I Am Cait | Chandi and Pistol Pete Get Off to a Rocky Start | E!
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I Am Cait | Chandi and Pistol Pete Get Off to a Rocky Start | E!

August 30, 2019

>>WOMAN: This is Bishop’s Lodge– we want to welcome u this morning.>>CAITLYN: Okay, Chandi, yr first lesson. This is what you got to wath out for.>>CHANDI: Ooh.>>CAITLYN: Ooh, yeah. Ooh!>>CHANDI: Wow, that’s a big dump. (chuckling)>>CAITLYN: Let’s do it. Today, the next adventure.>>CHANDI: Ooh.>>MAN: Pistol Pete. Anybodn ride him.>>CHANDI: Pistol Pete.>>JENNY: Toes up, heels do.>>CAITLYN: Some never riddn before. Some have done a lot of rid. I’ve done a lot of riding iy day.>>JENNY: You’re looking go, Chandi.>>CHANDI: Oh.>>MAN: All right. Everybody follow me.>>CAITLYN: Get that head pointed in the right directn and give him a little kick.>>ZACKARY: Yes. That way. (horse neighs)>>CHANDI: Um… Oh. Uh, uh… (horse neighs, sputtering) Uh… Uh… let’s come get him. Okay. Tell them to come get. (horse sputters) Okay. Oh, Pistol Pete. Whoa. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m-I’m trying to be calm. (horse sputtering) Okay. (horse neighs) Yes. Okay. Good job, Pistol Pete. (chuckles)>>MAN: You sure you never e before?>>CHANDI: I’m positive.>>MAN: Oh, you’re doing a r

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