I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week
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I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week

August 13, 2019

♫ This is Safiya’s new intro soooong ♫ Hello friends and welcome to another video. This week I’m gonna be dressing completely in outfits from the website Romwe. If you haven’t heard of Romwe, it’s a low cost Online only clothing store, it seems kind of like Forever 21, but much more mysterious So I’ve previously worn a week’s worth of clothing from Wish which is another low cost website which was pretty much as Hit-or-miss as I expected it would be and after that a lot of you guys requested for me to try out other low cost clothing sites like Romwe I’ve never tried Romwe before but I’ve seen ads for it on Facebook a lot and it seems like a pretty similar spec to wish where the costs seemed very – Suspiciously low and the pictures look a little too cute to be true So I’m gonna be buying a week’s worth of clothing, and I’m gonna try to keep the average price per item at about $5 Okay, let’s start shopping, so I’m gonna open up the Romwe website. Oh, I just misspelt it. Off the bat They’ve got like a lot of like flashing things like their banner is moving across the screen very quickly I guess I don’t really know where to begin. Let’s go into uh, Fall Fashion. All right, so let’s sort this from low to high. AH. These pants remind me of the demon pants from Wish. They seemed to be even more ripped than those. Now It’s a competition. We have to see which site has the better demon pant. So it looks like from this size chart I’m definitely gonna be a large I don’t see any reviews anywhere, so it’s hard to say just how demon-y people think these are. Alright! So I’m gonna add these larges to the bag, and then let’s look for a top for this outfit Oh, I kind of like this This is cute, the title of it is the “Friends Print Drop Shoulder Raw Hem Hoodie”. They’re a little bit more abbreviated than the titles on Wish. I feel like we were on Wish would have been “friends print drop shoulder raw hem bootie hooded sweatshirt friends, Chandler Monica Phoebe Phoebe Monica Ross”. The way they styled their demon pants was with a white alien crop top, But I feel like this would look good with those black ripped pants. Alright, so I’m gonna add this friends mustard hoodie in medium So that is my first outfit. My Friends hoodie and my black demon pants. We’re off to an auspicious beginning. Let’s get maybe one more item that’ll, like, fall under $9.99 and then explore a little bit more. Oh! This is another sweatshirt But I feel like I have to get this I’m really into it actually. This is very much like a, Simba moment here. It’s just the cat is being held aloft. It looks like he was recently midwifed to buy a monkey named Rafiki. All right So I’m gonna add this to the bag cuz we have to, and then we gotta find a bottom for this. I kind of Want to try these camo print striped side leggings. They definitely give off that like army pants and flip-flops vibe But they’re leggings of course ah these are one size Which actually you know goes together with the fact that that sweatshirt was also only one size So let’s add it to bag and see how it is! Okay, so that is the second outfit down, so let’s start exploring a little bit more. Let’s go for a dress How bout… Dresses under $9.99. Perfect. So I kind of want to get one of these that are $3.99. This one looks pretty cute it’s a striped swing cami dress. My only real concern about this is if it’s actually secretly very short. If I get a large, it’s 33.9 inches. We can just blur my butt in case it just sticks right out. so with this dress I feel like I would definitely wanna put a belt on it, So let’s see what the cheapest belts look like. This belt is super cute. It is $5.99 and it’s got this like western looking buckle are there any sizes on this or… alright well It’s going around my waist so yeah, hopefully if they’ve got a few holes going, Hopefully this’ll work. Alright, so I’m going to add that to the cart as well, and I’m gonna call that my third outfit. Alright! So I’m moving on to outfit number 4 I’m gonna look for something a little dressier, so I’m gonna look at their blouses and shirts This is an early favorite right here. This “Mock Neck Lettuce Hem Glitter Mesh Top”. Wow, up close it looks Incredibly scratchy, but I love this!! Oh, I love her outfit. She looks so cute in it Let’s see what the size chart says what size should I get this must be a stretchy top because these Dimensions are quite small, so I’m gonna go with a large I feel like I could see this going with, like, a black skirt? Um, Alright. So let’s take a look. These skirts are really all over the place like there’s this overall skirt. We’ve got this banana skirt I’m gonna come back for the banana skirt. I’m gonna click on this one It’s called the “Black Scalloped Hem A-Line Skirt”. It looks like it might be short though, but I feel like that would go with like the vibe You know I’d wear that top and then a black bra underneath and then this skirt and like tights and we’d go out. We haven’t Been out probably since, like, last New Year’s– no we didn’t go out last New Year’s. TYLER: Well we’re gonna go out in this outfit! Yep, there you go. And that is outfit number five! alright, so we’ve got two outfits left. I feel like we have to go back for that banana skirt. It’s just calling to me. Tyler, I want it. TYLER: I want it. You don’t even know what it looks like yet. The interesting thing about this skirt Is it’s so, like, graphic. I feel like you could pair it with like a black top And it would almost be like, cool B). To be honest, this “Turtleneck Slim Fit T-shirt” could go really well Do you support me Tyler? Can you see it? I’m wearing a black turtleneck and a banana skirt TYLER: Ahhh… Listen, I think when you go banana, you might as well go full banana. Might as well. Alright, so I’m gonna add this large to my bag. We’re just gonna go with it. So that’s my sixth outfit, and we just have one outfit left to go I’ve been seeing a lot of alien head tops as I’ve been shopping, so I’m gonna search for aliens I would love for one of these alien things to have it… Embroidered on.. Ah! Is THIS sewn on? so this is a “Grey Tie-Dye Print Alien Patch T-shirt”. Show me the money shot! I would say that’s embroidered on, so I’m gonna get this. For sure. okay So I think with that, let’s look at how much jeans are. I haven’t seen any jeans, really, But that’s maybe because they’re all sort of like above the $10 mark Yeah, looks like they’re gonna be all a little bit more expensive I could maybe swing this jean skirt in this I would say I’m either uh probably a large or an extra-large I feel like we should go extra-large just in case… So that is outfit number seven. I did get a couple of like more summery Outfits, so I’m just gonna grab, like, a universal bonus jacket of some type. These jackets are all like windbreakers What’s happening here? THIS jacket, I think is actually Really kind of cute. Okay, so I’m gonna get this “Dual Pocket Drop Shoulder Jacket”, Which is a little bit more expensive than kind of the price point We’ve been going for. We’re just gonna add this to the bag, and it’s just a… bonus item. Alright! So I think that’s all my stuff. So our complete total is $84.87. It says that the retail price from which they have Discounted is $272.86, I’m not sure where they’re getting that from. And it looks like I’ve also gotten 169 Romwe points. Okay, so my order has been placed. I paid for Express shipping So I’m hoping that it gets here in between three to five days, That would be awesome. And a big change from Wish. so we’ll see what arrives, when it arrives. Alright So it’s been a couple of months since we ordered our Romwe items, and I think everything is finally here And by everything I mean everything Except for the belt which didn’t arrive, and then I was informed that it would never arrive So I was refunded for the belt one thing to note is that I think I checked three to five day shipping and paid for That and everything took at least a month to arrive. Another little mishap Is that after reviewing the footage and seeing everything that came? I realized that I only ordered six outfits instead of seven so for day seven of this week I’m basically gonna wear like my favorite stuff WITH our bonus jacket. TYLER: Coming in handy! And we’ll see, you know, what’s good out of this haul. So for my first romwe outfit I donned my mustard yellow Friends sweatshirt, and my cousin of demon pants, a.k.a these ripped leggings. Although, they’re more like Strategically cut leggings. I feel like I should be selling frosted flakes right about now TYLER: Those pants are…. Grrrrated! the sweatshirt is made of more of like a terry cloth material than a fleece material So it’s a little bit of a lighter layer than one might expect I would not recommend this to anyone who lives anywhere Colder than Southern California besides that I didn’t really have any other issues with the Friends sweatshirt. I like the mustard color, and it feels pretty nice But the leggings… I had a few more issues with. TYLER: Oh, I can see your underwear. Oh my god. Those things are transparent Safiya. Oh really? (TYLER: Yeah) and they also ride down as you walk. TYLER: you seem to be waddling a lot in these pants Yeah, I’m trying to keep them from riding down I would not wear this to any type of stretching yoga Or dance activity because I feel like you’d just be like hiking it up the entire time I may have ripped the pants a little bit just then in the front yeah I like these a little bit better than the wish demon pants though because those were like almost like paper Feeling and these at least are like super super super thin leggings They’re like a gremlin pant. So for my second outfit of the week I went for my banana skirt and black long-sleeved turtleneck. Banana ooh-nah-nah! (TYLER: oh my god) I think the black turtleneck was pretty much exactly as I expected it to be. It feels pretty normal And the turtleneck itself is quite long. TYLER: Is that full extension on the turtleneck? I think it could even go more. The banana skirt, I had such high hopes for, but alas It did not really live up to expectations It’s kind of short, so I’m kind of like getting worried that my buttocks are going to be showing at any moment I think my least favorite things about the skirt were the waistband which is just sort of like a flat piece of Elastic that around my waist kept rolling up So I keep having to like try and flatten it out. And also this little satin like lining inside It’s just like a straight down satin tube I was just readjusting the satin lining and I tore it. I think that I could definitely wear this black turtleneck again But the banana skirt I’m not so sure. 🙁 So I’m giving the banana skirt outfit Six bananas out of ten. (TYLER: Are all of the outfits now on the banana scale?) Yes So my third outfit was this black and white stripey dress. In general, I think that this dress looks like what I thought it was going to look like, but the material is definitely different than what I thought it would be. it’s sort of Nylon feeling. it’s not thick or like taut enough to be swimsuit material It’s more like long underwear material. (TYLER: Really a kite) Besides the material I actually liked the way this dress fit I think I got the right size, and I think with a belt it was like a pretty decent dress It’s stretchy The only big like red flag for this dress was the bag that it came in all the other romwe items came in like this Type of bag where it didn’t really say like a brand on the front, but this dress came in this bag That says she and She In or Shane. I’m not sure exactly how to pronounce it It’s like a sort of comparable website to Romwe. it’s kind of in the conversation when you say like, Zaful, Wish, Romwe, She-In. so I don’t know if there’s just secretly all the same company so although this dress was fine I think it may have come from She In. TYLER: Was that you being a kite? (Laughs) You’re gonna fall on your face (SAFIYA: I know.) So my day four outfit was my white cat sweatshirt, and my camo print leggings as with a lot of the other outfits I liked the top more than I liked the bottom. This, like, sweatshirt material is pretty thin, but it is soft And it doesn’t feel crazy or fit crazy. The only real issue I had with the top was a little bit of fraying around the neck and also the fact that like the print on Graphic is easily wrinkled I did steam the crap out of this plastic design, but it looks like actually it’s dried pretty unwrinkled the leggings I have a few qualms with. I don’t think that they’re like ridiculously different from how they looked in the picture But I don’t find them to be very flattering on my body especially around my midsection I feel like these leggings both showed off my lumps, but also didn’t like hug my humps (A/N: Originally this said horse and I was very tempted to leave it. I want to hug a horse.) There’s also a very strange small tag right in my crack (TYLER: ooh) when I sat down. I was like So I’m gonna cut that off when I get home I could definitely see myself wearing this top again, but the pants I don’t think so. I saw Saf wearing army pants and Birkenstocks So I didn’t get army pants or Birkenstocks. So for my day five outfit I wore my sparkly see-through top and my black skirt. Going out, to a parking lot! TYLER: in the middle of day SAFIYA: scenic parking lots I actually really liked the skirt my only real problem with it is that it’s really short So I feel good wearing it with tights But without tights it might be sort of a scandalous situation. The material is definitely a little bit thin And it’s not like super hugging my body But I think that it actually fits pretty well besides that I think the top is pretty stretchy as I predicted But it is a little bit more see-through than I thought it would be. I love that We bought this outfit to like go out. Maybe. For, you know, our once in the Blue Moon Excursion, but instead we’re just at a mall in the middle of the day. it is kind of like Midnight at noon. You know, like Christmas in July. the only sad thing is that there is a hole right here So I’m not sure that it’s like a very durable top if it already has a hole in it. Although I haven’t like caused any more holes yet. I feel like I probably could with any type of snaggly nail I think that this was like the closest to a full outfit that I might actually wear again and Unlike some of the other outfits, I actually ended up liking the bottom more than the top. Now This is my kind of going out! And by going out. I mean staying inside of a cocoon. So for my second-to-last outfit I whipped out my alien shirt and denim skirt I think that this shirt is like one of my favorite items so far. It does feel actually really soft. Here, feel it. (TYLER: Oh!) Yeah! (That’s a nice shirt!) So my only real complaint about this top is the fact that like the alien guy is a little bit frayed. TYLER: Yeah, you lose stitches in there He’s a sad alien, and I think that frayed edges are actually a common theme throughout some of these tops. the skirt I was pleasantly surprised by. It actually feels like thin-but-real denim. it fits me pretty well and My only real issue with it like wearing wise is that it rides up if you walk with too long of a stride There’s also a little bit of a scent to it My skirt smells suspiciously like a swimming pool. when I put it on I was like “it’s concentrated around the waistband of the skirt, oh” (TYLER: That is chlorine.) Maybe they kind of like forgot to give this skirt its last rinse before sending it off But other than that I actually think that I might wear both of these things again I would honestly give this outfit like, eight out of ten. TYLER: Bananas? And finally for my day seven outfit I went for some Greatest Hits plus bonus jacket So the jacket was the most expensive thing that we got, and keeping that in mind I’m not Sure that it lived up to that price hike. The jacket itself Looks pretty much like how I thought it would look from the photos, but it’s very thin. You know how hot like North Face They’ll be like suitable in like 20 degree weather. Yeah. Suitable in ten degree weather this is like suitable only at seventy-five degrees. if you bought this hoping for a Windbreaker or a cargo jacket. I think you’d be disappointed. There’s not enough fabric that I would really call this a jacket. But there IS enough fabric to grab it and groove. And I do think it looks kind of cute, so as just like a fashion layer I think it works, but it is also very prone to wrinkles so you do have to like Continuously steam it. honestly my steamer gets like not that much work until we do one of these internet haul videos and then it’s like TYLER: And then it’s like our most prized possession. SAFIYA: We’re steamers I steam now Alright, so that was my week of romwe outfits. From this haul I think that I learned that tops are decently safe from romwe, but bottoms are kind of a crapshoot Leggings I would say absolutely not. Skirts, I would say maybe. And dresses I would say… are they from She In? in terms of the buying experience Romwe’s website is definitely more legit looking than Wish’s and it definitely feels more like it’s a single retailer rather than a hodgepodge Of a market place. The only thing I found really odd about the website was the About Us page. It’s like they tried to write a poem and just missed. “Serving the world. The last scene of American Beauty is a red plastic bag flying with the wind, up and down Which is similar to the flying feather in the beginning of Forrest Gump. The similar images Portrayed different aspects of Baby Boomers. Everyone’s got their own way through all twists and turns in life.” That is actually a prominently featured part of their About Us page. maybe they were referring to the plastic bags in which they sent me my clothes and maybe this is just like a Poetic way to explain the fact that they sometimes use She In bags Thank you guys so much for watching! if you liked that video, make sure to shmash that like button, and if you want to see More videos like this make sure to shmash that subscribe button! And thank you to everyone who voted in the hair dyeing poll. I have Not counted all of the votes yet. But! We will count them and we are going to dye my hair, later this month. A big shout out to Darian for watching Thanks for watching Darian, and I will see you guys a-next time.

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