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How To Use Zwift | Zwift For Beginners

October 19, 2019

(lively music) You might have seen the videos of us riding on Zwift You might have seen the videos of us training on Zwift And you will definitely, I’m pretty sure, have seen a video of us racing Jens Voigt on Zwift. but if you’re actually not familiar with how you use it, then let’s talk you through it. Here are the answers to some common Zwift questions and some of the key features. (light music) – To ride on Zwift, you need an account so head over to
to get it set up. Now you can start with a free trial, and then after that, you will
pay a monthly subscription, and then in order to be
able to actually ride, all we need is an indoor trainer, and then some way of telling
Zwift how hard you’re pedalling. Now at its most basic, that could just be a speed
sensor like this Wahoo one that will tell Zwift how fast
your back wheel is spinning, that will be either via
your computer or your iPad or even your iPhone, whatever the device you’re choosing to use it on. Then a power meter will
more accurately communicate your power to Zwift but
if you want to take it to another level, then a
so-called smart trainer will actually interact with Zwift so not only will it tell
Zwift how hard you’re pedalling but it will also change the
resistance that you feel at the pedals depending on
what’s actually going on on Zwift so if you ride up a hill or downhill, you will know about it as you will in fact if
you are slipstreaming behind another rider. Now don’t forget a towel and also plenty of liquid, you want to stay hydrated, and also actually try and set your bike up in a well-ventilated room or with a fan in order to help keep you cool. And finally before we get started, if you’re connecting to Zwift
via laptop or your computer, then downloading the Zwift mobile link from the app store to your
phone will be great idea ’cause it means you can actually use this. It’s like a remote control. You control a whole host of
little features and functions, which we will get on to later. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that your phone is connected
to the same WiFi network as your computer or laptop. (light music) Now there are three different worlds that you can ride in on Zwift, all containing a variation
of different routes. I’m in first time. (laughing) There is Watopia, the
South Pacific paradise containing eight different routes with over 42 kilometres of road. And then there’s two
real-world virtual worlds, the first of which is the Richmond 2015 UCI
World Road Race course with four routes and just
under 19 kilometres of road including some cobbled climbs. The other you can opt for is London and the 2016 Prudential
RideLondon courses. Choose between flying past
iconic London landmarks, or head into the countryside of 27 1/2 kilometres of road. The calendar showing when each course is available to ride on
can be found just here. – [Simon] Now all we need to do is choose our route and hit ride. (bicycle whirring) – Now even if you’re
riding on a set route, you can at any time of the given junction change your direction
using your mobile phone so I’ve changed and go left, and now go straight on. And also at any point you want, you can see a mate coming
on the way for example, you can do a U-turn. There we go. (light music) This is the main screen that you will see when riding on Zwift so let’s take a look at what you’ll see. Top left, they’re your metrics so power, beats per minute,
and revolutions per minute. In the centre at the top, that’s the current speed, that’s the distance elapsed, that’s your current elevation, and that is the time since you started. And over on the top right,
we have two profiles, the first of which is a zoom in on where you are on the course including the gradient of the climb that Simon is currently riding on, and these little floating arrows are the riders that are new to you, and just below here is a larger profile of the whole of the circuit. You can just see you. You’re just the arrow there, and there is the finish line. And then this list here,
that is a list of riders that are near to you, and totally we have another
526 riders on the course. The information here
shows how far in front the rider is from you, then how far behind the other riders are. Also, there is a country flag, there is the current watts per kilogramme, and also how far they have travelled. (light music) – Can you just pedal? Well, you can do but
there is also a whole load of other cool stuff
that you can do as well. In fact, before you even start riding, you can choose how you
want to look on Zwift. You just got to hit that
customise icon there, and then you can choose what you want. In fact, there is even
the unlockable GCN kit as an option as well. Back to the riding then, you can of course just ride by yourself, absolutely nothing wrong with that at all but how about jumping in with
a group ride or even a race? Loads of events is going
on at different times all around the world, and for
all ability levels as well so from steady group rides through to all-out races
and everything in-between. To join an event, all you got to do is go on to main menu. You can see the list of upcoming
events on the right there. Simply click and you will join, and if you want to see what’s coming up further into the future, then the Zwift has a whole list. (light music) Whatever you’re riding on Zwift, you can send a realtime message to a group or to an individual rider
from your Zwift mobile app, or if you want to,
directly on the keyboard. I’m just gonna type in, “Hello!” There you go. There’s also a whole host
of greetings and signals just like the ones you’d use
in the real world like a wave, even an elbow flick, and of course the famous
Zwift Ride On thumbs up. And you can also, from
here, switch your view. (light music) – As well as freestyling solo or indeed joining group rides or races, there is also a way of doing
structured training sessions using workout mode over there. Now each one is designed to
improve a different aspect of your riding, perhaps
endurance or climbing as well as individual workouts. There are also complete
training plans on there as well, and when you start looking, you will find 32 GCN workouts. That’s right. Either improving your speed on flat roads, your climbing, your sprinting, or indeed getting you ready to race. And if, for some reason,
they don’t float your boat, you can actually create your
own using the customizer or indeed import workouts from elsewhere. (light music) – Once you finish your ride on Zwift, you can take a look at a
whole host of information and data including your distance travel, your heart rate, your
power curves, elevation, and even calories burned,
and a whole lot more too. – Yep, each activity is
saved to your profile, and also onto any other account that you want to connect with it like TrainingPeaks or
Strava or Today’s Plan. – Yeah, hopefully this will
enhance your experience on Zwift and help you unlock a few
cool features as well. – Yeah, absolutely. Now do make sure you subscribe
to GCN following this video. Now if you want some
more content right now, firstly, we’ve got a little bit more information about workouts, simply click down there for that one or to a see of Zwift racing,
click just down there. – That’s so good. Don’t forget to like and share too.

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  3. Would be better if you could steer using the sensors in your smartphone and attaching it to the handlebars.

  4. Thanks for great vid ! Please what are those TRAY looking things in front of some bikes , any reason for them thank you

  5. Thanks for great vid ! Please what are those TRAY looking things in front of some bikes , any reason for them thank you

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  7. Hi I am new to Zwift I signed up my power meters on my heart rate monitor is on I’m ready to go but my writer will not move I’ve been peddling for 10 minutes and he’s bill I can’t get him to move can you tell me what I’m doing wrong

  8. Hello
    Recently I bought a smart trainer the cycleops magnus.
    Currently I also have my garmin vector pedals.
    What do you recommend to measure the power in zwift? the Magnus or the Garmin Pedals?
    I calibrated my magnus in Cycle Virtual Training and the power shown by Zwift versus Garmin Vector is almost double.
    Or is it better to calibrate it with zwift?
    Best Greeting from Guatemala

  9. I need some help
    sone everything but just cant get my movement on the Tacx T2900 to be recognised on the ZWIFT app. The app is actually connected via bluetooth.

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  12. I've been using Zwift with an Elite Rampa for over a year and love it when it works. But in the absence of honesty from the online promoters I have to warn you, Zwift is still extremely unreliable. The social media promoters get paid for new subscribers but are quiet about how full of bugs this program is. It takes a special process to pair and connect, each time, and even then support just apologises when power or ERG mode doesn't work. It may work for a week then suddenly you try to start a workout but are stuck looking at an update status bar. After the update your devices won't connect, or connect but with no power, or in the middle of a workout or race just stop. At the same time you're told that subscription fees are going up. Zwift, instead of adding new courses, new bikes or other superfluous junk, make it work and stop waisting your subscribers' time!

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