I Don’t Know Anything About My Little Pony – Rev [Vinesauce]
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I Don’t Know Anything About My Little Pony – Rev [Vinesauce]

December 13, 2019

Before we start, I gotta address the elephant in the room: some people are gonna say that this is low-hanging fruit… …and that I’m bullying people who like a show that are quote, “not hurting anyone”. Lemmie go and point out that this is literally the most requested I Don’t Know Anything About that I’ve ever had. Both people who adore the show and people avidly hate it have requested that I do this. If you have any complaints, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I’m honestly curious to see if the JoJo fandom or the MLP fandom is more toxic. Additionally, this video is NOT FOR KIDS. So if you’re the intended demographic to the show, girls around age five to ten, please do not watch this video. I’m a mean, bitter old, awful person. I should not be listened to. Parents, please be responsible and stop your kids from watching this video RIGHT NOW. ‘Kay? Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Okay, the kiddos are gone now, so I can curse like a fuckin’ sailor again. Although this series is called I Don’t Know Anything About, people still expect me to have some idea of what’s happening in whatever I’m covering. So I do attempt to glaze over some information, but for this show, I literally have no idea what’s going on. All I’ve seen is the Flash games and the awful rumors that we’ve all heard about online. I played some MLP Flash games explicitly for the sake of learning something about the basic characters and have some information for this video. Now I know that Frozen didn’t have a scene where Elsa was pregnant and needed a spa day. So I expect that Twilight Sparkle also doesn’t get pregnant at any point either. So this means that I had to actually look into the show a little bit more. BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT YOU FUCKING WANTED. My Little Pony was a hit show in the late 80s which was later revived in 2010 with a completely different aesthetic. This show is meant to be a comedy fantasy show for children, so they can learn about emotions and how not to be a dick bag. People forget that we are not born with social skills. We slowly develop and learn them. That’s why preschoolers act like aliens from a different planet and why preschool teachers must act like ambassadors to these weird aliens. On Earth, it’s considered bad to eat glue. On Earth, it’s considered unacceptable to pull someone’s hair and yell at them as a form of greeting. On Earth, it’s considered rude to take things without asking. So shows like My Little Pony and Sesame Street are actually needed in order to help children learn how to grow up to not be maladjusted self-centered assholes. A quick reminder: please put any feedback in the comments section. I will promise I will totally read it and care about what you’re saying. But oddly enough, this show has developed a cult following amongst an older male demographic. The show has actually even made nods of approval to this fanbase. But for the actual premise of this show, it seems to be focused around a group of ponies with tramp stamps named… …Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Apple Jacks. So let’s break it down. Twilight Sparkle, I think is probably some sort of princess and wizard and is the most emotionally stunted… [slowed-down] BITCH …possible. Fluttershy is probably the pretty one. No one seems to give a fuck about her, so moving on. Pinkie Pie is the most disgusting group of words to ever cross my lips. Rarity is also one that no one seems to give a fuck about and… …Rainbow Dash is the scene kid that everybody loves and probably is the main protagonist. I once had a man explain to me how great she was over a game of Magic: The Gathering. And in response, I have actively avoided playing the game with strangers ever since. The conversation went like any conversation about someone’s waifu, in which they go on and on and on about something you don’t care about… …but somehow it’s considered inappropriate to them to say that you don’t give a fuck. Perhaps the worst part was that somehow this man was able to have a child with the woman he was sitting next to and explained how much he loved this cartoon horse. From a video made for a Mystery Skull song that I actually really like called ‘Money’… …I know that there’s another pony that’s a DJ, but I don’t know anything else about her and I think that’s the full extent of her character. Then we go into Applejack who appears to just be a hick, because we’ve gotta have one of those… And there’s also a dragon called Spike who appears just to be a complete… [slowed-down] DOUCHE BAG The show focuses on these characters as they solve problems with interpersonal and otherwise mundane with magic and friendship. I know there’s a larger dragon, which usually in kids cartoons indicates that they’re a villain, so I have to assume that they have some sort of antagonist as well. But it doesn’t seem to matter as much as what they do together. After a while, the show got a spinoff that turned the ponies into little girls, because that’s not a horrible choice, and continued to market this towards older men. Now this is where the video is supposed to end, but after writing all this out, I realized I have very little content to go on and I wasn’t really all that fair to the show. This is primarily why this video has been delayed for so long. I actually have no idea what it’s about. And unlike I Don’t Know Anything About JoJo, I haven’t actually watched the show either. So rather than shit on the community despite not knowing anything about it, why not go and find the people that actually like this show? I mean, I know personally that gamers get a lot of shit and maybe it’s just the same sort of situation… …that it’s a small group of awful people that give the entire group a bad rap. I don’t think anyone has a problem with little girls watching this show, but lots of people give bronies shit and possibly justifiably. So, I wanted to go where the bronies were and actually ask them about the show and ask them to explain it. Everything in this script before this point was something that I was able to gather before going into hell hole that is 4chan /MLP. [reading] “-cestuous Relationship Thread. Onii Chan Fables.” ‘Kay. Umm… [sucks air through teeth for several seconds] Woa-kay! Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Alright. Okay, let’s just uh, let’s just- let’s go and do what we’re here for and um… “Hey… everyone.” Uh, the images with grass. Does that count? Mean, it’s kinda hard to see. Okay. Seems fine. Uh, got this picture of The Fonz, so we’ll use it. Alright, cool. We’ve posted to, uh, My Little Pony. the fonz dot JPG has been uploaded, alright. And now we wait. Seems like it hasn’t been responded to, I believe everyone thinks I’m a troll… …which why you’d think I was a troll on 4chan, I don’t know why you would think that. Um… But it looks like I’m probably not gonna get a response… Umm, and… honestly, umm… [breathes in] Ooookaaay. We’re gonna stop looking at that. I mean, at least The Fonz believes in me. Uh, Henry Winkler is apparently the guy’s name. Uh, and he’s still alive. Ah, that’s good! He’s, he’s getting on in age, though. Um, so that’s probably why he’s not doing anything. He’s 70 years old, holy shit. Umm… Anyway… Back to this My Little Pony situation, I’m sorry. I’m sorry Henry Winkler for- for posting your face on… [breathes in] …uhh, My Little Pony boards. Umm… I’m trying- I’m trying to be a good person. By learning about a show. Uh, I don’t wanna read the incest or the slave shit. That’s not what I came here f- Aww nooo! Jesus Christ, don’t do that to me. Imma wait until this thread 404s. If there are a lot of jump cuts in this, it’s just because, like… there’s nothing going on. And I’m just waiting for this thread to be replied to. I wanna give them a shake at it, and… I didn’t wanna just say… that, um… They’re, they’re maladjusted people who just wanna fuck horses. Um, that seems unfair. Y’know? I figured I should actually go to the source… of where they are and- and ask… and- and- and- and… …then be proven wrong, and you know, and learn about- and learn about friendship or whatever the fuck, but… [whispering, while breathing in] Ohhh shit… Wait, oh, oh, oh, oh shit! Hold on. [reading] “Why don’t you think for one fucking second.” Okay. Umm… Okay, okay. We can reply to that. I mean, we’ve got a comment, so we’re fucking somewhere. We’ve been here for 18 minutes, but we got a comment… and, um, that- that means we can go somewhere with this. There have been so many shows about… friendship, and love, and caring. But why is this the one that everyone is attached to? Why is this the show? Cuz, like, y’know: Sesame Street, y’know? No one’s tryin’ to fuck Elmo, right? Fuck, there’s probably someone who’s put their dick in a Elmo puppet, isn’t there? Jesus Christ. I’m literally not trying to troll, I’m actually curious on why people watch the show. Y’know? Uh. If you love this show, that’s totally fine, you do you, whatever. But, y’know… It’s, it- I wanna know. Why the fuck does anyone watch this show, y’know? Did anyone actually care about the other characters on Happy Days? Like, name one other character that was on that show. Right? I watched a lot of Leave It to Beaver growing up. That kid was a bitch. Y’know? Like… seriously. What’s wrong with that kid? [singing quietly] # Sunday, Monday, Happy Days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days # Duh da da da, Happy Days
Duh duh da, buh ba ba # Duhdada da da da! # [continues mumbling the tune to Happy Days] What the fuck are the words to this song? [reading] “Happy Days. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days…” “Saturday, what a day. Rockin all week with you.” What about- okay, no, Sunday was first, okay. “This day is ours.” “Won’t you be mine. (Oh Happy Days). This day is ours… (Oh Happy Days)” “Oh please be mine. Hello sunshine, goodbye rain. She’s wearing my high school ring on her chain.” “She’s my steady… I’m her man.” “I’m gonna love her… all I can.” Alright, well, I tried. I fuckin’ tried and… Now I cannot help but think that The Fonz… thinks less of me… for this. I feel like that was a massive waste of time but at least I did try to learn something rather than just go on the information that I had gathered from years of being on the Internet. It seems as if the show’s gone downhill since its original inception and the rabid community that used to exist is shrunk in size during that time. And while it remains a mystery to me and will remain so forever, it is important to notice that I did try. I fuckin’ tried, okay? As always: lemmie know how I did. Lemmie know what I got right, lemmie know what I got wrong… And lemmie know what you’d like me to cover in the future. I’m curious to know how close I got. I’m pretty sure I fucked this one up.

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  1. Well. Perhaps I should just say I do not know why I clicked this. For some reason I have taken to watching Mr Rev as of recently and even then I clicked this expecting insults and worse aimed my way. Instead I got very little of that which I can appreciate it.
    I do not have to say why going to /mlp/ was a bad idea, just did though. Yadda yadda its part of 4chan and going to 4chan and expecting any results other than negative is something only an idiot would do and I am sure Mr Rev knows this.
    Perhaps I should show you appreciation as a person with significantly more influence than myself not just making a lazy and very blatant negative video about the subject. I doubt Rev will ever bother to read this but thanks, I guess. Have a nice night.

  2. Your video is about 25-30% correct, information-wise, about what you talked about. And I found it to be absolutely hilarious.

  3. JOJO

  4. I think the one and greatest problem here is thinking for a second that if the great vastness of the internet /mlp/ would be a good place to ask

  5. I used to be a Brony when episodes were few and the seasons were years away from completion. I also almost thought Twilight actually got pregnant but it's her brother's wife that gets pregnant.

  6. from a brony personally: i just like the fucking show. The humors good, the art and animation i like, and i just over all like to see these characters grow. The fans create some pretty good work, from art, to stories, and they are generally nice, when your not just going on random brony videos and commenting. that's when the cancerous minority, or trolls come out. i think its like you said there's just a loud minority of assholes, retards, and weirdos. but its a pretty big group for a minority.

  7. you mistake was going to 4chan, like yeah it may have been how the show got so popular but trying to get any information out of 4chan is pointless

  8. He went on /mlp/
    Thinking he would get a real response
    At least we know the title was accurate
    /mlp/ is basically the place the cancer come together, I've tried going on it before, but couldn't do it.

  9. Dear Rev: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hd0-cGkClMQ and http://noxvigil.tumblr.com/post/129966369458/aph-sunsetshimmer-equestrian-citizen-transponie#_=_is all you need to know.
    Edit: If you are still alive.

  10. 7:52 I now see that you think it's some random ass generic cartoon about loving and caring.
    Need I point you to this?

  11. I Don't Know Anything About ~30 Year Old Men Who Are Indignant On Account Of – And Deeply Disturbed By – Social Behavior And Phenomena That Has Not Been Observed In Their Family Or The Fairly Conservative Social Surroundings In Which They Were Raised.

  12. "the kidos are gone now"nope…..as a 10 year old i was a badass…….? I cursed and watch the lot of things and got deep into the internet and knew all the fandoms and all that stuff and Shipping Wars……yes i was a brony and a undertale and a homestuck

  13. Back when I was 13, I loved MLP. I considered myself a Brony. From what I remember, the first few season were great. I enjoyed them a lot. But after the creator left, any effort to make the show watchable for anyone who wasn't a 3 year old girl was ended. They still tried making jokes for the adults who watched it but they failed so hard I stopped caring about the show.
    If you want a good reason to hate MLP, watch episode 100 all the way through (if you can make it). It's fucking cancer. I swear, by episode 200 they're gonna add Milky Way.

    At least the porn is good.

  14. I knew exactly 2 things about the show before this video: the main characters names, and how spike is essentially a slave. I now know that DJ pony is named vinyl. I can't believe that I actually learned something from /mlp/

  15. I don't love MLP, I don't hate it, I watch the show and watch vids on it, those who watch porn of it and go to conventions are just a little weird, I dunno

  16. I like the show because….. my dad always joked around about how I watched MLP, and I didn't, so I decided to watch the show and I got stuck

  17. You think the JoJo fandom is toxic? Hah. It may be bad (as is every fandom), but that's just the tip of the iceberg, hell, the dragon ball z fandom is worse.

  18. legitimately asks a question and gets a rude answer
    that's the mlp fandom for you

    [mfw someone with a jojo avatar says this]

  19. mlp sucks because the characters,the wrighting,the awful animation,the unfunny and stollen jokes and the fanbase aka the worst fanbase ever.

  20. I hope I'm not askin' for too much here, but why not do a "I don't know anything about Thomas the Tank Engine"?

  21. As if you don't know that in any fandom there are some people with weird fetishes. Not all bronies can be considered that but sure, at first sight that's the exact thing you think of.
    MLP is still a thing because there's stuff to work with. It's not a show about creepy puppets who try showing information at you. It's about ponies who undergo various life situations and try to inform you of how to handle the situation correctly. It's like WikiHow, in most of the cases it's not something you're going to use in life but still.
    And then there's the fact that the animation is good, and the weird not at all pony like creatures may seem adorable.
    I'm a pegasister by the way (female brony) and I'm totally alright with criticising something I like.

  22. I don't hate bronies, I hate MLP. Before you say anything about watching episodes and what not, I did, I sat down and watched ten to eleven episodes with my sister.

  23. "Fluttershy: no one really cares about her" He doesn't realise that Fluttershy is the most loved character in the entire show XD

  24. the reason bronies like the show is because of the characters and how well they were written. but not everypony who is a brony has to watch the show. some came for the hype and other's came for the content and creative idea's that were in the fandom. and also i can tell you what happend to us it is very simple. in 2013 we had been the big thing for 3 year's and the pony experience started to get bland for the one's who jumped on the hype train and they went to the next big trend. 2014 we were still big and going strong with content like art,music,animation,and more pouring out and not slowing down this continued until 2016. in 2016 everything fell not only in the brony fandom but in all fandoms that existed at the time. moral in said fandoms was low and content was slowed and no one was makeing anything new because of the 2016 drama that had the world distracted and in fear. but in 2016 we bronies were hit with season 6 of mlp fim and it was hasbros big sell out season because of all the money they made off of new toys from new characters. what made mlp so great up to season 5 was the characters writing but hasbro got rid of what made the characters the characters for some quick cash . and that is what happened. that season hurt us… but it is now 2017 and we are still at large and crawling out from the hole we call 2016. I've been in the brony fandom for 6 year's and from what i can see the real bronies are still going strong and we are growing into stable numbers as season 7 progresses. but with how many fandoms exists today nopony will grow to be as big as we were for a long time. and with thing's getting faster soon the brony fandom will adapt and speed up and keep going as long as we have content to fule us and as long as one of us exist there is a brony fandom. that i can say for a fact /)

  25. I watch this show because I want to fuck every single breathing creature in it.

    Edit: 6:37 Zajice is bae

  26. Watch today's modern kids show then watch mlp you'll see why people attach to mlp and for the fandom its old as you can see I'm a brony but I'm not a active brony the same goes for a good handful of other bronies I watch the new episodes of mlp every once in a while but I'm not active in the fandom the show hasn't decreased in quality that much its just that the water has calmed in the fandom there are still active bronies but you just have to look best place what be YouTube

  27. Fuhn fact I used to be a horse fucker…

    Until I saw the porn.
    And the surprising thing is they make adult content from a kids show

    And now I shall wait for the hate m8

  28. Um…why did you go to /mlp/, the least friendly and most effected by seasonal rot forum that exists for us? You could have went to somewhere like the Equestria Daily forums or the Poniverse MLP Forums and got an actual response, rather than everyone assuming that you're a troll. It kinda feels like you didn't even try. Thanks though, for not being too harsh on the fandom, most of us don't want anything sexual with the ponies, we just enjoy watching and talking about the show and it's characters.

  29. okay your first mistake was going to 4chan for serious info

    basically the reason people altched onto the show was several reasons, but the main reason was that it is/was fairly well written considering how coukd've gone, was kickstarted by a fairly well regarded woman who works on aniamtion (lauren faust) and had a fairly neat setting that wasn't just 'overly saccharine ponies going shopping'. plus it actually had VILLAINS, which attracted me to it.

    and some got into it just because they wanted to judge it on its own merits rather than all the people giving it shit purely for existing (one person even claiming it was 'racist and anti-government' due to how certain ponies looked that were doing a specific job for their local ruler)

    also its quite decently animated.

  30. If you want to discover the fandom go to the website equestriadaily or at least any other website besides 4 Chan I mean even I don't go there and I'm cringe furry weeb brony trash

  31. This nigga went on /mlp in a legitimate attempt to understand bronies? Well, im noy sure it could have gone much worse than that

  32. let me give a breakdown
    Twilight=Element of Magic
    Applejack=Element of Honesty
    Fluttershy=Element of Kindness
    Pinkie Pie=Element of Laughter
    Rarity=Element of Generocity
    Rainbow Dash=Element of Loyalty
    Spike=a assistant that gets hurt alot

  33. I just wish I could google a transparency since I am lazy as fuck and not come across several examples of mlp shit, seriously if it wasnt always where I wouldnt expect it then I wouldnt mind as much, but when in the comment section there is bronies making parody versions of my favorite songs when I youtube music I have to cross the line cause seriously fuck right off with that shit, seriously keep that shit out of things like fallout I dont care if there is a creepy pasta that has gore about the dumb show those things still dont mix

  34. now after watching this I feel a metallic sensation, oh yeah I am pointing a gun at me head now, fcuk

  35. The show is ok nothing more nothing less it has some good moments butbits mpstly just ok

  36. God damnit, Rev. I know jackshit about this show and even I know you shouldn't have gone on /mlp/ for a good impression on these people.

  37. you did a good job rev but little bit of info for next time dont use 4 chan try daliy equstria or places like that but still good first attempt

  38. You didn’t want your perceptions of a community colored solely by the worst examples of said community…

    So you decide to go on 4Chan…


  39. Oh I just do what yt tells me to do it's also raining out I usaully type in mlp then the second word or phase then something usually shows up about 80 percent of the time idk about 4chan I think they do computer soccer but I've seen the other team beat mlp team twice in tecmo super bowl it's about 50 50 for past 6 years .

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