I Found a Horse in Minecraft – Part 1
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I Found a Horse in Minecraft – Part 1

September 5, 2019

Okay guys I’m back with a brand new
episode of Minecraft, although last time I did the episodes I had bad audio settings, bad video settings, started halfway through because half the footage
was already gone so here we go starting from the get-go
once again So first things first I’m gonna start myself a Minecraft Realm now if you do want to join me please do feel free to leave your usernames down in the comments
and as long as I’ve not reached the max player limit or in fact I’m still running the
Minecraft realm itself You should be alright, and I should be able to add you Its not like I’ve got 1 Million people watching right now so I think the max players of 10 will be fine so yeah do you need the
comments I’d love to play with you guys and I’ll see you in the game Looking good so far, just let the game
load for a minute okay first things first, I need a house And to build a house I need lots and lots of wood Oh my gosh there’s a fair bit Yes! I know what I’m doing We’ll start off with that Here we go Perfect, oh actually no I
have an idea since I am so close to stone Lets just get some stone Why not? We can make a better Axe Perfect! Oh my gosh… Flames everywhere Gimme your stone, gimme your stone One more will do me Lovely Throw that in the Bin! That First Stone axe, stone pickaxe. lovely that’ll do me Hello Sheepy! Byebye Sheepy! meeh! spooky sounds, always reassuring I’m sorry sheep… I need to do this Aahh! I’m sorry I needed, I needed to do it
I need that wool need that meat okay I’m thinking
my first plan of action Should be… Maybe mine oh hello… I see a village A temporary home just for me hey Villagers, hello howdy, Its the blacksmith oh wow he gives me emeralds for that, chop these up give them to him you may see me again my friend Potatoes for Emeralds? You don’t look like a farmer you look more like a blacksmith oh well… I’ll see past it this time Ahh its even got a cute little bridge ha
ha ha ha I like it And a bed I might be stealing that in a minute More Hay That’ll be very… YES! I already got a saddle Leather cap stick that on my bonce Oh… fashion! Already off to a very good start More hay ok there’s so much hay that im just going to nick it Its all mine now I’ll be able to have an army of forces with all of this green man! Hey Green man, oh you’re not interested… Ok then whatever I’m not stealing all your crops why are these guys not wanting to talk to me I mean this guy
looks actually like he’s got a profession Hank! Don’t you walk away from me thank you
now what is your profession nothing So you contribute nothing to this village you know what Im going to take that with me sorry for stealing your bed boy there’s already horses… this is
ridiculous I’m a very lucky man oh my gosh is the little one Haha, hello nothing geezer jeeze I’m just walking into everyone’s houses like I own the place But I am the mayor this is what I do now Put down a bed and go to sleep Sweet Dreams What other resources can I steal from this
lovely lovely place There’s so much bread… And a bucket I feel like this is kind of cheating just because I got so lucky is that a fox? oh its a kitty cat… Not as cool Hello kitty… Kitty come here! on the Seas right here too I wanna get to that little house on the hill here it is, oh even more hay I’m not complaining… I’m happy What have we got up here, another Saddle I can have two horses Those horses will be mine I don’t actually want wheat I’ve already got a ridiculous amount of wheat I have 47 hay bales of wheat I think I’ll be fine finding a horse now I must choose a stallion I need to eat bread It’s a little bit hot Hello? oh he’s got a grindstone. repair and disenchant I’ll leave it here It’ll give someone a job
Oh even more hay Look at that so much… people? I feel like the villagers have all
run away I can’t see any of them ah Aha, found ya… pumpkins, they will be mine hey piggy Wiggy Sorry I need the meat actually I don’t I have 9 bread he didn’t even give me anything, oh yes he did, raw pork chop pork chop Pork Chop! Pork Chop! I’m a little murderer me Horses! Which one do I like? You look nice Lets get some hay Would you like some hay? Oh He’s hungry Hungry Boy Oh he’s not interested… Let me jump on your back? no, you’re just gonna eat my food and then not let me ride you? Fine! I’ll try the next horse Move it out the way cow no you just want
my food as well fine you you’re the chosen one Look he’s so pretty go on you know
you want this you know you want this hay No! You’re so greedy fine, I don’t want you either I’m lying I really want a pony I can be my own pony chicken! hail the chicken I will not
kill you you are too precious oh my gosh there’s loads of you There’s eggs everywhere give me your eggs eggs eggs Praise the chicken Cluck cluck cluck Cluck cluck cluck Is it just me or do the sheep look really kinda scary? Meeeeh Horses I will train you horses to be my mount Come on, you want to eat this Yes! Yes! I can ride Ahhhhh! Hey I’m happy with myself so far I’ve made lots I say made I raided a village and then I found a horse *Remember to Like and Subscribe if you enjoyed my content*

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