I MEET SPIRIT the Horse!
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I MEET SPIRIT the Horse!

August 10, 2019

– I wish I could meet Spirit in real life. (pops) (pop) – [Sisters] Whoa. – It’s a real life Spirit. – Today’s video is sponsored by PLAYMOBIL. – [Sisters] Hi, friends. Welcome back to – Just – 4 – Girls. And we are the – [Sisters] Soty Sisters. – Subscribe to our channel. – And hit that bell. – [Sisters] And follow us on Instagram. – Now let’s get to the video. – (sigh of relief) (relaxing music) – Jordyn, are you daydreaming
about horses again? – Always. (sigh) – So this is me and Spirit the horse. – Beautiful. – Guys, do you wanna
help me surprise Jordyn? – Yes. – What’s the surprise? – Sit back and watch. Wabam. – [Sisters] What! – How did you do that Payton? – Magic. – I’m so excited. – Are you guys ready to surprise Jordyn? – Yeah. – [Sisters] Jordyn, we
have a surprise for you. – Really, a surprise? – You’re really gonna like it. – But I was busy daydreaming. – Come on Jordyn. – You guys surprised me with
the Spirit Riding Free story So excited. You guys got me the barn with Lucky, Pru, and Abigail? They’re riding to (mumbles)
with Lucky and Javier? Snippets and senor carrots? With a horse stall? – We also got Miss Flores’ classroom – And all of these. – Oh snap. – So, who wants to play? – [Sisters] Me. – [Sister Narrator]
Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free is about three best friends, Pru, Abigail and Lucky. The horses they love and
a (mumbles) adventure. – We’re gonna have so
much fun building this. (upbeat music) – I love hanging out
in Mr. Granger’s barn. Don’t you Pru and Abigail? – Of course, Lucky. This barn looks so beautiful. – Especially after the fresh
paint and fun drawings. – I love how he transformed our (mumbles) into our very own PALs Headquarters. – I can’t wait until we
plan out our next adventure. – Good job, Lucky. – Thanks Helana. – That was a perfect trick
for the circus, Lucky. – Thank you Javier. – Check out the PLAYMOBIL website for more information on the PLAYMOBIL. Dreamworks Spirit Riding Free. (relaxing music) (mumbles) – Oh that’s a perfect
trick for the circus. – I love horses so much. I wish I could meet Spirit in real life. (pops) (pop) – [Sisters} Whoa. – It’s a real life Spirit. (upbeat music) – [Instructor] Now what
do if we want to stop? So walk, so walk, and think about it And then I don’t want you to, I want you to look bravely ahead and then how to we stop girls? (grunts) Oh my gosh, you guys first
time ever doing that? (laughs) That was kind of amazing. Can I get a high five? Look at how she listened to you. That was your energy right? So she was listening. Did you guys feel that though? Walk. – Walk. – [Instructor] Nice. Keep on following me. Now, how do you stop her? Oh. – Baby horse. – [Baby] I want to (mumbles). (upbeat music) – Now how do we stop her? Good job. (upbeat music) – (mumbles) Make sure
you’re on the left side. Say come on bud. (upbeat music) – No you’re okay, she can. Oh my goodness, I’ll tell you what, you want to try it. It’s going to be magical. This is how we (mumbles). Remember they feed on energy. (mumbles) Don’t be scared. – Turn it this way (mumbles). – [Instructor] That was so confident. I am so impressed with you. Okay, see that happens and that’s okay. – Walk. – [Instructor] Very impressive. Mean it in you (mumbles). Look at me. – Walk. – [Instructor] There you go. Perfect. Oh my gosh. Look at that. – [Sisters] Walk. – [Instructor] Mean it. – Walk. – [Instructor] Got it. Mean it with your insides. Mean it with your tummy. Yes. (upbeat music) – I love horses. – I can’t believe this
is happening right now. (upbeat music) (louder upbeat music) – I see a pony. – [Instructor] Right over here. Come right over here and say hi. I promise he is sweet. – [Dad] I’m right here. – Say Hi Mr. Waffles. – [Baby] Hi Mr. Waffles. – Isn’t he neat? You can pet him right here. – [Baby] (mumbles) (upbeat music) – [Sisters] Hi, Waffles. (upbeat music) – Hi, Mr. Waffles. – I can’t believe we got
to see Spirit the horse. – Best day ever. – We wanna thank PLAYMOBIL for
making this video possible. – If you haven’t subscribed
to our channel, do it now. – [Sisters] And give us a thumbs up. Just 4 Girls out. – Peace. (upbeat music)

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