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October 19, 2019

whoa what is going on Sharers welcome to
the vlog welcome to another awesome day for those of you who are new here I’m
Stephen Sharer and I’m part of the Sharer Fam the strongest family on YouTube
that’s right we’re across four different channels we have my channel my brother’s
channel Liz’s Channel and even baby otter and Millie have a channel so if you
haven’t already hit that subscribe button we get this day started the
coolest thing ever we got Liz a new dirt bike hey Liz
what’s going on wait where’s your dirt bike we got our Carter’s testing it out
right now awesome yeah the thing is pretty fast
have you tried it yet yeah I tried it I tried all Carter’s Channel you gotta
watch it and eat the fries okay so first teaching me how to drive it it’s kind of
scary I did like a mini really and I almost fell off that’s right shares list hasn’t had much
practice on a dirt bike yet so this is her very first dirt bike this is I think
her what your second time riding a dirt bike ever ever in your entire life yeah
the first time I ever rode a dirt bike was when we went to college in ders
house I think I wrote gages dirt bike it was so awesome Oh Carter’s doing wheelies
whoa really oh yeah shares we’re gonna do a
lot today we got that dirtbike then we have Carter’s hydro dip dirt bike over
here check this thing out this is even bigger than that one it’s like twice the
size twice the power this one’s super fast cars gonna take this out he’s gonna
do some epic jump and then I’m gonna hop on this awesome
red ATV check this out oh yeah here it is I love this thing
shares I’m more of an ATV type of person I love riding these ATVs there’s so much
fun this thing’s so cool because it’s giant it’s red and it’s super fast so
let’s fire this thing up and let’s get going oh yeah here it is shares this is my
favorite thing this is the ATV I absolutely love it
look how big these rims are they’re just ginormous it’s an 850cc so it’s super
fast it’s got a lot of power and the coolest thing is check this out it’s got
a winch on the front so this thing you can take you can pull stuff with it it’s
so much fun today I’m thinking we do a little race the ATV versus the dirtbike
but first I want to try to ride this thing and get some air oh yeah
let’s get going oh by the way she didn’t see the last
log check this out the nest is still up there we think that’s the monsters nest
way up there we just gotta figure out a way to get into that nest and see what’s
in there so I was think we could use the winch on the front ATV swing it up there
hook it and then raise me up on the winch all the way up to the nest up
there it’s super high but I think it could work because we still have not
caught the pond monster and it keeps attacking the koi food bucket every
single night it’s going on what’s going on I keep kicking it but it doesn’t
start you need the dr. Steven to come in and check it out all right this is gonna
need a kick to get started yeah give it a good kick all the way down get in
there I’m to the rescue it’s a good old-fashioned pop start it’s
magic we’re good to go Liz you’re back on keep riding hey thanks
yes oh where was the gas all right let’s start it again you stalled out okay
third time’s a charm right wanna see some sweet airs yeah what’s
the quarter jump yeah check this out I’m gonna jump off the hill right there
all right Cara’s going for a jump hey it’s not bad not bad
alright let’s go for a jump what do you think about that if not that
share is not bad Carter I’m gonna try to jump the ATV what you can’t jump that
ATV oh yeah watch this oh no I think Liz crash there’s what happened are you okay yeah all right Steve you ready Lizzy’s gonna
try to jump the ATV yeah get out of there
here he comes Liz you better move kick it get that bike started no start it
started didn’t leave the ground I think you have to grab like a little bit
you’re gonna try to get I know Liz was in the way
okay sure so as you know I love dirt bike so I’m always riding the dirt bikes
and I’ve also just got lizard or bike so now liz is gonna be driving dirt bikes
too steven is more of an ATV kind of person
he likes four wheels I like two wheels I love dirt bikes so oh here he comes here
he comes come on whoa that was crazy that thing it’s huge
it went flying oh but flying on that thing did I that
felt so high yeah well it wasn’t really that high but you went soaring through
the air you get us to watch it in slow I’m gonna do it one more time let’s do
it in super slow-mo I’m gonna get even more speed oh yeah this is gonna be
awesome I’m gonna be switching gears to my iPhone because I got slow-mo on there
okay I got my iPhone so I’ll be switching gears it’ll be blogging on
here with that I feel like that had more of a
pop to it yeah I don’t think you went as fast but you popped it higher so let’s
check out the slow-mo washers we got a boat who do you think went higher I’m
shakes Stephen if you thought I want higher half say Carter you thought he
would ha it’s not fair see if you had a slow mode you know I get to get a
slow-mo of me all right slow-mo of Carter on the dirt
bike then shares is up to you to vote ok shares before Carter goes remember his
ATV probably is like 8 times heavier than dirt bike so to get this thing off
the ground it takes a lot of power and a lot of muscle the dirtbike superlight
and probably faster than the ATV but shares it up to you to vote so let’s do
it all right Carter we’re ready for you
alright here he comes Oh that was pretty good that was pretty
good yeah it was good let’s watch that in slow-mo oh okay so shares it’s up to you to vote
who you think had the coolest jump was it me or was it Carter
yeah I have two wheels and my jump was huge Stevens jumping like a giant beast
with four giant wheels I think it looks pretty cool it’s pretty cool flying
through the air at those wheels go like that but I had an awesome jump too so
whatever you guys think who do you think it’s cooler yeah coming right now shares
who you think won that card we got one more competition and that’s to race me
versus you what we’re racing yeah I’m actually curious it shares what do you
think’s faster the red ATV or the red dirt bike so this is a 250 cc dirt bike
and this is an 850 CC ATV yeah the dirt bikes superlight ATVs a lot heavier I
think it’s gonna be a pretty good race yeah even though this thing is so big
it’s super fast but so is the dirt bike so let’s give it a try alright sheriff
and let’s meet in the backyard to do this race go ahead oh yeah let’s go let’s get this thing
ready and let’s race whoo let’s do this thing okay so Sharra’s here’s the race we’re
starting down here at the bottom of the hill we got to make it all the way to
the top all the way up whoever makes it first is the winner the rules are there
are no rules so car near a do this yeah there’s no rules that I’m gonna
start now hey wait you got to start on time and then there’s no rules yeah and
I’m still learning how to drive my dirt bike so I can’t be in the race but I get
to referee this race so I’m gonna be the starting line yeah let’s do this oh yeah oh yeah let’s through the shares I think
I’m gonna win here we go okay sheriff yeah your votes in now who
do you think is gonna win Carter or seaman common hashtag Stephen or hashtag
Carter that was so close yeah here do you think won that race I
think it was partner you think I won yeah who do you think won I thought it
was they either a tie or I won by just a little bit yeah I think I was winning at
the beginning and then Stephen might have finished faster than me I’m not
sure shares what do you think who do you think won okay round two I’ll stand at
the finish line so I’ll have a better clearer picture of who wins this round
you guys ready yeah that’s it all right down bad okay so the official finish
line is from me to that shed right over there so Carnot’s even are getting set up
Stephens having a little bit of technical difficulties getting his
vehicle started okay he’s got it so they can get set up Drive all the way down
and cross this finish line so now I have a clear picture of who will win okay
sure let’s do this oh I can barely stop that was really
scary yeah let’s look at this slow-mo replay on who won I think it was Carter
but we have this slow-mo replay so let’s play whoo sure is that was crazy I think
Carter definitely won that round yeah that was crazy I wouldn’t like all at
all just like bored yeah yeah I went all out too but I think the dirt bike
somehow it took off a little bit faster yeah I mean this thing is pretty fast
but it’s not as quite as fast as the Lamborghini okay racers well there you have it I
think Carter won Steven do you have anything to say about your race well it
was a close race Machaerus it is up to you to vote who you think won who do you
think won the jump contest and then who do you think won the race comment down
below how sexy do you think I won our hashtag Carter if you think Carl yeah
Carter okay race how do you feel how are you feeling
I feel really great about this you know I’ve been driving dirt bikes my whole
life and you know it really it feels good to pay off when you finally win a
race against your brother because you know he’s got a bigger engine or his
machine but you know it’s the driving school that really pays off to get these
w’s oh they do and good luck to your future endeavors
okay Steven so you got second place how do you feel about getting second how do
you think you’ll do better the next one Walt shares when we first did the dirt
bike versus the Lamborghini I won in the Lamborghinis so Carter won this time so
you mix you match you win some you lose some
hey get ready for the next race well good job on that race and I’m a big fan
all right shares so there you have it that was the dirt bike versus ATV race
come on race we should do next and until next time you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace!

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