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  1. I'm new to petting dogs in minecraft. Can someone tell me how often should I feed my dog. It would be very helpful

  2. How the f you felix get every single rare minecraft item at the first attemp? I have killed over 200 drowneds for geting a trident and you just mess around with a droned and you get it? Wth

  3. No one is gonna comment on how an abnormal amount of zombies showed up right when he gets to the village? No, just me? Welp. What can yah do?

  4. Felix, the mass of zombies you encountered was a zombie siege, which has a 10% chance of spawning near a village every Minecraft midnight. You got lucky. Very lucky.

  5. Did some research on the zombie hoard, turns out that one of the conditions for one to happen in a village is actually if a player is there, PEWDIEPIE U HAVE CAUSED A ZOMBIE INVASION. There's a chance of one happening every in game midnight

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