I Mastered The Human Horse Jump
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I Mastered The Human Horse Jump

October 4, 2019

[Music] all right so I’ve been trying to reach a million followers on Instagram for quite some time now wax the whole body do for the Instagram followers guys right and I failed every single time I only got a hundred followers again no Paul I failed this time but guess what I’m gonna find something else I just saw this girl go viral on Instagram because she runs and jumps like a horse [Music] I think I can do that so I’m gonna go to the office and try this out [Applause] [Music] okay um it was animal like animal like we’re getting there that’s that’s good I don’t know what kind of handle okay a bear no what do I need to do to be more horse like hey okay that’s a good time [Music] it’s like an angry horsey yeah those that are like you’re not Kosovo not even a little bit slow motion gallop do you want to go for it dear just try it I do not know that was pretty good wasn’t really that was the first attempt I think so okay you practice for maybe next couple hours I’m gonna go keep shooting all right so I’m gonna go interview some people how to park because I feel like people at parks have seen horses before because they like nature so let’s go see if people have any good advice do you mind being in a video real quick oh sorry I didn’t mean to scare you you guys have horses in Australia there’s a lady doing yoga I feel like you need to be flexible for this so I need to ask her I feel bad bothering her but okay have you seen this new viral horse running trend no I haven’t I mean she’s obviously talented doing that so good honor if you can run on four legs okay yes you know this girl and the point is I have no idea she just likes doing it what do you think of that [Laughter] I’m gonna try it right now I want to see honest opinion here hold the mic [Music] I appreciate the effort but as the lease horse like running I’ve ever seen I think at the end you need to tuck that’s all I need my trollop looks good yeah your trial is great you have like great stride you your height is perfect it’s just in the landing you could be a little bit more graceful what advice do you have for it to look more horse like um I would just quit I wouldn’t try to become a horse you want to try it I believe in you man you look like you could do it he’s promised freely you can do anything it’s a bit of pressure on your body the whole body feels it I look like an idiot all right so I’m getting mixed reviews some people are saying I got it some people say I suck I don’t feel very confident I feel like it’s sloppy I look like anything but a horse so I’m gonna try and get in touch with the actual girl and see if she can help me hey what’s up good good how are you thanks so much for calling how did you discover it that you had this talent or like this is something you enjoy doing well I said a horse riding ten years ago so me and my friends would jump around after horse lessons and then years later some people on Instagram that would also jump so I got inspired by them and I made my own account and started practicing more often what’s the highest jump you’ve ever done but all four legs the highest of jump that’s sweet foot ten on two legs my highest jump is four foot ten do you think that someone like me can get pretty good at this in a short period of time oh yeah of course I’ve seen like seven year old girls I can jump all this as high as I can really oh yeah is it like feet and hands simultaneous or is it kind of like a try that’s a diagonal pair so my front left hind right move simultaneously and my other two legs move independently our producer in the back is just trying to figure that out real quick how to do that I think I just need to work on just making it look a little smoother and then the jump how do you jump yes I’m gonna take off with your feet side by side and kind of press up with your diving tuck your arms up pin it close to your chin and then land with your hands all right so next steps I’m gonna go get some comfy clothes and master this yeehaw okay so what does it look like right now what do I need help with some rhythm [Applause] that’s honestly closer oh you stride faster so like more like a horse come on that’s faster does that look right okay so now I’m gonna go for the jump that’s pretty high huh so the cone is up to my thigh and I’m about six speed so it’s pretty tall [Music] [Music] I think I did it that was absolutely a was it really there was I’m like a horse now right pretty much yeah all right so last night I ended the video of me doing the horse jump the soundtrack is Old Town Road which i think is hilarious I uploaded at Instagram and now I’m going to check how many followers I got in 24 hours let’s do this [Music] [Applause] [Music] leeks and ponds and country song little sweet home – probably powers and laughs guitars backyard BBQ we’re gonna Monday friends on fighting

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  1. At this point, it's obvious that Eric should just do this for the lols, it's sad that he's losing follows. :((

  2. Omg I'm an equestrian and when we are mucking out the arena, my friends run and jump around like this xD

  3. Millennials are the most weirdest & annoying generation, please give me a time machine to go back to 1972 , people got too weird for me

  4. You really can't do that? I am around my teens (I don'twant my age to be given out to the internet)! 😑… Not even trying to show off

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