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August 17, 2019

:singing: ♫ Intro ♫ Hey y’all its Spotkitty2017! And welcome to another video! Today its like week 2 of me being sick. So don’t mind me being sick on the other side of
the screen. Anyways so today, we have a couple of updates that I haven’t really seen
quite yet. Like the updated new Silverglade, not Slivergalde. Silver Manor,
Minor whatever you say it I think they updated that and the Red
Fire Trail that has appeared out of nowhere in the Firgrove mountains so I am going to check those out. :Smokey sceaming: along with a mystery horse that I will be buying at the end
of this video! :Smokey screaming: So stay tuned for that So first off we’re going to go to Silverglade manor Smokey: NOOOO!!! Come on Smokes I’m pretty sure you’re
desperate to go see what lies in there! Smokey: Nope! And I’m pretty sure I’m so pumped for
the new “Akhal-Teke”. I don’t know how to say any horse breed I’m not like such a huge
“horse saying fan breed name person” Only horse I know how to say is American- :gasp: Oh my gooooo– Woooowwwww!!! This is so cool!! this is a lot like Epona stables. Oh my gosh! Horse: Bruh! oh-oh man that looks a lot more fancier ♫ I’m so Fancy ♫ ♫ You already know ♫ ♫ I’m in the fast lane ♫ ♫ From L.A. to Toyko ♫ ♫ I’m so Fancy ♫ ♫ Can’t you- ♫ And better doesn’t it now? Smokey: Nope! That horse is not mine!
oh my gosh! This is a lot like the Epona and I’m
guessing they’re gonna put the newest horses over here and on the other side
of this I really do like this it kind of intrigues you a bit more to buy the
horses.. Smokey: Bruh! because they are a bit more fancier in a fancier in a ♫ Fancy ♫ stall and
stable I really like this this is very neat and professional looking in my
opinion. I really really like this! I don’t know if they’re gonna change the
buildings do anything but they did change the stables and I- not really
stables but where the forces lie. And I really do like that it’s very
cool-looking it’s not like taking up as much space as it used to.
You can now see at least maybe a few horse options right as you get off the
trailer over there instead of seeing a tall building that has no horse options.
I think they kind of got bored of what the Silverglade stables looked like. Okay
a lot of people buy horses from Epona so we should probably do the same
structure of stables there in some other areas so. I think that’s what they
thought to do for these cuz it kind of treat you for me at least do by the
forces a bit more because I don’t have any of these Arabians over here. I don’t
have the “Hanoverians” Smokey: Wrong those horses over there… :Smokey laughs: ..and this horse over here so it
kinda intrigued me to buy it but I’m not gonna buy that right now because I have
a lot of horses right now still have that mystery horse to go to
at the end of the video :Smokey screams: So now we’re going to go to the Firgrove Fire Trail.
I don’t really know where this is to be honest uh this is my first time going
and seeing the trail I don’t know how Smokey gonna act
him you haven’t really tooken him on a trail ride that much because I’ve been a
lot busy with my awesome Club Northern Bar-Barons correct me if I’m wrong I’m
so sorry. it said that it came out of nowhere in
Firgrove Mountains. I’m not really sure what mountain that is.. :Smokey laughs: so there’s a lot
of trails up in here I know that’s the one to Silverglade Lake Smokey: Bruh! Silverglade? What the heck?
um…oh yes yes, okay it’s right here so okay Fire Trail is right here. So we got
a little campfire going on right here which is pretty nice I don’t know why
they’re getting rid of this on May 22nd I think it’s really really cool and I
just don’t know why they’re getting rid of this. Red String Trail Ride oh okay I
was close and I thought it was “fire” because I saw “fire” in there. Let’s go ahead and read this.
The Red Sting Trail guide is a tradition of celebrating new connections
that takes place each spring in Jorvik. All riders are given a piece of red string
to tie it by at the end of the trail. Legend says that it by tying this string
together with someone you care about the bond between you will last forever
whether between friends or between horses rider. Completing this trail will
give you- so it’s similar to the races you get horse XP every day but you could
take them races as many times as you want so I don’t really know I’m just
gonna do the trailer ride with Smokey cuz why not. I’m not gonna do it with
Gracie because she’s been pretty sore lately. If you don’t know who Gracie is
be sure to check out the new horse video. She is absolutely amazing! She’s been
getting pretty sore lately probably because of
shoes we gave her but yeah I’m getting closer to a bond with her but it takes a
long time to bond with a horse. So I don’t really know where this horse XP is
so we’re just gonna follow this trail and see where it goes I guess. Okay I see
a friesian up here and a couple of other peeps. Probably like really best friends.
I don’t know if any friends of mine are on. I thought this trail would be similar to
a Mistfall type thing because of fire and it’s kind of this seems like a Mistfall
thing. Comment down below what you guys think of this trail. I think it’s up
absolutely amazing so far. I’m gonna go this way and then maybe back to the
log and- oop she jumped over it, okay. this is another camp site that’s pretty
cool. Is that licorice? Is that licorice or ribbon or rope? Is that it looks like licorice. Please tell me that doesn’t look like licorice. That’s making me hungry. I’m gonna leave now. This trail could also improve by adding some more wildlife in it. Like Mistfall has since
this is close to the forest. If you like some deer I know that there’s already a
bear in the game but maybe like some bear cubs. I would really like to see
some deer in Star Stable. Oh end of the trail here I suppose. What happens if I go off the trail? Wooohh oh gosh
didn’t see that there okay. Now we know where that log goes. Okay I kinda just finished the trail or kind of just got back to where I started. I don’t know where this horse XP is it’s
probably right under my nose I just don’t see it and I probably have to do a
quest for it I’m just not seeing it. I really wish this could stay forever
instead of it not be a tradition I feel like a lot of people would actually like
to enjoy this a lot with some other new members that join the game and become a Star Rider. Alright now it’s time the mystery of horse y’all have been waiting for.
:Smokey scream: so I am going to take the trailer to where the horse is at so I will also
leave a little pull up in the right top hand corner to see what horse you think
I will be buying iand let’s get on to it. Alright y’all so I am in Mistfall and I am going
to buy it this blue roam Jorvik warmblood I’ve been wanting these for such a
while now and I think it’s finally time I’m really debating between this big guy
right here he is absolutely really fancy ♫ So fancy ♫ really fancy ♫ Fancy ♫ in dressage. I’m sorry big guy
i’ll buy you later. let’s go ahead and name this big girl over here. Alright we
are naming this beauty over here Bluecomet because obviously, she is blue
and she kind of looks like a comet with this darker blue up near her face
and near down her hock and stifle. So yeah let’s go ahead and buy this beauty :gasp:
Guys, you know what I just noticed, as I was putting Comet in here? Bluecomet has a sibling! Awwww, She has a little brother! OH MY GOSH!! okay please tell me that these two do
not look like siblings! they look like siblings!they are pretty
much the same color it’s just their coat color, their size, and their manes that
are different well and markings obviously but they are pretty much
almost the same I mean they both have white on their
faces they have the same color manes they have the same ideal color coats
it’s just different types of coats this is thicker this is slick.
WHAT?!? okay these do have to be related please tell me that these two are
related Alright y’all that is it for this video
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