August 23, 2019

Okay, I just got done watching a very
creepy video, which for some reason I was watching and I get scared so easily and
I am like still very creeped about it and I watched it maybe like a couple
minutes ago! Why did I even..? Smokey will you protect me or do I really need to
hide behind Mr. Franklin here? ♫ Intro ♫ Hey y’all! It’s Spotkitty2017 and welcome to
another video! Today we are on Star Stable and have the Grape Herd mascot, Smokey
and he is probably gonna quit once I say this because um… we are buying two more
horses today! :Smokey screams: and I’m not going to say what they are because I’m pretty sure that
there are new of the most magical but yet best horses at dressage and I want
y’all to vote right now in the top right hand corner, while I give off some
announcements! So first off if you haven’t noticed I have been posting
different days of the week instead of on Fridays I post every week now. So, I
am NOT just posting on Fridays anymore I’m now posting on every week and
hopefully, it’ll stay that way… Guys we hit 1k and I am so excited for that be
on the lookout for a 1k special! I am still working very very very hard on it!
Please be patient with me, I’m trying a new technique of how to make it look
really cool and such! I’m combining the two games I play together which is Star Stable
and Animal Jam together into it so please stay tuned for that! And also the last
announcement I have is that I unlocked the community tab but if y’all don’t
know what the community tab is basically a tab where you can see my posts and
everything! I can talk to you guys. I can post a video or an image to you guys. Be
sure to go ahead and check out my community tab. I posted one about 1k and
I’d love to know your thoughts I’d love to know your feedback on it because I
love hearing from you guys and I love you guys so much as a family! Okay so
let’s talk and hopefully Smokey does not buck me off because he does not like me
buying more horses :Smokey screams: Ya, let’s just go right on to it. Smokey please not buck me off or anything! :Smokey Neighs:
:Smokey those a fit on the way there: :Smokey bucks me off and runs away: Okay we are here..
I haven’t really visited the area quite yet and I haven’t
really seen these horses.. Smokey: “Bruh”
Me: either so this you guys we’re getting a first look! Not
really first look more like first reaction of me reacting to these horses…
I mean I don’t know I guess like I don’t know hmmm It’s supposed to be like super duper
rare so we’ll see how rare these horses are! Oh did Jasper lock me out? Oh never mind! Where are they? What the heck. Is
this the wrong place? Oh they’re over here! Oh my gosh! I’m so dumb! Oh my gosh this guy almost gave me a heart attack that he packed up his things and left!
:Smokey laughs: without me buying these beauties! Oh my gosh! Honestly I do not know if they do dressage or not! First
reaction to this one! Okay first off I did not know that this was in the shape
of a cherry blossom tree- is that a cherry blossom tree? I don’t know! And I love the roots around the horse’s legs! It’s very pretty! I really really like this horse. First look at it I kind of thought
it was a zebra at first by the face look. I really like the pattern on it. I
love the petals on that’s going around the tail and the mane..
Smokey: “Bruh” .. and also
around the back. I kind of wish that they did different designs on each horse so
each horse was unique I know dressage people probably won’t like this but I
kind of want each horse to be different because in real life each horse is not
really the same if you know what I mean. Enough talk. Let’s go ahead and name this
“cherry blossom tree magical horse maybe dressage”…
Oh They have Blossom, I didn’t know that! Okay, guys so we are naming this
horse… it’s kind of an obvious decision… It’s a cherry blossom horse.. it’s yeah..
We’re gonna name this horse “Cherryblossom” Cherryblossom: “Wow”
I think that’s a pretty decent name I hope this horse thinks so.. So let’s go ahead and buy it!
So we got Cherryblossom going in my stable or in my stable now
and now we have this um.. :crickets: oak tree? I don’t know is this like an
oak tree?
Horse: “No”
I love the white around it it’s a little confusing for me to tell what
this horse is. Horse: “You serious?” be honest it’s not like is identical as the other one
cuz I could tell if it was a cherry blossom.. don’t correct me in the comments
cuz I’m just gonna feel absolutely terrible about it. I’m guessing this is
like an aspen tree
Horse: “Nope”
because I’ve seen some aspen trees that are really white and
have these markings around them and they have very deep roots but what confuses
me is the green in its mane.. vines.. :Some of my favorite vines: its mane aspen trees as I
know of or as I’ve seen don’t really have those leaves so I don’t know! Okay so I’m just
leaning toward Hollowbreeze but I feel like Hollow doesn’t really fit when it
changes colors and yes I know it changes colors. So I think I’ gonna go with Wildbreeze because breeze first of
all kind of represents the leaves going through this horse’s mane and tail and
the design that it has when it’s transformed into a wild horse and wild
because obviously, it has wild in the name. So it’s supposed to be wild so I don’t understand how you can
buy a wild horse and how this guy keeps finding these wild horses. I think that
he’s going somewhere that we don’t know about, Like above the Rainbow Cloud City
thingy just like going up to heaven and goin’ to God like: “Um…ya I need some more wild horses. Can you like spru up in your little bowl up here like uh.. I need to make some money here. Can you get some more horses for me to sell?” and he’s like “Sure thing” and then zaps ’em down here like “There you go now every person will have ’em!” “Ok, thank you” Yeah so we’re gonna buy a Wildbreeze and we’re going to go back to my stable to see what these beauties look
like and y’all probably know what they look like and everything but I
don’t so I don’t even know if they do the little “piaffe” that they do honestly
though I don’t think I should have bought them because I have so many
horses to Train let’s see I have OVER 40 HORSES to TRAIN and they’re either still at level one or
level two or higher and they’re not maxed! So um yeah I honestly don’t think I should have
bought these horses :laughs nervously: sorry. Okay so I got all the magical horses here because I
think it’s a special thing to introduce these new horses because these new
magical horses are the actually the first ones to kind of be a different-
actually no that’s false. These are the third ones to be third or second ones I
don’t know. Third or second ones to be a different design other than the shire
sorry guys no offense or anything or then like a pony or anything like that
but as you can see most of the designs of magical horses are usually shires err- I don’t even know if I’m saying that right.
Okay, everyone, this is Cherryblossom and Wildbreeze so make them welcome! :Darkfire snorts: No
negativity of course always positivity yeah so they kind of look similar to
Windpromise. She’ll probably come out any time now because they look a lot
like her and she’s kind of the type to never see new people- well no more like Golddust. Yeah so go ahead and make ’em welcome and I’ll go get Golddust and
yeah! :Horses have a conversation: Alright, guys! I’m back with Goldust hope
everything went well! I mean I heard a lot of chattering and neighing! So I hope that was y’all so this is Golddust, Summerbreeze and Cherryblossom. :Later that same evening: Okay so now that you guys know each other a little bit more
I’m pretty sure you guys all of you will be best friends with these two new
horses but it’s time for me to do a little collab and actually see what
their natural coat color is actually I mean this is their natural coat color
and everything but I mean like when they are in public. So we’re going to go and
do Cherryblossom and we will be right back okay so I just got out of the
stable and Cherryblossom’s coat color is is absolutely very pretty! I really like it
it’s kind of a roan color! I love red roans and I think it’s kinda like a zebra color..
Oh thanks for jumping over me! Its kinda like a zebra type color, kinda darkish, I don’t know what you would– like a Grulla a little bit, only like a zebra but I really do like it!
Of course, I like wild coat color a little more because I think it’s just
like a little more peaceful than the public coat color. I been really dying to see if they do this or
not to see if they are absolutely one of the best dressage wild horses ever! So
let’s go ahead and press the spacebar and see if they do the little piaffe! Oh
my gosh! They do it! Oooooh! Its so cool! Oh my gosh! thanks for going around me! okay, that is absolutely
very cool! I really really like that so okay so a little thing that I don’t I’m
not gonna be doing this in this video since it’s
a new horse and everything and I mean I normally do a transformation or a or show off the
horse a little bit but I can’t do that this time because like I don’t know I’m
kind of running out of time! But let me know down in the comments below if y’all want
me to do keep doing these show offs for horses and everything and do a lot of
edits into them I will leave a few links of me buying some other horses and doing
some show offs of the horses in the description below so y’all can check out
some of the show- horse show off! So I am going to go get the Windbreeze- Wildbreeze- Wildbreeze and see what his natural coat color is okay and for the final horse
for second and last horse of the video! I love his coat color! Okay I love paints
as well- or love this type of colors as well this is why I can’t I couldn’t
really decide on one so I just bought both! Both coat colors are very very cool but if I had
to choose one of the one- of the horses out of these two it would probably be
Cherryblossom. Wildbreeze: “What!?” Even though Wildbreeze’s coat color is
absolutely very very pretty! I think Cherryblossom’s is very like more
peaceful to me and I like flowers with the pink on it and everything!! Wildbreeze’s public color the best because I think it kind of like expresses him a
little bit his wild side and he kind of looks like a Mustang you look all around
him in my opinion. Alright y’all that was it for this video! If you enjoyed this video be sure to give this video a
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♫ Outro music fades in ♫ ♫ Outro ♫

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