How to write 『Horse』in Chinese ○马 from Oracle script to Regular
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How to write 『Horse』in Chinese ○马 from Oracle script to Regular

August 16, 2019

Hey everyone This is your best Chinese friend Janet.. today I’m going to show you how to write Character Horse.. in Chinese.. we know that Chinese characters
are history have history from Oracle bone script ,other ancient scripts and now,modern regular script in the oracle bone script.. you can see this horse has mmm head feet body and hair, and tail in another time these scripts still have the details hair , feet …but in the regular script this
horse become very simple, It has only head and body parts and its feet
become only one flat line so let me show you how to write the MA in 3 steps let me draw a horse first his mouth and his head and his ear.. his eyes and his body feet… feet… and his tail , er.. so ugly… Hair… okay now let’s
paint it, pink hair ,yellow face ,feet Yellow
oops oh wow and here okay it’s in an ugly horse but it’s okay with colors are beautiful. now we write the horse first we write its head, head
first, second we write its body and at last write his feet : one line, okay head body feet MA head body feet its quite simple right? I wish you already known how to write this head body feet okay it’s pronounced MA, horse well “Shangma”
means you are preparing to get up on the horse back “Mashang” means you are already
on the back of the horse and preparing to run as soon as possible it means quick soon for example I’ll beback soon Wo Mashang Huilai

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  1. Interesting stuff to learn the alphabet, many of us think it’s difficuly, but it’s not, great presentation with simple way, good job!!!!

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