I MADE IT TO GNARNIA | Exchequer Mountain Bike Park
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I MADE IT TO GNARNIA | Exchequer Mountain Bike Park

October 13, 2019

I finally made it out to exchequer bike park it’s outside of Modesto maybe an hour outside of Modesto it’s Lake McClure about an hour from Yosemite just in the Central Valley here and I’ve been hearing about this place for a while it’s just an up-and-coming spot and it is beautiful out here I’ve got my buddy James out here he’s gonna give me the tour today probably have a bunch of other people show up and hopefully get a little bit of history on how this whole thing started and where it’s going and how it’s gonna get there this is James he’s gonna be the tour guide the biker Channel but yeah James is now a veteran of my video so you guys have seen him quite a few times it’s all it’s all volunteer stuff everything out here that you’ll see it’s been it’s basically han and Doug yeah just hours and hours of labor people come out here just because they look to ride and love the trail it’s one of the only places locally that that’s mountain bike only so it’s not multi-use trails so you shouldn’t you see horses or hikers or anything like that so that’s very cool so it’s not even that hard to find this place it’s on Google Maps you just follow the directions because it this is all within this campground that has a bunch of different loops and roads end saw a lot of sharp rocks and I was driving up I’m sure we’re gonna see soon yeah nice that’s a real good warm-up it’s not over yet but nice whoo yeah hmm yeah I’m glad you’re out of breath remember it takes me an hour oh yeah yeah so the Merced Irrigation District owns all this land they own the lake and yeah it’s just sitting here let’s get mountain bike trails on it people are using it now nice a little station Wow is this just all out here all the time yeah that’s great it’s nice to have all this stuff out here but you never want to depend on it little spare chain some glasses a multi-tool a couple band-aids screwdriver nice we’re running into all kinds of people everybody knows everybody out here I love that I don’t really make as many local friends as I should I’m always running around different places so it’s neat to to actually be able to hang out and catch people and learn their names James is telling me to save save my gas haha I just happened to be rolling a little too fast there James has advised us to back off and settle in I’m in the Eagle gear Oh I’m gonna get cold real fast up here with the wind I sweat my butt off it’s really a community out here got the dedicated volunteers taking their turn keep it clean it’s awesome yeah yeah yeah oh yeah Wow oh man all right James gonna hit it hell yeah I wish doubt on it there’s a couple more down below I got to get my sea legs here it’s James’s favorite trail out here whoa that’s cool yeah whoa haha this is cool oh I can’t do it cycle until that all right yeah pogo stick man keeps going that was well-earned holy mine whoop oh ho that was big that was real big hahaha not in front of an audience hell yeah that was worth every foot dude it’s so good holy I just kept going and going wow I hit the big one the last one was really big yeah the ramp yeah haha oh yeah that was big for me for my little britches hell yeah that was great Jamie yeah so this is Jeremy and Tom I didn’t introduce these guys but they’re out here to show me around well I guess we should get back to it huh hey I’ll walk out now I’m not gonna walk out my suspension and I forget I always forget I’m not gonna do her mine I was racing my brother yesterday on this little part and actually I think I beat him I don’t know if you let me win or what but I was like oh I could reach down and lock out my suspension that could give me an advantage it’s funny though that little race I did with my brother just destroyed me for the rest of the day like I could I kind of get my heart rate to go back down and it’s just like yeah I mean he’s on the trainer so that’s all it takes oh wow this was built last weekend Tom just said so this is fresh meat and man you could tell they get traffic out here so eventually everything gets burned in really nicely hey James did I say that last rail is fun did I mention that you don’t have to go all over the world to find some good Jeremy was actually telling me before the ride started that you know the big emphasis eventually is to get this place family-friendly and have adaptive trails so you know people with different disabilities maybe they’re doing a hand bike or just different types of bikes have trails accessible for that and that sounds really awesome but I feel like all these bike parks they kind of have to start out with some of the more gnarly stuff just to attract people to come and ride and then you kind of build the diehard community some guessing gets pretty hot out here in the summer a little 4 a.m. ride get done by 5 back to the top oh that little part was a lot tougher this time alright James is tired of me following him stuff I’m gonna do a little lead the way here flying squirrel yeah oh that’s Narnia on the right ha ha ha we’ll be back they’ve been hyping it up a lot oh all the sharp hahaha roll it yes this is neat okay so they warned me about this thing yeah it’s like a mental block we got it with a little odd get out of the way one more time at least he’s gonna run me ragged now that I’m feeling good now that I claim that I’m feeling good third time I’m fading fast ain’t him pleasure oh there’s Narnia alright now I have a look at it I made it to Narnia yep hell yeah she goes I felt good man how scary but felt good it’s just amazing what the bike can do big all steep yeah off-camera oh yeah that was just goofy enough all right we’ve got a little taste bacon bass [Laughter] yeah oh yeah take two oh look at this yah-ha I looked in such the wrong direction that wasn’t it that wasn’t that bad I looked to the right way too much and it went that way it’s all right hell yeah good job man nice I owe you a trail day whoop the road gap ha ha ha son of a bitch all right one step at a time a different kind of cool the scariness and just get through it when it actually flows it’s so cool yeah I bailed on that rock that land I have that hook mental breaks and it’s just yeah I should have whatever I’m not gonna beat myself up about it I had a couple good wins today and you know what everybody that this just you know I’m a normal dude trying to get better one day at a time and most of the people watching this are too so we are the right around crew cool good day man I’m toast I think that’s it for me I don’t think I could do another climb for back to the car yeah yeah yeah yeah I did forget to mention that it’s $8 to park the day used to be bring your cash me and James we’re talking a minute ago just about the trainer and getting in shape and how really it’s not about being the fastest guy or you know showing off it’s really about making the ride more enjoyable he’s doing fine right now and I’m dying like we could have easily done another loop he could have easily done another loop it would have killed me so it’s uh if you can find the time get on the trainer or just ride more it pays but you know what even if you can’t get on the trainer and you can’t make time to Train whatever just get out in the trail I just go ride it’s still plenty of fun to be had even when you’re feeling like death yeah they are doing an excellent job out here people are stoked they got good signs good trails I’m sure there’s more to come now the only question is what are we gonna eat so I’ve said a few times that I don’t want a van I’m not really into the van thing but if I could Park it in the garage I wouldn’t be so opposed and like this for Transit Connect is very much parka belen the garage then you got the rooftop tent on there this is a really nice setup I actually should have talked to the guy we were riding with him and crossed paths the moral of the story is never say never you never know don’t think don’t take anything I say too seriously all right me and James are gonna go find some lunch who knows where this is a little remote there’s it’s a little far from everywhere so you’re gonna have to do a little Drive you’re gonna have to do a little Drive to get here you’re gonna have to do a little Drive to get back it is what it is thanks for watching you guys I’ll see you on the trail

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  1. That' trail looked so much fun to ride Brian. Once in a while you can find a route that really hits the spot and flows like a big flowing thing, that appeared to be one of them ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Like usual great video. Love your narration as your riding. Your very easy to relate too when it comes to being a "regular guy" just riding and having fun ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿšต๐Ÿป

  3. That first wooden jump on down n out, is definitely in your skill level. gotta go back and hit it. Keep her rubber side down and you are good to go

  4. I watched this from your Patreon, but wanted to post publicly. Freaking beautiful Brian! Thanks for letting us be a part of the ride.

  5. Dude! you live in Southern California, what do you need the garage for? lol Upstate NY, we just got hit with another foot of snow last night.

  6. Yeah Brian, Transit Connect is awesome! Fun ride. Which chain rings and cassette do you have on your bike?

  7. That place looks sick… I love the high speed runs… And good job hitting some of them jumps. Fuk dem haters… Lol

  8. You need a "no hucks given" T shirt!
    Seriously though, I rather be riding all year than spending 3-6 months off the bike, stuck in the house with an injury.

  9. OH MY GOD!! I never realized how much subscribers you have!! I have been around almost from the beginning!!

  10. And this is why I like you. You've got nothing to prove, you're just out having fun! …and THAT's, what it s alllllllll about. Kudos for it all, Brian. Good stuff.

  11. Nice! You could here in your voice those trails are top notch!!
    I am working on my endo turns on the switch backs. Those videos from Spain got me hooked.

  12. Hey Brian, if you had to choose your top 2 favorite trails in the Tahoe area what would they be? I 'm probably going to be going up there this summer and was wondering what some of the best trails are to hit. and btw great video.

  13. First heard about this place when Mount Bing did his trailwork video. Looking forward to riding it when I get up North.

  14. BK, thanks for coming to my hood in the Central Valley! ย May be u can do some other trails out around Bass or Milerton Lake

  15. I watch you because you're a regular dude. Your videos aren't just hero reels, it is real life mountain biking. Sometimes you don't make it through a gnarly section, hit that big jump or have to walk and that's OK. We all do that but next time we go a little further, do a little more and get a little braver.

  16. The trainer thing, I got a ghetto zwift setup. An old gym spin bike I've had forever, one of the asioma uno power meter pedals and a garmin for heartrate. Makes it SO much more fun than just sitting on a trainer spinning till you fall asleep. Has structured workouts too!

  17. Wow! Dude, all this riding is dialing in your skills. I have the advantage of having a strong BMX background. I love seeing others progress and catch air. You have good control, you can totally rock those larger launches!

  18. Hey brian!! Mix your gearinf with the climb so that you will not lose a lot of your energy if the climb is not that steep you shouldn't use the most easy gear. Try to practise not using the easiest gear on your bike and you will be more and more improve of your climbing.

  19. ๐Ÿค™. Great place to ride havenโ€™t attempted Gnarnia yet. Thanks for the run through.

  20. I stumbled on that place looking at local stuff on trail forks. Always wanted to go check it out. What a cool spot!

  21. I really enjoyed this video Brian. If anyone has ridden any of the places you've shown on camera, they know that you can ride because they can compare their riding to how you ride and the terrain you ride all over. Don't be bummed about not hitting the jumps. This is stuff you already know, but much like the bunny hop, in order to get better you have to session them over and over. Start small and work your way up. This would be a great series for you and would relate to a lot of your subscribers. I know your time is limited when you film a ride and a lot goes into it, but maybe session a little more while you're out there and show it on your channel. If all else fails, get you a good full face, a roost deflector/chest guard, thick DH knee and elbow pads and shin guards, to where you feel like you are well protected and then start sessioning some jumps. You're good at drops and descending so you'll pick up jumping in no time once you have the confidence (it's all about confidence and a little technique which you already have), over padding until you're more comfortable might help. It certainly helped me. Keep shredding.

  22. YES!! i've been wanting i get back into mtb so bad but wasn't sure what was close by in the valley. Stoked for this place now!!

  23. Glad this place is finally getting some recognition! Been goin here for a few years now ever since it opened. Plan on doin more vids of this place myself.

  24. Easier to progress when you're not injured from pushing to hard ya know? Really gotta take a trip to this bike park now!

  25. Nice video, good to see a "normal guy" out having a great time on his bike in the nature. That place looks like awesome fun. Good job!

  26. That place looks awesome.

    Re: your commentary about "normal dude" at 13:30…that's specifically what's great about your channel. Your riding style is accessible–keep it "normal"!!!

  27. Great video. I have to say those uphills are difficult to do when you're talking, maybe you're well in shape but have the disadvantage of having to talk to the camera!? Thanks again

  28. Man that looks so good. Wishing I had some trails like that near to home to get out on. The jumps and drops are a mental blocker for me. Need to find some small ones to practice on before trying some of those big ones.

  29. You always do a great job recognizing the effort it takes to build a trail. How about a video showing a hand cut trail build in progress.

  30. Can I do this trail on a hard tail? I have a specialized pitch Iโ€™m just getting into riding and I want to try this trail I am local.

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