How To Use Your Living Quarter Horse Trailer, Part 2
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How To Use Your Living Quarter Horse Trailer, Part 2

August 12, 2019

So, now we’re going to do a walk around on
this used 2005 Exiss Living Quarter with a custom interior. This walk around is going to be what I typically
will give my customers. I will try to keep it short and sweet. As you come in here these lights will actually
be for your porch lights and your grab handle. Moving on up you’re going to have day and
night shade for your window here. Which is kinda handy! Above will actually be your monitor system.
That’s going to be for your water pump. You have to have your water pump on to get
water throughout your system. To test the levels of your battery and tanks. You have to take and hold this button and
you’re going to see whether it’s full. Two-thirds, a third, or empty. First one is battery. This is fresh water which is empty. This trailer has been winterized. This is going to be our black tank which is
our toilet and this is going to be our gray tank. Directly below that is the hot water heater
switch. This one says LP gas. When you hit that it’s going to turn that
red buttom on. The reason that is on is it’s going to be
trying to ignite that hot water heater. Again, this trailer is winterized. If you were to hit that and ignite that
hot water heater you’d be heating up an empty kettle. So, really important to make sure whenever
you’re using your trailer for the first time come spring. Get water in that hot water tank first before
you ignite it. When that light turns off she’s lit and ready
to go. Main entry lights right here. As you come in will control up to the nose
your sconces and mood lighting directly above. That, you’ve got your stereo system. This is what you’re going to see in most car
units. You have your seek and then of course your
volume. Overhead storage, which this trailer has a ton of. You’ve got day/night shades which I really
like that. No blinds to break. Got a lot of storage up in the nose of this
trailer. This is equipped with safety kick out windows
in case of an emergency… fire. You actually pop the handle kick those windows
out and exit the trailer immediately. You always want to exit if you hear smoke
detector. If you have the carbon monoxide detector or
the LP detector going off, always leave the trailer. Don’t think it’s just a fault. Those items are put in here to protect you. Panning around to the other side there again
just more storage. You’ve got a really nice overhead pantry space
here. You’ve got tin backsplash, full plugin. You’ve got coax cable for satellite. Tons of counter top space, dual sink, pull
out faucet on this. Your hot water heater is actually
going to be located below this drawer. So, when you need to get back in here and turn
the bypass off to let fresh water in come spring. You’ll know exactly where it’s at. This is going to be nothing, but storage below. Very unique! 3-burner cooktop on this particular trailer. This is going to work just off of propane. You do have to ignite it. You’re going to turn it to light. Have a lighter. Click Click
It’s going to ignite right up for you. If you haven’t been using the trailer, trailers
been sitting and you’re going to use your propane systems for the first time. I recommend you purge these airlines through
this cooktop. It’s the easiest way to do it, so that way
you’re not worrying about having to reset the fridge, reset the furnace. Pretty simple, pretty straightforward on that. Above you’ve got stainless steel microwave. This is going to work and function just as
a typical mocrowave in your house will. Overhead storage here. You’ve actaually going to have furnace below. Now this particular furnace, which will burn
you out of here. I know I’m burning up right now. Sarah, said she’s fine, but you’ve actually
got a remote to control this. Was really, really cool. You’ve got on/off button, turn her on, hit
mode, you can see furnace, we’re set at 88 degrees. You can choose your fan speed and your temperature
setting, and then if you want to change it to your A/C, you’re going to turn it on cool. And then that furnace is going to continue
running for approximately 60 seconds. Then we we’ll finally kick off because it’s
going to be letting itself cool. Then your A/C unit will turn on. This trailer is equipped with a Norcold 6.0
fridge. To get this to turn on, you’re actually going
to take, here’s your on/off button. Hit on. Right now, you see from going from AU to AC,
so that is affected by what mode you are on. LP, DC, AU
Whenever you pick AU that means automatic. If you are plugged into shoreline power it’s
automatically going to choose AC which stands for alternating current, so it’s choosing
shoreline automatically. If I were to take and unplug this trailer
it’s automatically going to choose propane, so that way it can actually keep this fridge
cold while you’re going down the road. So, you can choose your mode AU for automatic. You can automatically choose alternating current,
you can choose directly to use propane or you can choose DC. It you’re looking to use 12-volt. See thise flash we have here? How dark the trailer got? So, the battery charge the batteries need
charged right now. The reason it got low is because we’re trying
to run this fridge off of 12-volt power. You can see how much power it actually takes
to run that off of. I personally prefer to run it off of propane
or alternating current, so you’ve got full constant power. So, keep that in mind, if you’re dry camping. If you’re thinking you’re going to use those
batteries for everything remember your fridge takes a lot of power, so have this thing plugged
in for a while first. Use 110-volt power. Get it nice and cold. It’s going to take about 48 hours especially
in this summer to get cooled to where you need to keep that food safe. So, your breakers and fuses are going to be
located directly underneath your fridge. You can see you’ve got breakers over here. Fuses over here. You want to remember that if something does
turn off within your trailer the radio suddenly quits working. Fridge shuts off, furnace shuts off, and you
have powered everything else. You want to go ahead and try to figure out
exactly what’s going on. ome over here to the breakers to the fuses. Make sure you’re plugged into 30 amp power,
make sure you haven’t flipped a breaker. If you’ve been plugged into 15 amp source
and you’ve got too much draw, so always check this first. This is your LP detector. The main function for this is to alarm you
if you have a propane leak within your trailer. [beep]
That’s what you’re going to hear. That going off. Make sure you exit your trailer. This runs off of 12-volt power. If your 12-volt batteries are actually going
dead then this is not going to allow any propane through your system. That’s for your own protection, so suddenly
you can’t get a furnace to go. You can’t get hot water heater to go. You know you’ve got propane it’s more than
likely because you don’t have any 12-volt batteries. Sliding pocket door that’s lockable. Your commode is just a single flush. Very simple! Push down. That’s going to open that catch. Will also release water. You want to remember when you’re using it
for the first time to go ahead and keep this down. Let quite a bit of water go in there. You want a couple of inches of water in there
so that way whenever you are using the toilet for waste it’s going to spread out. You’re not going to get a single mound. The entity quite simple. Make sure your water pump is on to get water
through your systems here. Overhead vanity lights. Your lights going to be located just right
here. Your GFI outlet, so if in case there’s a surge
this is the button that you’re going to hit. Got a great radius shower in this trailer. Remember, water pump needs to be on. Hot water heaters ready to go. Remember military showers. You want to be fast and furious in here. You got a six gallon hot water heater. THis door has a magnetic catch and tada.

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