How to Use Vices for Drastic Customizing | Thursday Tips S2:E3

August 23, 2019

Cutting and dremeling a model horse is often
key to drastic customizing, but these tools are also pretty scary. If you are not careful when holding your model,
it’s easy to cause an accident. Aside from wearing protective gloves, a vice
is a huge help! Securing your model when cutting helps make
sure your blade doesn’t slip in the first place. It’s also so much easier if your model isn’t
wiggling. You don’t need a fancy or expensive vice. Mine is a really cheap little vice I bought
from Harbor Freight tools for about $15 and clamps to my table. It’s the perfect size for stablemates. Finally, I recommend using a cloth with a
vice to protect your model from gouges when you tighten the vice. I also find that a cloth like a towel can
help keep the model snug within the vice and prevent it from slipping within the vice. Thanks for watching and for more Thursday tips, please subscribe to my channel so you’ll never miss a video. Now go make those ponies!

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