
start doing police work. [BLANK_AUDIO] They learn from repetition. So you do it over and over. You do it thousands of times and eventually it comes something where you do
it sleight of hand, you just barely move. And that’s what’s incredible. Cuz you got a 1800, 2000 pound animal
that I can control with one hand, just by barely, barely applying
some pressure and backing him up. Good boy. Very good. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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