I WIN CARNAGE DH 2018, The Most Famous Freeride Downhill Mountain Bike Race – CG VLOG #323

October 12, 2019

The Redhead Mister L’Oreal We also have Granieri We have a girl we don’t know who is she We have the mask man Careful here we have The Boulette from PP (production privée) Be careful with the ** he’s gonna make it fly And here we have a dude that’s talk too much Shut up we’re gonna ride You can explain him anything He will cut every line like a b**** He doesn’t give a F about the rules He’s a bastard and he’s gonna kill us in the corners Yo Paulette we have to be strong Where do we go? We open Emergency braking We’re gonna die The bastard found the line I went to see the track We need to go out this stuff It’s ok I can’t cut I can’t cut Now it’s ok I can cut Got you Sorry We’re gonna kill us I F***ed you ! F*** you Oh the bastards *french cursing* Left, left, left I pulverize you Oh the bastard Oh the bastards! Don’t care I’m gonna cut here Oh you cut bastard You can’t!! *french cursing* Careful there’s Paulette Paulette is angry Oh crap Paulette don’t laugh anymore Oh the f**cker Oh the bastard Paulette you’re so dumb Paulette doesn’t give a F *french cursing* Paulette doesn’t give a single F Oh sorry I thought it was one of us Continue, come with us *french cursing on PEF* He knows the cut *french cursing* We have a f*cker I know why he’s at PP (production privée) Pass, pass, look We did a new track We rest a little I can’t anymore Bryan: I’m dead I can’t anymore You are no limit Are we going or what? Come on the engineer Come on bunch of b**ches I’m gonna block pass PEF Come on PEF I go last so I block pass you Gracia style We did a line it was PEF run With flat pedals it’s hard Where he goes He pass under the trees Oh crap Who is opening? Oh crap I can’t stop Crap we’re lost Oh f**k they went to the right We went to the right at a moment because it’s nice at the beginning It smells like pads it smells like mushrooms I’m lost Where are you? I’m lost It’s ok I found a line *french cursing* *french cursing* It’s drifty *french cursing* I won Oh sorry crap, crap It was huge I almost killed you “Hey boys can we take a picture with you?” Perfect, we’re clean We did a carnage We can’t do runs like this all the time We’re gonna die I think Hi boys It’s nice to meet you Hi, how are you Hi Cedric we’re so happy Nice to meet you That’s good! I’m with french riders This is for the vlog CGVLOG Where are we? Where are we? We’re at Velo Vert Festival, the pleasure The life ! Feyrolles Piz Bike Go on, you can say whatever you want We advertise then Feyrolles Piz Bike, Haute-Loire, Auvergne Little association Big up to the 43 Go on take pictures! We’re taking pictures now bye

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