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I HAVE SOME NEWS! // Versatile Horsemanship

February 27, 2020

hello and welcome to another video today
is February 23rd and I am making this video because I have a lot of
information to share with you so stay tuned you won’t want to miss all the
little tidbits that I have in this video to tell you I just wanted to give
everybody a heads up about Miss Kitty she’s really not been doing so good
lately so but I want you to know that I do have her entire story all on video so
be be sure to check those out I’ll be posting a lot about her very very soon
the first one I’m in a post is back from November because I feel like that’s when
it all really started so just know that I’m gonna be going back a little bit on
that but right now she’s okay but I want everybody if you could please just kind
of be thinking about her a little bit because she’s she’s really having kind
of a rough time oh look I have a visitor in my barn can anybody tell what horse
this is this horse used to live at my barn and now he doesn’t anymore
let’s see if anybody knows him he’s quite the celebrity and he’s actually
gonna be making a public appearance pretty soon too so you’ll definitely
want to follow this guy we got a showdown between lilah and
Stella cat vs. dog and now we got Kitty vs. little boy how do cachi like turn their head she’s
gonna fall out there you know they’re kind of like owls thank you guys really
turn she’s gonna flip right off there this is my friend Katie and if you’ve
been watching my channel for quite some time you probably have seen her in a lot
of my videos but I wanted to let you know that Katie has now started her own
channel you want explain that yes so I started a YouTube channel called horse
talk and I want to talk about the things that happen to real worst people and I
want to talk about the practical reasons why we do things and I want to have good
conversation and good discussions I don’t want any of the fake stuff I just
want to talk about real stuff and the cool thing is is Katie’s the type of
person she wants to talk about stuff that people don’t want to talk or that
people not necessarily they don’t want to talk about it but they’re not
comfortable talking about and they avoid so the nice thing is is there’s zero
judgement everything is open for discussion and there’s actual real life
experience in facts to back stuff up and if Katie doesn’t know then she’s going
to find somebody who is an expert in that field and ask them now I also have
to say in the first two weeks of Katie having her channel she hit a thousand
subscribers and that’s a pretty big deal because it took me like three years and
so make sure to go and check that out I’ll put a link in the description below
to that channel so if you go over there leave a comment on one of her videos and
just tell her that I sent you thank you now a lot of you probably also recognize
this girl this is Katie’s daughter Danny from
Danny the horse girl and now I challenged you what was the challenge
that I gave you I’d post a video every day yeah so if
you saw my channel in January saw that I posted to every single day and it was a
very eye-opening experience for me and I thought it was kind of cool so I
challenged Danny to do the same thing so Danny what are some big things that are
coming up in the near future on your channel lots of horse shows we have a
big event with our horses coming up in April awesome so Danny’s gonna have a lot of
really cool stuff coming up so you’ll want to make sure to go and check out
her channel too and it’s Danny the horse girl and I’ll post a link below so you
can go and check her out oh look how did you guys write that on
there you did it marker how you write and snow with marker huh interesting so
50 cents so you guys are selling rocks for 50 cents no five cents okay
is that a crane that’s stuffed into the snow okay
and then you got my magnet you’re gonna put my magnet away when you’re done with
it right good and what are you doing at the yarn now if you’ve seen on my
channel I have a video about sheath cleaning and this is Floyd and he’s the
star of that video and in that video he’s sedated but now he’s not sedated
here he is just so these are one of his regular claims besides when the vet
comes so when the vet is here we have him sedated cuz they’re getting their
teeth done at the same time and it makes it easier you know for the vet to do it
then and then she does a thorough job checking but Floyd gets regular
cleanings of his sheath throughout the year as well and he just sits here and
munches on grain and he just hangs out and is a good boy about it super easy
this is something that male horses have to have done at least once a year
to check for beans if you’re not sure what a bean is go ahead over to I’ll
link I’ll put a link to that that video and you can go check it out and see how
it’s thoroughly done my sun is shining and it’s like 45 degrees here today it’s
so nice I have some exciting news to share with everyone so I received an
email from YouTube and basically what it said was my channel qualifies to have
memberships YouTube memberships kind of work like pay-per-view so there’s a
monthly membership and there’s different tiers that are available so I haven’t
decided how I’m gonna work any of that out I just just kind of got notified
about this but I’m pretty excited to add it to my channel kind of my thoughts as
to what I could do for this is make it so people can email me a video of their
writing and I can go ahead and critique it and put it on my channel and it would
be only available to members to view it I can also do things like extra live
videos and I can also do some how-to training videos this is all stuff that
would go above and beyond what I’m already putting out on my channel so my
channel wouldn’t change for my viewers at all there would just be extra perks
for those who are members so with the YouTube membership so what I want to
know because I’m just getting into this right now so I don’t know a lot about it
so what I want to know is what questions do you have about the YouTube
memberships that I can answer and what kind of what kind of things do you think
would be special that I could show to members please leave me a comment below
and let me know what you think about that seriously like could life be any cuter
if you don’t know clover she is the world’s friendliest kitty cat and this
is phony the world’s friendliest little boy I can’t imagine not having
critters critters are awesome aren’t they little boys will be little boys doesn’t
matter what species they are this horse right here is onna she is four this year
and I have a lot of video footage to show you from the summer some things I
did with her I try to show things in chronological order per horse but you
might not see it for several months because that’s just how it works so I
show it when I feel like it’s like it’s relevant
okay so here’s Mainzer in the background and a lot of people have been asking me
about him too and why I’m not showing current videos of him a lot of the
videos that I show are all from when he was four and five months old right now
and the reason is is I have so much video footage of his whole journey and I
don’t want to miss anything so I want to make sure to give you guys all of the
information about him I got one wanting the attention and I got all the kids
over here playing pretty soon I’m gonna start working with Mainzer a lot and
you’re gonna get to see a ton of really current stuff so but for a few months I
really didn’t take any video of him so I really don’t have anything to show you
of him from later fall through beginning to mid winter so we’ll get all caught up
on Mainzer videos pretty soon and then you’ll have all the the new and fun
stuff to watch so be sure to stay tuned for all of that my friend Sally here is
another one that I want to talk about so many people are interested in her and
what’s been going on with her and I do have some video footage from earlier in
her journey when she got here that I’ll be sure to show you it’s just a matter
of editing and getting it out there for you so but the big thing right now has
people been asking me if I plan to her and yes I will be riding her but I’m
having a situation where I don’t have any tack that fits her so mules have a
back that’s shaped a little bit differently and all the saddles that I
have well they’re meant for horses but they don’t fit her very well
so what happens is when she goes to take so say she goes into a canter or bucks a
little bit the saddle ends up on her neck
so that’s I can’t have that because if the saddles not gonna stay in place if
anything should go wrong when I’m riding her I want to make sure that my tack is
gonna stay put so that’s I just need to be able to set us up for success and
have the right tack so now we are gonna ride ponies
we have Rosie bodis picking her hooves and then little Daisy and we’ve got
lucky and lucky my one-eyed pony has poop all over his head
yucky good job buddy so good hoof picker it’s your favorite thing to do yeah your
favorite of horses you know what I’ll have to teach you how to trim hooves
would you like that see Bodi figured out at a really young age that those big
Tufts of hair at the bottom of the horse’s leg are pretty handy for picking
up hooves okay make sure you pet her before you just grab the foot though yep
good now turn around good works pretty handy when you’re little it’s a great
way to pick up a foot yep yeah well we don’t just go around picking up people
soaks up their feet that’d be silly went it yeah now Rosie has quite the story a
year ago we had some issues with her we were afraid we were gonna lose her mm-hmm that’s the frog in the middle I
don’t know why it’s called a frog that’s a great question
bodis really good at asking questions that nobody knows the answer to
good job but you get a pretty clean pony yeah so why is it that cats always have
to sit on whatever it is that you have so as you can see Jackson has his big
butt shoved into an egg carton oh she got it Jackson’s kind of lazy you can tell
they’re brother and sister they don’t look like it from their fuzz but you
both have mustaches Bodhi likes to hang on to the little straps on his saddle
pad whatever works as long as he’s on his pony I felt like care about and this
is a great exercise program for husbands too you can get the correct diagonal looks
good so now I’ve got my horse and then bears in the back there he’s coming up –
because Tova wants to ride bear and I want to get a ride in so we’ll have lots
of fun with ponies today so well the boys are out feeding horses the girls
are hanging out in the arena and riding horses it’s funny cuz when Tobi’s on
Daisy we’re pretty much the same plate a little small fry bear standing here
patiently waiting his turn but look at all that snow Lila do you want to go for a little ride
get her hair matches bears well I hope you enjoyed this video of my Sunday at
the barn if you did please be sure to give it a like share it with your
friends and comment below and let me know what you’d like to see in upcoming
videos thanks so much for watching see you in the next one bye

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  1. Ik the horse at 1:00! His name is Doc! One of Dani the horse girl's horses! Btw love your channel! I'll be praying for Miss Kitty! 😁🙏❤️

  2. I wish Miss Kitty gets well soon. I love this harmony between your kids and all your animals. So cute 😍 All horses are hairy with their thick winter coat. Your kids are so clever with horses 😀🐴

  3. Love watching Brody with the ponies :0) I have my QH trained to where I only have to tap his leg in a certain spot and say "gimme foot" and he will raise his hoof for me. I have been fortunate enough to have had him since he was a weaning and everything he knows is by my own hand and is my equine soulmate. My draftie is a total different story though, I have to use her feathers to lift feet and they're big and heavy :0) Manzer has gotten so big! All gorgeous babies you have. Honestly can't remember the appy's name but if I recall correctly he was one of your lesson horses who went on to continue his journey with someone who really needed him for their journey.

  4. Brandi you have more fun than the law allows. Lol. Your kids are so pretty. They are going to be well rounded adults. The things you can teach them thru horses is by far better than anything they will learn in public schools. Y'all are great parents! Great video.

  5. Thanks for a really good channel, you have given me inspiration to start my own channel here in Sweden called Useful Horsemanship. I’m not really there yet and I have also decided to start a web course. The content in that course is more going through everything more in depth. My channel is about owning horses, giving tip about things that me and my best friend has learned after owning horses almost 50yrs together. It’s for every type of rider, for beginners (and their parents!) and also racehorse owners. You asked for tip of content for members? Ask them! Ask them of a topic they want to know more of and change topics every week or so. Again, thank you for a wonderful channel! ❤️

  6. Thanks a loy. Love your videos. I live in Brazil and have a horse in Porto Alegre, in the South. Here we have a strong tradition related with horses. Our "gaucho" breed is Crioulo. Like in Argentina and Uruguay.

  7. I owned Donkeys and a Military saddle was perfect for their backs,might fit Sally perfectly plus use a crupper as well 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  8. What a beautiful life you've created for your family! Your kids and critters always look so happy. Bode and Tovah are both great around horses. I'm sure you're looking forward to the time when Bode is big enough to help you with trimming hooves, because you have a lot of hooves to trim! Hope Miss Kitty is feeling better soon, and I'm looking forward to watching you work with Manzer and Sally. Thanks as always for sharing this with us.

  9. How can your channel get better?! Soooo very, absolutely, enjoyable on so many levels. Thank you for sharing. Loving the snow too, can feel that crispy morning …beautiful

  10. This is such a nice video. Fun and sweet and informative.

    I have calico sister kitties. And their coats are just as different as yours. ✌️❤️

  11. Great video, lots if tidbits!!!! It's a cat thing to be right in the middle of things. It is almost impossible to wrap gifts with my cats around. Did your kis sell any rocks with yarn handles? Tell them I would have bought one.😁 Praying for Miss Kitty ( and you ). Have a great day.

  12. Hi, Katie!!! Will definitely check out your channel. Sounds like a great resource, so glad you took the plunge. Dani is already soaring with hers.

  13. SO much fun! Body and Tovah are so dang adorable. Little boys at that age are seriously the sweetest humans on the planet. So a trainer in Canada names Lindsey Partridge has a great channel called Harmony Horsemanship. She runs a training barn/business like you do and she is currently using the You Tube subscriber option and I think it is going well for her. She would be a great resource to reach out to and discuss her business model for that option. She is also a person that has a similar value system around horses (i.e. natural horsemanship, a culture of learning, and growth mindset etc. so I think you would like her on a personal level too). Sorry to hear Miss Kitty is not felling well. So glad she has you to look after her.

  14. OMG. I just spewed coffee all over my iPad 🤣… 13:00 “And this is a great exercise program for husbands too” … husband lowers head, perfectly timed horse new in background. 🤣😂🤣

  15. Sounds like the membership option could be a good resource for people looking for more in depth training videos! Do you know how much it costs, and are there different tiers of membership?

  16. You can follow Miss Kitty’s journey here. All of her videos are listed in chronological order and I will be adding a lot more soon! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIR-JJucLqwKXqrtPvU4Gbt50s3ao22qi

  17. You have an amazing family. The kids always seem like they're having fun entertaining themselves. And Body cleaning hooves at his age! Tovah riding like a pro!. What a great way to bring up kids and you do it so well.

  18. Praying for Miss Kitty. Yay! For the YouTube news. Floyd just hanging around, me snickering over the unintended pun. Bode, future hoof trimmer.

  19. Prayers for miss kitty. If she decides that she can't take it any more, my prayers are for a very calm and peaceful passing. She is a great horse. Live watching her participation

  20. Hi Brandi.
    To answer your boy's question: Why do cats turn thier heads around?
    Answer: They have had exorcism. Each and every one of them.
    Now the horses.
    Miss Kitty I hold you TIGHTLY in my heart. Then there is …
    Sheath cleaning.
    The End.❤🤗

  21. I bet you will use a crupper when you use a saddle on Sally. We even use one on our horses because where we ride is very hilly, and the saddles ride up too far on their whithers on downhills.

  22. You guys have a beautiful day there in Michigan. We are getting the usual upstate New York Lake Ontario lake effect snow dumps today. Can you use a saddle for an Arabian with a crupper for sally? That might work.

  23. yes yes yes on the membership!!!! it would be so awesome if members could send in videos of them riding so you could critique them. i would be all over that!!! i learned about your channel watching katie on HORSE TALK in the vlog on spurs and i am hooked i love love ur channel i feel like i will learn a lot from you. i just want to say keep up the great work you are amazing and i look forward to improving my horsemanship skills

  24. I just started watching your videos and I'm addicted! Your kids are great and I love watching them with the ponies. I just started watching with Manzer so I don't know Miss Kitty's story but I will go watch her.

  25. Prayers for beautiful Miss kitty ,So Sorry Brandi. . really sunk my heart.;I say that because I've been dealing with. So many issues with my mastiff and he passed three weeks ago and my heart is broken all ready….lots of hugs ,love t o you and your family. Prayers will continue! 😣❤❤

  26. Hi Brandi! I am sorry to hear Miss Kitty is not doing well, I am praying for her.

    I enjoy watching all of your fun and informative videos from the chronicling of your horses lives and your adoring cats and Stella, to your time with your family! You have a blessed life! If, you care to share, what is a typical day like ? How do you manage your day ? Do you find at day's end, you had accomplished everything you had planned on doing for that day ?

    Thanks for your time and consideration. God bless!

  27. Don't know how you balance it all. This was sooo enjoyable and informative. You are livin' the dream. Your kids are already great riders for their ages. It's fun to watch them. Keep up the excellent work! 👏 🐎 💗

  28. Healing thoughts for Miss Kitty. I absolutely adore Clover, but I am biased to tortoiseshell kitties. My heart cat was a torti…

  29. I love your channel and your family. You seem to be a good trainer with a lot of common sense and the ability to find logical, good answers to questions and problems. I appreciate the fact that youtube wants you to add membership which can add income for both of you. The thing about membership is if you can't afford it, you miss a lot of good information. As a subscriber, I feel left out. I was there when you needed support to get the numbers now I am here when you decide I don't need to know. Guess how that makes me others feel. Won't stop loving you but I am upset.

  30. Have you ever heard of alwayshorselove ? I came across it here on YouTube, a family of Finlanders and their seven horses. I have no idea of the breed of horses but. , the daughter trains without hands.

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