I Skate, She Skates, We Skate Bowls!

October 14, 2019

am i that dangerous dangerous driving? ok lets do this! ola YouTube my name is ricardo lino
and I’m a wheell addict this is why be holding the banana anyway I gotta go
skate it’s about 9:30 a.m. we already left our daughter in school we already
did some emails we already changed the lock
so you can’t steal our hard anymore Janice is already eating this a banana
there’s another one to go I get to wear the pretty shiny helmet because you lost
the phones on yours Judas I don’t really think that I’m that bad on the driver
but check this the thing is I only have Albert I only
have one of these I’m waiting on the black one but meanwhile I gotta let her
use it so she feels kids she’s
it’s too glittery and girly for you I like it anyway I’m not going to give it
to you I’ll let you use it but I’m not going to give it to you I’ll
let you use it but I’m not gonna give you don’t look cute in it I won’t look
it in any helmet but I feel protected every day now the fun fact is what other
protections need to bring this Kate I have skated in probably like four months
so I’m just gonna ease into it just like that’s what skating is on the back ride
Bacardi I and before once you’ve got all your gear
on and before you start skating got a look fits your style and ask yourself
one question do I look cute jambalaya what does that mean you got it yeah
oh she’s training for the Olympic there she goes now without yes I’m scared
that’s good anyway high five Jake I wanna cry oh yeah pretty while I’m
waiting for her I want to try a trick I would love to do a rail right here let
me try it might not work ah next day I’m gonna wipe it
let’s see what she’s doing you living alone for a second and she’s already
jumping in the pool splish Splash I was taking a bath then a meaning let’s do
this yay that’s cool we just saw soccer player this morning
and I put a lot of input take this did you learn to speak me you don’t need
to go from straight which way they spin these right so instead of going straight
you can go sideways check from here that was cool it looked cute what yeah go I know it’s not do it from
here I’ll give you an okay it’s my big turn and that’s because of
such how teachers you know the how to treat is affecting you
that was cool that’s really cool yeah I’m gonna take the other skate and I’m
gonna take these ones off too okay I guess I just need to do that final line
so I need to do something on that little corner pocket just a final line because
today was more about skating with her and then from here I’m gonna go skate
the city just with the urban skates but yeah maybe need to find something okay
I’m gonna try maybe I can do it with the camera I’ll try backside to fish brain
to back back slide to twisting Macchio something like that and then dropping
into the rest of the line you just soul on the little thing and then rail ride
have the full jump to maybe something I’ll try that and then I change sketch
so I see well that worked first right yeah boy oh
my my hour of looking cute is over and my hour of filming husband is over i
crown you cutie wait I have something called ears with
my ears not listening you’re gonna hand this video there will be a part two with
other skates while she’s going shopping so if you enjoyed this one if you want
to watch part two well subscribe to the channel give me some thumbs up if you
liked it thumbs down if you didn’t like give me twice the thumbs done the thumbs
down another than that well don’t forget why we all started skating and that’s
because and you can look cute cheers silly you

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